Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What’s immortal…can you give me at least one example stating it will exist even if we don’t ?
In this world nothing is immortal whatever exists has a lifetime be it the stars, sun or any living or non living entities…but yes there are few things which we can call immortal and one of them is LOVE.
My story for today is an epic which you can call immortal in true sense…
Tears...were her only support when she looks back to her life...what if she could understand in the nick of time…
Memory goes back to the time….

Aintrika: so you can die for me?
Aman: if my love can be proved that way I don’t mind giving my life for you…
Aintrika: deal…you die for me and I promise you I will put garlands to your photo.
Aman: Aintrika one day…you will regret the words you just said…and I can say it won’t be easier for you that day…
Aintrika: why? You see every other guy stating I can do everything for a girl… words like ‘I can even give my life for you’ is quite common…is it wrong to know who’s worth that love for which one can live one’s life for?
Aman: Time…It will prove everything
Aintrika: ok…let it be if you can prove that way…
Aman: I can guarantee you one thing…you were the first and last girl who entered my life. You are free to choose any guy if you want but for me no one can ever replace you from my heart and you will know it then…
Aintrika: let’s see…

if only… she could understand sole purpose of his life was she…wish she could realize there’s no life in him except her.
Aintrika: why don’t you forget me…I have forgotten you and there’s someone else in my life.
Aman: I can forget you only if I don’t exist.
Aintrika: why don’t you go for any other girl? Why do you love me?
Aman: any other girl…you know I am one woman man…and I can never think of any girl except you. Why do I love you…answer is very simple it’s because I love you…there’s no other answer to your question.
Aintrika: listen…this is the last time I am speaking to you…I love someone else and please don’t try to create problems in my life by contacting me.
Aman: you said let time be the proof of my love…well I can never stop loving you…but the day you change your surname I would stop craving for you…that day I would believe love doesn’t exist …till that day I would believe in my love…
Aintrika: do whatever you want but please don’t interfere in my life.

Present: why didn’t she understand him…why did she let him go…none to blame except herself…thinking what she could have done…and what she did

Aintrika: I tried to make you understand but you didn’t understand…and it’s no use to make you understand anymore as you won’t understand.
Aman: Aintrika…in these 7 years…if anybody didn’t understand anyone then it’s you…
Aintrika: I never loved you…and I don’t have any feelings for you but you never understood that…I am not to blame if you can’t understand it.
Aman: Aintrika, if you never loved me or had any feelings for me than why did you contact me all these years…why?
Aintrika: to make you understand…
Aman: Aintrika…I remember each and everything like it all happened yesterday, don’t think I am a fool…now you have someone else in your life… don’t be afraid of me I am not a villain and I would never even in my dreams do anything to come between your personal life…but let me clear you one thing I loved you and I will continue to love you…

Present: why did he love her so much, she never cared how he felt and how he suffered…but was always ready to give blessings to her…a person for whom her happiness meant everything

Aman’s friend: what are you so restless?
Aman: what’s the greatest gift to gift to someone whom you love?
Aman’s friend: it’s something one’s love, love the most.
Aman: she is getting married today…I am thinking of an apt gift.
Aman’s friend: Aintrika…is getting married?
Aman: yes…she is…I am really happy for her…she is marrying someone whom she loves.
Aman’s friend: she is not marrying someone she loves…but she is marrying to someone whom she thinks she loves…
Aman: what difference does it makes?
Aman’s friend: you

Present: if god gave her a single chance…she would have stopped all that had happened…all that could have been…
Aman’s friend: crazy…he was really crazy for her
Aintrika’s friend: I can’t believe Aman loved her so much…
Aman’s friend: he was close to me…he told everything about himself but why didn’t he tell me about this?
Aintrika’s friend: Aintrika…knew it, she always feared something like this may happen…instead of understanding him she tried to curtail all her links with him.
Aman’s friend: it has been 2 months since he went missing…god knows where he is…

Present: Aintrika…kept repeating words…I never meant to hurt you…as she was taken to asylum

it was Aintrika’s birthday after her marriage…A letter reached her


How are you…sorry I couldn’t come to your marriage. You didn’t invite me but even if I was invited I won’t have reached. You know love doesn’t always mean the feelings that you feel for someone…whatever I felt for you can’t be explained and it’s too late to explain anything. Your life is different now…you tried to erase off your past before marriage, so that you can start off with your new life. I realized it bit late but I cannot let anything from the past to ruin your life…I realized I am one of your past that you want to forget…my existence made you feel insecure…I cannot let myself to ruin your present... so I took this step…I am not amongst any of your friends, I am not amongst any of your surroundings, I am not amongst any of your life’s incidence that is going to happen…you know I can control everything but what about my feelings for you…it could be controlled only if I don’t exist…
I don’t like those…wipe off your tears...

You married the person whom you wanted to…you did whatever you wanted… then why those tears?
I only wanted to wish you on your birthday…and I never wanted to make you cry…

Aintrika didn’t read what was written thereafter and started crying…

Aintrika started getting these letters on more frequent basis…but Aman was still missing.
One day it was clear who was writing these letters to her…as these were exactly what were written in subconscious mind…

I don’t exist anymore…but I am still there in your memories…you know a person cannot write letter after his death but you are getting these letters because it’s not me who is writing…it’s you who is writing letters to yourself…to prove my love for you…which you never realized when I was alive.

Love you

Present: No one knows where Aman is…probably he doesn’t exist anymore…Aintrika knew he doesn’t exist but she couldn’t make herself understand that Aman sacrificed his life for her. Aman’s love was immortal and no one could feel it except Aintrika though it was bit late… wish she could understood it when she really had to….

It’s strange isn’t it…you don’t understand the worth of a person when he\she is there for you…when that person is willing to forgo everything to be with you.
Don’t ever let anyone go away from you disheartened…just because you don’t value his love for you.
You would realize it someday but then it would be too late for you and the only person to blame is you yourself...

True LOVE is IMMORTAL and it exists even if we don’t…!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You don’t need to search for me I am within you: LOVE

It’s not a story of any particular person but a story for everyone amongst us…a story where you live with your instincts…a story where you know that something is never going to happen in your life but you still hope that it will…someday…
A story when you kept on loosing…but your spirits never did let you lose.
a story…of yours who loved….but only thing you got was negligence…
a story where you tried your best but only thing it lead you to, was distancing from your love..
A story when you lived your life for a person…a person for whom you meant nothing…a story where you tried to bring those past into present but only succeeded to aloof yourself from your future.
It’s a story of yours, who dreamt life but could never achieve those dreams…!!!
In life, when you are stuck with choosing one options out of two or more different solutions. You must know in life there isn’t only a single solution like those you face in objective exams…you won’t fail if you take the other option which is more suited or favourable to you. But it does decide what you will achieve in your life…this story is of everybody amongst us who willingly chooses the difficult path not because they like difficulties but because they know path to glory can never be the easiest step ahead…

when you are in love you can achieve even the impossible. Strength of love is the biggest and the strongest of all relations. It’s amazing to know love can enthral in you an attitude which will never let you lose any battle in life…but it doesn’t mean you will win your love every time…but even those who lose they are remembered as victorious for centuries. I firmly believe in the idea of “If you love someone and she wants to go away from you…let her go if she comes back to you she’s yours and if she doesn’t she never was”. If your love doesn’t come back to you, it doesn’t mean you will forget her. It doesn’t mean you will start hating her…it also doesn’t mean you will lose all your hopes of her coming back in your life.
Talking of the reality, no one waits for anyone in life and life does goes on and so should you. But what about those who are in love with someone and they are no more in his\her life? What if the person you love loves someone else?
the next few lines are not for those who have a weak and emotional heart…if you ever face a situation like the one described above the best thing you can do is be happy seeing your beloved happy with someone else. I know many of you will go against me and take violent steps but if you had really loved any person in your life, you will know that you cannot see your beloved unhappy or in troubles even though she isn’t with you. If your love is true and your commitment is true you will always pray for the person whom you love…yeah I know it’s difficult for you to see her with another person…but real men are those who forgo their own selfishness just to see their love happy.

What’s next…you sacrificed your love just because your love loves someone else. You made your life a living hell just because you cannot erase the memories of a girl whom you truly love?
Well you are never a loser…you can never lose ideally…because you haven’t stopped loving; you have always thought the best for the person whom you love. It shouldn’t matter you if still live with your dreams…because you have done whatever you could do. If a girl couldn’t understand you or your love even after so many years…I think that girl is at a loss of losing someone she may never get in her life again. It’s not days not even months it’s years and if a person couldn’t understand and feel for your love…for so long…have only one sentence for those people ‘god give them the sight to see themselves from the other person’s prospective. They will realize the worth of the person they are losing’
If the readers think they are sailing in the ship here’s something for you...
A teenager once fell in love with a girl…and he feared that she might go away from her, so he never got the guts of proposing her. Finally one day he realised if he doesn’t speak about his heart he will never get the opportunity in his life again…he proposed that girl.
Girl didn’t accept her proposal at first…but within a year she did say those 3 words to the boy not once but very often whenever she got the chance to speak to the boy…but god had something else to offer, for some reason she stop contacting the boy. Boy didn’t know what went wrong with her; he started contacting her common friends…just to find out that she had asked her common friends not to tell anything about her to him. Boy went almost crazy; he didn’t know any whereabouts of that girl. He travelled 1000’s of kilometres just to find any trace of her. He did get her contact number but when finally contacted her, he lost his self composure as the girl had started hating him, she doesn’t want to see him. Even after several attempt he couldn’t see her but did get a comment from the girl that “he won’t be able to see her face in his lifetime”. Anybody would break after getting such humiliation in return for his unconditional love. But the boy decided to know what was wrong with her. After a year or so he finally came to know that she has a boyfriend…well he did contact her again only to find out that she blames him for everything she had to suffer in the past including relations with common friends.
What would you do if were in the footsteps of the boy? I will tell you what he did… ‘He loved her’ so accepted whatever she had to offer to him without any questions anymore..
Girl curtailed all her contacts with him but he never said ‘why’
Girl said she had already forgotten him…boy said he could do so only if he doesn’t exist
Girl abused her for falling after her…boy said he would stop the day he stops believing in love
Girl hated her…but he had love to give her instead
Girl said he never cared about her..in reply boy said in life only person he cared is she
Girl had someone else in her life but the boy had only one girl is his life
Girl blocked him for any contacts in future…but the boy accepted it without a word
Girl is still wary of the boy …boy doesn’t need to show anything he speaks what he feels

You can see this girl in every girl you see along in your life who is showing herself to be happy and content with whatever she has in her life but really isn’t happy, if you can see the inner soul you will see -she is still struggling with her past, she isn’t living but she is still having trouble to get going with her present. She has decided what she wants from her future but is still nervous to have a future she wants.
On the other hand if you see the boy…you don’t need to look for him for sure. He exists within all of us who says ‘I loved you in the past, I love you today and I will do so in the future also, I accept you for whatever you are, I accept you for whatever you have been to me and I would be more than happy if you could be happy literally ’

You don’t need to find that boy or the girl…you will find them within you…only if you have a clearer sight to understand your soul… If you think you are doing the right thing by loving \hating a person you don’t need to hide it from anyone…!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Lateral Thinking ...!!!

You cannot grow until and unless you Grow with your thinking…!!!

This document is for all the parents rather than the young generation of this country…whatever I am going to speak in the following lines am sure 9 out of 10 youth will agree with me…whereas am not sure about parents though. You must have heard about the word generation gap time and again…have you ever thought what are the consequences of generation gap or how is it effecting our entire society as a whole?

I am one amongst the million youth of this country and I firmly believe everybody will vote for thoughts when I say the words like Caste ,Culture or Religion are relevant only when we are seeking admissions in any institutions or applying for job in any public sector organizations. You won’t hear about them anywhere else. Even after getting admissions or job your best mate may be from other caste or culture and you never ever give a damn about it either, as the only things that substantiate is whether they share the same frequency as you do. While making friends a person’s caste or culture is certainly not what you look into.
But what about parents? Do they accept your friends/mate the way you do?
i will answer it in the following lines but before I speak anything I must clarify few things…I am not here to criticize our elders or anybody else and this is also true that the story which I am citing may not be applicable for all the parents. I am only trying to make all our elders see the way we see the world.

This story is of a boy named James who was a Malyali Christian and a girl named Bristi a Bengali Brahmin. They both first met in the same organization for which they are working, two years ago. We know feelings are not bounded by any boundaries and when you are in love you seldom care for anything else in this world. Everything was going on well amongst them; thunderstorm arose when they spoke about it to their parents.

Parents of James as well as Bristi rejected their plea and denied of accepting any such relationship. Bristi’s parents started looking for match in their caste where as James parents started convincing James by words his decision would be fatal for their family and it would be very difficult for her younger sister to get married later on.
Both the parents are somewhat right in their thinking but are they taking the right decision?

Bristi’s parents are doing what every parent would want but as per my understanding says they are not taking the right step. They may get an eligible match for her but what about Bristi? Will she be happy? I agree parents will try to get the best possible match for her but the match that is already decided by one’s soul can never be exchanged. She will never be happy in her life. She might agree to her parents to marry someone by killing herself virtually. Her parents would be proud as they would now be able walk in the society with their heads held high. But Bristi’s life would be a hell and with time she might take all the responsibilities of her new family but believe me she won’t be the person she was. Killing the feeling of love from one’s heart is similar to killing a baby in mother’s womb. You will never be able to forgive yourself for the crime that you did, if you see from the others prospective.
Talking about James parents Yes their concern is something that shouldn’t be ignored but are they doing the right thing? No certainly not, they are also doing the same mistake what Bristi’s parents are forging. They are right in thinking about their family and their daughter’s future to be exact but this is where our thinking varies with our elders.
Lateral thinking is what I call it…why do parents think that inter caste marriage is not acceptable? Why do they think that inter caste marriage is a shame and it will ruin their family? Why can’t they accept a relationship the way we the youth accept it? In the end it’s us who has to lead the entire life with a person. If we are ready to accept a person irrespective of all the differences of caste and culture why can’t parents?

The greatest relationship in this world is the one which is bounded by love.
If parents start understanding that it’s love that determines all the relations and not any culture, they would be proud for their ward who had taken a decision to make someone their life partner who is from other culture. They would not worry about anything else like prestige in the society or about younger daughter marriage because whenever they would come across level headed society they would be respected for the bold step of accepting their sibling’s decision.

We talk about integrity, solidarity, unity amongst all the citizen of the country but when it’s time to showcase its evidence why do people take a back step? If you really believe that everyone is equal and there’s no difference between the person who is from other religion, caste or culture than why is there a big no in accepting someone to be your bride/broom?

A word to all the parents: we know you want the best for us but sometimes you have to leave on us to choose our own steps because what is best according to your views may not be the same for us as we may have other ideas. If you believe that you have given us the right morals throughout our life than be pretty sure our decision will never be a shame for you…!!!

You talk about developing/growing a nation but be Cent percent sure you cannot develop/grow a single individual even if it’s your own child until and unless you grow with your thinking …!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are You living in your Past ?

If you want a practical explanation of life it would be something like this…

There’s only a single words difference between LIFE and LIE…if you are living in the past you are certainly playing with your FUTURE (LIFE) and your life is nothing more than a LIE…A lie that can never be true, a lie where you live in your dream world, a lie which is exactly what you can describe your LIFE to be.

It only takes a single question to know where you are in your life…Do you worry about those who aren’t with you or are you happy with those who are with you?
It’s a very simple question but it decides a lot many things about your life…it decides how matured you are with your age, it decides your emotional level, your thinking level, your nature, your character… in short this simple question decides who you are and what you can be.
How do you know whether you are in your past or present?
You can easily decide whether you are living in your present or your pasts…do you know what’s that? Take a deep breath and decide what’s the most important thing in your life at present…if at any moment you get any thought related with your past…you know you are not living but dreaming…
If you are worried about your past, if you are concerned for the people you had with you in your past…it shows you are a caring person, those people from your past means a lot to you but you aren’t moving ahead in your life…you have stopped and your life has a zero value. You aren’t living in the present and sadly enough you don’t have any future. You have to realize there is no point in pondering about the dead. Past people or experiences don’t return…you can never touch the same waves of flowing water twice…you can sit on the bank of the river and think you have the same feeling of the flowing water but they are never ever the same. Similarly even if you do meet the same person after years…you know that person is never ever the same…you will never get back the person whom you knew once.
What will be your decision now…won’t it be feasible for you to live in the present and live with what you have so that you ensure them to be present with you in your future and not to lose your present by bothering about past?

This is what you call a practical life…!!!

There’s another life known as Experimental life…a life where you live through them through experiments…

Once I met a person who was living in his past… I tried to convey my message to him by various forms…in the end he said to me….I know whatever you are preaching it’s for my well being. But I have taken a decision for my life. It may seem to you that I will reach nowhere with the decision that I have taken for myself. It may lead nowhere but I want to know how it ends. I want to see the end of it. I want to see the final outcome of my decision. I may lose but I can’t take my steps back, even if I end on losing side my head will be held high while asking the very reason to GOD.
If I go on to achieve my past…I would be inspirational for all those people who still believes that one day their past would be their present and their future. If I lose they will know the results beforehand and will take it as a lesson for their lives…and they won’t follow my footsteps…in either way I would be guiding people to their destination. My life’s story will guide them through…
if you lead your life with examples you would never fail…my life would be an example for all those people who are still waiting for their past…
A person who is strong enough to bear all adversities can only stick to a decision for his life…those who fear, change their decisions and in turn change themselves and call it -Living a practical life

This is what you call an experimental life…A life full of obstacles, a life where you never know whether you will ever go on to achieve what you want. A life full of uncertainties…A life with struggle…a life of believing in yourself….a life of trust…a life where you come across your past every moment of your life.

Are you living a PRACTICAL or an EXPERIMENTAL life?
You can’t sail with one feet on both …you have to choose one, Choice is yours both have its own pros and cons…but before you choose any of the steps make sure you won’t regret afterwards…because life gives you only a single delivery in which you have to decide what you are going to do…either hit a six and make merry of the opportunities that you have got or make a mess of it and get out for a duck.

I have taken my decision…Now it’s upon you to decide what you prefer for your life…!!!
Everybody can give explanations for their life’s twists n turns but there are few who don’t prefer to speak not because they are afraid…it’s because they value someone’s life more than their own…!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It’s YOU who controls yours DESTINY.

You know you can’t lose when you have got a rare ability that enables you to produce a gem whenever you are in neck deep trouble…!!!

The real caliber of a person is determined on how he fares when he comes across steep troubles. For all those people who believe in destiny and the almighty…let me remind you of a quotation…winners are those who never quits and losers are those who never tries. There isn’t a person who is born to win or is destined to win. it’s their will that makes them take the extra step that differentiates them with the rest.

With the grand success of my blog –‘NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 5 PEOPLE’

I am here to distinguish horoscopes, myths and popular belief with the reality…the reality that it’s not the stars that control us; it’s not the sign on our hands that govern us but the willingness and determinations that leads us to our destiny…

If you dream let’s not make it vanish when you wake up,
if you desire let’s not bound your wants,
if you believe let’s not shatter your beliefs,
if you love let’s not make hatred come your way,
if you achieve let’s not make proud a reason to fall,
if you’re willing let’s not treat setbacks as failures,
if you’re betrayed let’s not give betrayal a way to break you,
if you’re sad let’s not be bothered about your sorrows,
if you’re human let’s not make destiny control you.

Great Kalidasa was diminished as a fool who didn’t have the signs of education on his hands; Einstein’s elementary school teachers thought that he was a foolish dreamer. One of his teachers told him that he would never amount to anything. Mahendra singh Dhoni, who got a job as a ticket collector in sports quota…

As history says it all an uneducated Kalidasa became one the greatest scholars of his time, Albert Einstein a drop out from his school in Munich, Germany went on to win a Nobel Prize. Mahendra singh Dhoni was ticket collector in Kharagpur now a captain of the world cup winning Squad.

You can go on and search the biographies of great achievers and in almost every occurrence you would find, the people who achieved despite their troubles had a similarity amongst them i.e., they didn’t know to lose.

Thus it’s certainly not the horoscopes or the numbers that determines the destiny of a person. Yes these things reveal the person who you are, but certainly doesn’t specifies your boundaries. You can certainly know your strengths and weakness but that doesn’t guarantee you a success. You can certainly know your limitations but that doesn’t mean defeat. You can let your restrictions to ruin you but an effort that subside your restrictions can lead you up in life. A person who is willing to make his own destiny is an achiever. A person who is not willing to stop in spite of all the hurdles coming his way is a winner. It’s only than you realize that a man is the governor of his destiny and not the other way around. You can change your destiny, you can change the signs of your hand, you can change the effect of stars upon you, only if you dare to win.

If you look around, you will find many people who are dissatisfied with their present life. You will find them ruing about their present. Frustration, discomfort, agony and pain is what every person is doomed with. You can see them cry literally but couldn’t seem to find any clue for their demise. You know what they are lacking, it’s their self confidence. They have lost the balance of life. You know you can’t survive if you pile upon your setbacks. The only ways to overcome all your troubles is by being brave and fight against all those that are hindering your progress.

A struggle today ensures a fruitful tomorrow”—

If you sow a mango tree and take good care of it, you will certainly get the fruit in the years to come. And you know the taste won’t be sour. The winners would know, success tastes sweeter when you have struggled for it.

As always there isn’t any miracle that can make you a great hit overnight similarly prolonged small steps will lead you nowhere. Horoscopes and Numerology are there to suffice your efforts but if you take that for granted and dream of the inevitable, the inevitable would never happen. They can be your helping hand only if raise yourself up to the level where you can challenge your shortcomings. And it can happen only if you don’t let the numbers rule you, but you rule the numbers by fighting it out.

Numerology or any other predictions is only a guide to help you climb up in your life just like the teachers who guide you through but then the entire dependency on teachers without any effort of your own will not yield any fruitful result similarly too much dependency on these predictions without any meaningful step will certainly not lead to your destined destiny.
As always, I am here to encourage all the people to grow and fight for the prosperity in life. A life where each and every one can be a winner, a life where we all can be a helping hand for the other person to realize their worth and make them feel that they are, one amongst the chosen one who will win.
Destiny is not what we achieve at the end,
it’s the effort that we put in that makes us to achieve our destiny.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What are the things that influence you in your life…you would have many dreams and many wishes to be fulfilled. How do you feel when any of your dreams comes true? What if you land up in wrong quarters, shattering all your Dreams? Words can’t explain them…these things are related with all the extreme emotions…Emotions that can be understood when you go through them personally instead of living in a luxury of your friends abiding by it.
We can easily forget the path to success when you end up on a winning note but when you lose; you keep on ruing the path you chose that led to your demise. It’s common to forget all those Countless blessings that led you to your dream but you don’t forget a foot when you go wrong. One thing that aggravates the most is, ruing what you could have done but you didn’t. you have to keep in mind whatever you do, whatever is their beneath your control always give your cent percent to it…so that you may never ever, feel guilty for yourself that you could have done something but alas you didn’t.

Whatever you do, whoever you are…there is always an influence of something that led you to do so, whether it accomplishes all your intended purpose or end up in a futile effort. Influences are varied and it depends on person how and what they are influenced for. A war front soldier is influenced by patriotism, a politician by support, a businessman by profits, and a child from parents. Similarly you can be influenced by your mentor, friend, colleagues, beloved, articles and it can be anything. Whatever your influences may be, think before you do so that you don’t have to think about the corrective actions in future.

Two simple steps that won’t let you down in your life
1) Proactive thinking before an action led by the most subtle influence.
2) Secondly standing by your decisions on an elevated note as such giving your life on it.

Influences in your life also decide the path you choose after you achieved your dreams. Be it generous enough to let others to succeed by guiding them through or make yourself aloof from the world thinking you are the only one who can achieve such feat. Succeeding in life has never been that critical but being on the right path after success is something that should be focused on. People often forget what they were, before they achieved great heights. The person who remembers and acknowledges such plights would never rule over the downtrodden instead would encourage them to fight and grow in life.

Similar to success, failures also decide the influences that imprints on you. Whether you give up after 2-3 attempts or make yourself strong with every failures as such the only thing that breaks is the pillar that stands between you and success that made you lose all these years.

Whatever it's success or failures the most important thing that counts is having the right influence in your life.
You may think How and what are these influences? Where they come from?

Influences are nothing but the daily practices you do in your life, people who surrounds you, activities that you indulge yourself with. In short it’s an entire world surrounding you…from daily chores of life to a lifetime feat that you achieved.
these influences are generally a conscious belief that arouse you to do something.more often than not they are self originated beliefs that get multiplied by any of the external sources like friends or media.

What do you do when you are happy…celebrate with friends or spend a quiet moment with yourself. In times of grief do you share your troubles or take the entire blame on yourself or blame the world. This small-small thing makes your character. It distinguishes you with the rest of the world. There are billions of people in this world but it’s said everybody is different. What makes them different? It’s the attitude, character, thinking, behavior, nature and the influences that make them different. It’s these traits that make you different. Now you know that you are different and unique, you can achieve what others can’t but that doesn’t makes any sense if you think that only you can achieve something or you are the only one who is destined to fail. Yes influences do matter but the person who makes these influences into existence is you yourself. So never ever blame on anything or anybody if you don’t get what you expected. It’s you who is responsible for everything that you have to face in your life.

There’s a gut feeling that resides with everybody that urges one to be influenced by an appropriate influence, but then…it’s you who decide the right or the wrong.

Today when I am writing about influences it would be injustice if I don’t write about the person who has influenced me the most in my life. I work in a company where there are so many people that it’s difficult to know even the names of every person. Neither I am the most intelligent employee nor the most hard working but yes I have an influence in the company and I can proudly say the head of the Kolkata branch (under whom there would be nearly 3000 employee, including several project managers and other high officials) comes up to me and says hats off to you Anjan for the dedication you have shown. The effort you have put in for the project is priceless. Gave me thumbs up and asks me, if you want anything come to me directly. In reply I gave a smile and asked I only want a day off on 24th of this month as I need to go to temple to pray for the person who has influenced me in my life because of whom I am what I am now.
On her birthday this very day i.e,24th of august… i wish her all the best wishes, all the success and everything she dreams may come true…she is the one who invoked in me an attitude where I don’t lose whatever the situation may be. She’s the one who made me believe in me…she is the one because of whom I exist…the way I am.

I would like to end it with one of my typical quotation—‘I may be 6 feet under but I am still not out

Saturday, July 30, 2011


MEMORIES…are the most prized possession when you end up after going through all the ups and downs of life. These memories would keep you alive in a hope that those goods days would return. they would help you to fight against all the odds citing the past when you were down but you fought back. In all hard times you could rely on those moments were you didn’t give up similarly you would cherish all the good times, the times when you really enjoyed your life…thus memories are something even if you lose everything in life you have it safe within you… There are situations when you feel lonely, you could jump back to those memories and enlighten yourself with your loved ones. A general tendency of people to feel for those memories when they are not preoccupied by all those daily chores of life especially when they are alone…
Memories of losing a special person from your life are always heartening but what if when you are lost in those memories?
Here‘s a small story of a typical battle amongst one’s memory…
Where ever I may be …whoever I may be, there will always be one thing that will be with me that would remind me who I was and how I felt when I was alive with all my feelings within, that’s the memories…the memories of all those moments I shared with you, all those moments I yearned for you, the moments I longed for you…!!!
People say love is blind…I could realize the true meaning of it only when…love entered my blood and I was so drowsy in love that in spite of knowing she has gone far away for me, I was waiting for her. Suddenly one day when I woke up I realized I spent a decade hoping one day she would come back to me,one day she will be by my side…that wasn’t to be…
All these days’ words sprout with emotions, a voice that only wished to see her once, to speak to her least for the one final time. Bidding thanks to all the troubles you took for me…now there isn’t any voice as it’s lost in the midst of time…and now you can safely adjudge I don’t exist anymore. All these days I never thought about my feelings the only thing that I could feel is you. I never cared about my winnings as your win always made me feel a winner. I never worried when I couldn’t contact my friends as you were the only one I missed. It takes many people to complete one’s world but you were the only one who could complete mine. Today when I think about all these things I don’t regret anything except the fact that you could never understand me or my feelings.
As days turned into months and months to years my love for you grew with each passing day. It grew to an extent that I couldn’t see the reality even. The reality that I was a distinct past for you…the reality that I was no more than a paltry dream, the reality that I was only living into my nonexistent imaginations. It’s said it’s never late when you understand you’re worth….today when I could see the past reflecting in front of my eyes and the future that is destined to happen. I am taking a step that I should have taken years ago.
I don’t exist anymore, nobody knows any whereabouts about me. I am only a past that lived in the past and has no present or future. I have gone so far that no one can find any trace of me but if anybody does remember anything they would know I am taking one thing with me and that would last with me for my life…that’s the love I have in my heart . LOVE which meant nothing to her, love which she couldn’t see… this love would keep me alive even though I have no friends and no one to share my feelings. Yet somewhere in my heart I am happy because I always gave my 100% to you. I always had a feeling whatever I would have in my life would be yours and whatever you would lose is my loss…I am happy and satisfied with my commitment that I have for you and I know it would last the way it has lasted all these years…the only difference between the past and the present is, you would never ever know anything about me as I have disappeared in the ashes of phoenix…!!!
Memories are like the ashes of phoenix they get into existence time again whenever you dig into those moments. But the real existence of phoenix is only believed when you see them with your naked eyes similarly the real meaning of these memories dwell at circumstances when you face them again and again. Just like the love hidden within one’s heart no matter hard you try, you can never destroy the love that’s growing within.
When I first thought about this script I had a dilemma of making it into a apt story as many people won’t find any links with any past references but then again I had a feeling that every person at least once in his/her life goes through a phase where there’s a dilemma of their memories conflicting within about the moments they want to cling to and the things they want to have for the rest of their life…and when the debate is about love am sure everyone could easily connect with the above story.
It’s said when your memories are so strong that time again you are lost in those moments, there are some unfulfilled wishes that are bound to happen and if for some reason those things don’t turn out to be true…then MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. If you don’t believe in miracles then I believe you shouldn’t consider yourself to be alive now because there are many questions about your own existence that you cannot answer…and when you cannot answer about your own existence then how can you question about the MIRACLES of GOD.
The best way to lead life is to believe there’s a life even at 6 feet under …and when you can survive the worst you can LIVE, be it only through the memories of your beloved or with the beloved itself.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Committed but yet Single...
Committed to the love of my life,
Committed to see her happy,
Committed to talk of her ,
Committed to hear her ,
Committed to feel her dreams come true,
Single as I could love only her memories,
Single as I could see her only in my dreams,
Single as I could talk to her only in my imaginations,
Single as I could hear her only in solitude,
Single as I could feel her only when I am alone,
The truth is I am Single but yet Committed ...!!!

Did you get anything stated above? If you did, you would think the person is leading a virtual life that does not have any existence with the real world. Today I am here with one peach of a story…a story after which you would fail to differentiate between Love and craziness. You would surely have a dilemma whether it’s a commitment or madness.
What would you call to a person who leaves the entire world for a girl? Love isn’t it? Then what would you call to a person who leaves everything for a girl knowing the fact his sacrifice would only fetch him hatred in return? CRAZY?
A person who goes after a girl for months and finally wins her love…that girl would speak of him as gutsy in love. If the same person fails in his attempt, she would call him a womanizer WON’T SHE?
As always my story revolves on the other half of the love story where there is pain, suffering and rejection. A story of love beyond hatred.
If love means giving, sacrifice and seeking happiness for the person you love then surely you can’t call it madness…!!!
This story isn’t for those who fell into love in various stages of their life with numerous people but for those who loved one and only person throughout their life…it’s only then you realize the true meaning of giving, sacrifice and seeking happiness for the person you love….
If you believe you can never hate the person you love then approach ahead or else stop reading it here only…
I am assuming all the people who are reading it have a thinking whatever the situation may be, you would continue loving the person you once loved in all circumstances…no matter what…and are ready to do anything to see happiness in your beloved’s face….if committing yourself to one person in life is love then committing to the same person for her happiness is also love...and if you have to sacrifice your love for her happiness …then I can assure you one thing you are one of the greatest lover of all time ,who in spite of losing his love is still cherishing the moment to know that your beloved is happy with somebody else even though tears are rolling down your eyes…!!!
The best way to know that you are in love is when you decide to forgo your most priced possession for a person. if love means giving then you can’t give a person anything more than your own life…the first few lines that I wrote were written by a person who gave his life’s most prized possession that’s his love and sacrificed himself by giving up everything that meant world to him that’s his friends just for a girl. If you think that’s craziness I would call it love.
Few more lines from the same person…
My life’s (past) glory or achievement never meant money, name or fame it only meant the moments I spent with you. If (present) hype and appraisal meant everything to a person, for me it’s the time i spend thinking about your well being. If (future) career and success is human’s ultimate aim then your happiness is my aim.
If giving everything to someone you love is madness, than I must say it’s better to be called as frantic then by being a cold blooded heartless fellow. If your life meant happiness for the person you loved than why is there an issue when you are biding your life for that girl? If you commit yourself to one person then people call you loyal but why is that you are looked down upon when you commit yourself to the person’s happiness who left you? People often come up with questions like why are you not living your life, why are you spoiling your life for someone who left you…I have a question to all those people who think like this…do you stop believing in god if one of your wish didn’t come true? If your love only meant about your life and your happiness by having the person whom you love then please stop saying that you love him/her…it’s your selfishness, your own personal need and nothing else. If you cannot love a person for that person’s own happiness than I am sorry to say that you never loved him/her. If you think that you do love then there shouldn’t be any issue of seeking happiness of your beloved even if she is with somebody else.
Love is true when you accept and love the person as he/she is. And if you truly love a person the way he or she is then how can you hate a person when she is not with you? If I am correct love never meant fulfillment of personal desires or achieving something for oneself…but it’s always the other way around. In a similar way if you can continue to love the person who left you and not worrying about anything else a day will come when you will be proud of your love. You will be proud that love only meant giving, sacrificing and seeking happiness for your beloved even if it meant pain, suffering and rejection for you.
Friends never look down upon someone who is still living for his love which I suppose is dead from the other end. You really have to have a big heart and a broad thinking to feel the person’s feeling who still loves even after going to such inhuman rewards for his unconditional love. When you start feeling for a person’s love you won’t see madness when he is still waiting for his dead love. You won’t consider his commitments as crazy ones but start respecting him for all the love he showered against all the hatred he got…
If you have read up till this, then I think it’s my duty to share these golden words with you all.
If you can love a person not for yourself but for the happiness of the other person concerned. Your love will surely feel for you and your misery one day…and when that feeling will articulate you would realize the depth of my words…i.e., love means giving, sacrificing and seeking happiness of the person you love…!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Awareness of HEART and the BRAIN…!!!

Whenever you take up a decision…what is it that influences you to choose an option out of the given most appropriate options? Does your decision has a stronghold of your heart or you give it a thought and decide with your brains? People may ponder on what exactly am I speaking…well it’s something that deals with your intuitions of doing something after giving a proactive thinking as well as taking decisions in unconsciousness. The decisions you take in your life be it any daily routine or something which turns your life upside down primarily depends on the awareness of your mind over the decisions imposed by your heart and vice versa.

You may come up with questions like what do you mean by decision of heart and brain?

I will answer this question…but before that let me ask you all a question. Whenever a new gadget is launched and it seems to you, this is something you want but you don’t have the appropriate funds for it…how do you go about it? Here comes the awareness i.e., your heart dearly wants to have the new gadget but your brains directs your heart about the complexity of your wishes. The ideal situation comes out to be either you wait for the prices to go down or you wait to have enough funds to buy the gadget. This is just an example but believe me in real life all your decisions and success are based on the co-ordination of these two aspect i.e., the brain and the heart.

Decision of heart…

To explain heart and its decision I will take a philosophical route…all your wishes and desires that emerges and grows within you has a close relation with your thinking, mentality and emotions. Its known heart is the centre of all your emotions and feelings as such decisions imposed on you as a result of your emotions are basically heart centric and thus called decisions of heart. Whenever you take decisions from your heart with almost no interaction with your brain more often than not you land up in troubles as there is no thought process involved, as such those desires end up as a vague dream.

Decision of brain…

Suppose you are running a business and the sole aim of yours is to earn profit and money. In lieu of achieving success you have become so mechanical that you don’t have time for your family and friends. Suppose a close friend of yours is coming to meet you after many years and you still have some pending works…what will you do? Here comes the decision of brain, if you go on to complete your work to stay ahead in business…well you certainly did a splendid work…you have given time for your work instead of the leisure time you could have spent with your friend. But then you have lost a human aspect…the happiness of success and achieving a rare feat is sweet only when you have someone to share it with. I am not arguing that you shouldn’t give your work an importance but then you shouldn’t neglect the human within you…and become mechanical. Decisions of brain may take your career to new heights but with absence of coordination with your heart it would certainly be of no use.

Now you know whatever decisions you take and whatsoever be the force that led you to take any particular decision the absence of either heart or the brain is certainly not acceptable. Now you may come up with what should we do then?

Most of the people make the same mistake while making any decision, where they should consult themselves they are found clueless as they are only focused on any one of the above mentioned factors. I can assure you one thing a decision can be best when you take your decision consulting both your brain and heart.

A famous saying says listen to all but take decisions of your own…have you ever thought what does it mean? It simply means we should be broad enough to look into the views of what others are suggesting but while taking any decisions we should concentrate on our self as you are the one who knows yourself the best…and when I am speaking of self it simply means your heart and the brain taken together and acting as if it’s a single unit.

You know great things are not achieved because of great thinking but they are, as a result of many small appropriate steps...and all the small steps are a result of numerous small decisions taken into consideration consulting both aspect of your personality (i.e., the heart and the brain) and when you start making these small steps into a habit these small things become your character and then…everything that you do whether it’s an unconscious one your heart and brain would take equal participation in your decisions and then you achieve what others could only dream of…

Awareness of heart and the mind is a must if you people believe in achieving success by believing in yourself…here I end up with a slogan of success…you know you are on the right track…when you start feeling from your brain and thinking from your heart.
So guys don’t just read it as yet another topic but implement it into your lives: FEEL from your BRAIN and THINK from your HEART

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Choice is yours…!!!

You often have a dilemma of choosing between two most appropriate options…have you ever thought what would be the outcome if you have chosen the wrong options to consider right in front? No matter how tactfully you analyze or intellectually you handle the final two options,you will always land up in wrong quarters…life changing decisions and opportunities doesn’t give you life long time to think to act upon your decision, it doesn’t come up knocking your door but it gives enough evidence of its arrival but then if you fail to conceal with it …you know what happens next…
With majority of my blogs I have tried to voyage my thinking with one of the main aspect of life…that’s love this blog of mine is certainly not any exception…but would certainly give the readers with few extra tilts to look upon a relation.

Parents are the one who take all the burden right from our childhood for all our requirements and necessities even by keeping themselves awaken at night, keeping themselves hungry so that we are satisfied with what we have…it can be rightly said no one this world can love you more than your parents…but life is not only blossoming yourself under the care and guidance of your parents…it owes you the same care and respect when they are old and then when your parents are no more with you, you have the responsibility of inheriting it into your next generations…apart from the parents with whom you share a blood relation there is someone whom you may not even know of his /her existence until the right time when that very person becomes your partner for life and a person to rely on for every moment of life…
Today…I am with the story of a boy and girl…an ordinary story but certainly with some extraordinary thinking’s…that crept on the mind of the girl…and finally this happened…!!!

Conductor: the bus is about to leave all the passengers are requested to check their belongings and settle in their respective seats…
Bus started slowly…Anirban who was seating in the corner window seat saw a women in her high 40’s waving to the bus from behind to stop. Anirban asked the conductor to stop so that the lady could catch the bus. Finally the lady came in and sat and then the bus started again…it was the spring time and the suburban roads were filled with water with the overnight rain…overhearing the instructions of the passengers the driver drove carelessly.
Woman: thanks young boy…because of you I could catch the bus today.
Anirban: it’s my pleasure anybody in my place would have done the same.
Woman: recollecting something…I know you…
Anirban: aunty am Anirban…
Woman: oh…yes how are you doing these days?
Anirban: am into a job…everything is fine…how is Anamika doing?
Woman: she going to get married next month…the bridegroom is good…
Anirban: nice to hear that…hope he keeps Anamika so happy that she may never feel the absence of uncle and you in her new home…
Woman: Anamika is still a kid…she doesn’t know what’s good for her…am sure she would be missing us…but then she will learn to adapt there…can anybody love someone more than their own parents? I suppose no, but then bridegrooms family is good…she would be happy there.
Anirban: parents always have a dilemma in spite of choosing the best possible match whether their child would be happy or not…but believe my aunty there has to be a person who loves your daughter more then you as she would be spending her entire life with him…that person has to be your bridegroom…
Suddenly the bus was out of control and it broke one of the barriers and went straight into the marsh land…Anirban couldn’t move as he was struck found Anamika’s mother lying senseless he woke her up and pulled the emergency window and pushed Anamika’s mother out of the bus…speaking there has to be someone who loves your daughter more than you…Anamika’s mother could only crawl few feet’s away from the bus, the bus exploded.

In the hospital:
Anamika’s mother lying with her crutches told how she could escape death to everyone around. She later asked about the condition of Anirban.
Anamika: doctors would soon let us know about his condition…(started crying)
Anamika’s mother: what happened?
Anamika: few day’s back….i met Anirban.
Anamika’s Mother: what did he say to you?
Anamika: I asked him do you still love me.
Anirban: The answer of your question lies in the answer of the question I am going to ask to you..
Anamika: what’s your question?
Anirban: Does your parents still love you?
Anamika: yes they do, but how is it related with my question?
Anirban: it has a deep relation. You know your parents love you, you don’t have to ask them every now and then whether they love you or not…similarly the person whom you marry should be as such with whom you can spend your entire life without even asking him whether he loves you or not because you know his love for you is much more than your own life…as far as I am concerned I have chosen the a person to be my life a long time back, am just waiting for your decision.
Anamika: but I love somebody else.
Anirban: it’s your problem then…I know I have chosen the right person for me, it’s upon you to decide the right person for you…
Anamika: you can’t force…an issue can you?
Anirban: I never forced you, in fact I never bothered you loving me because my love for you is so much that I never paid any heed about your feelings for me…even when you hated me…now you say isn’t this love like your parents? They love you and sacrifice everything for your well being without even thinking what you think of them.
Anamika: you can never question about the love the parents have for their child as they have a blood relation but how can I be sure about you?
Anirban: the person you would marry someday surely won’t have any blood relation with you, but then that very person would become everything for you…that’s why I told you it’s your problem if you love somebody else as far as I am concerned I have made the right choice… decision is yours.
Anamika: you speak like a fairy tale…what exactly can you do for me?
Anirban: anything…you want my life I can forego my life for you.
Anamika: then that’s a promise from my side if you give your life I will surely put flowers on your photo…
Anirban: I know I don’t mean anything to you…but be certain if I have to give my life for your happiness I won’t step back…

Nurse came in:
Nurse: bad news for you… we couldn’t save Anirban…

Anamika’s mother now realised what did Anirban’s last word meant….’there has to be someone who loves Anamika more than you’…and along with Anamika she also burst into tears.
Later bridegroom’s family cancelled the marriage because of an unexpected death of one of their family member…
In the shock Anamika…could only recollect the last conversation with Anirban.
Anamika: then that’s a promise from my side if you give your life I will surely put flowers on your photo…
Anirban: I know I don’t mean anything to you…but be certain if I have to give my life for your happiness I won’t step back…
Anamika: the person I would be marrying would certainly not speak of death every time…
Anirban: Anamika…you know many things are controlled by human’s decision even death sometimes…and you would hopefully realize it someday…!!!

A decision of choosing between life and death…certainly Anamika didn’t choose life for Anirban…as Anamika was his only life…he didn’t step back when death came across him and also proved he would do everything for her happiness…
there are many lives that are being spoilt by a person’s decision of neglecting a person who really loves you…hopefully after reading, people would start respecting true love and its importance to one’s life…!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Can a change in name change a person?

Anjan, that’s me but most of my friends know me with a different name…in fact except K.V Barrackpore (army) and my college mates everybody know me by the name Mithun. Most of my old friends still get confused when I say my name is Anjan. I was known to be Anjan only since class nine and everybody who knew me before hand still call me by the name I myself is well versed with that is ‘Mithun’. So friends don’t get confused by seeing me called as Anjan, I am Mithun whom almost each and every friend of mine is well acquainted with.
Some of the memories of my previous school…when I was known as Mithun
Known as the naughtiest student of my primary school DAV Kedla, used to command and control everybody in the class when I was still a child (nursery and kinder garden) just like the class teacher does.I used to throw books out of the class room who would open books without my permission. Class monitor also had to obey my instructions otherwise he was thrown out of the class room. One of the famous incident occured when I threw Jatin Sharma’s (one of my earliest childhood friend also known as Monu) book out of the window of the class room and a cow ate his book. Later my parents decided to give my book to him as my punishment. I always created nuisance in class, but was the most punctual student not because I was fond of studies but I won’t be able to enjoy myself in home as I enjoyed in school. I often won prizes for my punctuality but I would hardly study. In fact I was never known for my studies, everybody knew me for my pranks. I used to sit in 2nd bench of the centre column (from class 1 to 5) with two of my friend’s one on my right and the other on the left (Ashwini & Bhanu) …and teachers used to call them as my left and right hand, the reason being they used to create problems to everybody on my orders. I started the ‘world war 3’ in the school where everybody who was not in my group was beaten black and blue. Everyday complain went to my mother stating your child doesn’t fear even the teachers. Everyday my mother would scold me for my activities but the next day I would come home breaking some body’s head, teeth or hand. I was uncontrollable by the teachers and often was a headache for them. I was punished with the most ferocious punishment both in school and home but I would continue with my habit of troubling others…when I passed class 5, principal of the school N.K Prasad called my father and requested him to take me to a different school otherwise I would make the entire school a fighting club…when I left the school, I could see a sense of relief to all the students, teachers and the staff whom I troubled…especially Asha madam who was my class teacher when I was in nursery…in fact she knew me in and out right from my first day at school when I hold her stick and told her you don't know my father,if he comes to know that you beat me,you won't be spared...(when she came to beat me for my nuisance in the classroom)
The other thing except my school prank that I was known is for my love for cricket. After the school hours I was only seen at the club (cricket ground near my home). I would rarely play with my age group friends but most often I was seen where the elders’ play, I would wait to play just a ball or two where the bat seemed taller than me…and the youngest person except me would be studying in class 10 when I am still in nursery(1991-92). Most of the times I would only be allowed to see the match sitting outside but yet I would stay there hoping somebody would pick me in his side and I would be able to play…starting from playing a ball or two, I started as a wicket keeper, then a batsman….and finally I gave bowling a go. By the time I learnt proper bowling most of the elders either retired or left playing cricket…slowly as we graduated in our classes interest from cricket was fading…the last time (December 2009) when I went to the club to play cricket I was amazed to see none of my age group people were seen at the ground and the only people who were seen were 4-5 years junior to me… my interest towards cricket remained the same as when I was a 5 year old. I would go and play with the juniors, were most of my age group people kept themselves away from it…
During my childhood days I was known to everybody mostly for my mischief but still I was famous and everyone was my friend. My first friends were Abhinav, Ritesh, Manish, Pranay, Himanshu, Shahood, Bhanu, Ashwini, Jatin, Manglesh, Ram Ayodhya, Muklesh …please forgive me if I am forgetting anybody’s name but these are the names of those with whom I spent the best days of my life…the early childhood days…the days when I would fight with them but the next moment we would be together fighting with others…I am glad that I still have contact with those primary friends of mine…but my old friends are still confused not because I am known with a different name but because I am totally a different person today most of them still ask me a question are you the same Mithun who was angry heartless boy who would love to create problems to others but now a calm emotional guy willing to help others?…most of my college friends, KV friends and even holy cross friends would think I am cracking a joke when I am speaking about my past…they would say how could he beat anybody. During the last few days of my engineering, my hostel warden Pandey Sir stated-‘I don’t think Anjan has even hit a mosquito in his entire life.’ I don’t blame Pandey sir as he knew me for only 4 years of my college life when I had become altogether a different person. But the most interesting incident happened when I came up to Asha madam, she could recognize me with my face but said you are not Mithun; you are somebody else with his face. Mithun is not at all like you. If I have to compare Mithun and you it would be something like devil and a saint…
When I look at my childhood days…more than anybody else I myself is amazed…was that really me? How did I certainly change? Who changed me up? I was never a person I am now & I had never thought I would be like this in my childhood days. These are the questions that I couldn’t answer myself…in the end I have only one thing to say…gosh!!! Can a change in name change the entire person?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love you till the end…!!!

Have you ever thought to which extent you can love a person? Can you love a person to the extent where you hand over your love to somebody else just because you come to know that your love would be happy with the other person?
What if the person you love comes to you and asks you would you mind if I go with the other person?
Love is not confined to boundaries of personnel desires…a person who can forgo everything for his love even the person he loves is indeed priceless & an immortal love. Today I am with a story of consequences, a story of immortality, and a story of Abhiman & Akansha.
It’s very easy to get attracted to someone…it’s easier to fall in love…much easier to make promises of a lifetime commitment but when it’s down to showcase your real commitment…a person’s character is revealed.
Akansha and Abhiman were in love and if you believe in their commitment they were ready to risk the entire world for their love until this happened…
Abhiman: Akansha I have very good news for you…
Akansha: what?
Abhiman: the project I have been working for 3 years has been approved…& guess what I am going to United States next month…
Akansha: what? What about me? What would I do without you?
Abhiman: you don’t understand…just 2 years…. & then all our dreams would be fulfilled…
Akansha: we were planning to marry next year…
Abhiman: can’t you wait for 1 more year?
Their talks continued finally one day Abhiman left for United States…
After a year…
Abhiman: how are you Sweat heart?
Akansha: don’t flatter me…you don’t love me anymore or else you would have at least come once to see me whether am alive or dead.
Abhiman: Darling you don’t understand…just 10 more months…then I will be all yours…
Akansha: I have something to tell to you…
Abhiman: yes go on…
Akansha: my parents have fixed my marriage next month…
Abhiman: are you joking?
Akansha: do you think I am joking…dam it
Abhiman: what are you going to do then…
Akansha: listen Abhiman I love you but I cannot go against my parents…you are not here or else I would have convinced my parents somehow…I have agreed for the marriage.
Abhiman: what?
Akansha: yes Abhiman…I know you were about to quit that job for me…you won’t have gone to United States…I was the one who forced you to leave... I want you to achieve what you deserve…my marriage date was finalised the day you left for United States…I didn’t tell you all this then as you would have left everything for me… Abhiman I had to tell you someday…forget me….you would be happy.
Abhiman…didn’t have words to speak…and he kept the phone.

After few years in India:
Abhiman met Akansha in a railway station…
Abhiman: did you recognize me?
Akansha: Abhiman…how are you doing…
Abhiman: my life is all about career…you left me because you wanted me achieve what I deserve..
Akansha: what do you mean…are you still unmarried…
Abhiman: yes…by the way how is your husband?
Akansha: I have divorced…
Abhiman: why what happened?
Akansha: I am in a hurry…have an interview…bye see you.
Abhiman: you & interview? How are your parents?
Akansha: my train has arrived…I am going…& my parents died in a road accident last month. Bye…
it took him hours to absorb what Akansha spoke to him…Akansha going for an interview? She is divorced? Her parents are dead? Finally he reached office and saw a recruitment drive going on( Abhiman realized he has to interview few people today)…he was completely aback to see Akansha’s name in the interview list…Abhiman didn’t interview Akansha but Akansha got selected…Abhiman knew if Akansha would have known that it’s his office she would reject the job. So he quit the job that very day making sure that Akansha would get a job.

After few months:
Akansha returning from the office saw Abhiman…& approached him
Akansha: sorry for that day…I was in hurry…you know I got a job.
Abhiman: congrats…
Akansha: thanks…I have good news to tell you…
Abhiman: what…
Akansha: I am marrying again…
Abhiman: to whom?
Akansha: the HR of my company…he is such a good person…I had a terrible interview that day but yet he recruited me and now he wants to marry me knowing everything about me.
Abhiman: was dumbstruck…he greeted best wishes for her marriage and went away…
After 15 days:
Akansha met Abhiman in a mall
Abhiman: hi…when is your marriage?
Akansha: don’t ask…that person was a freak…I have left the job…
Abhiman: so what are you planning to do?
Akansha: don’t know…I am jobless & I need a job urgently.
Abhiman: there’s a vacancy in my company…you can apply…I am sure you would get it..
Akansha: are you sure?
Abhiman: yup…
That day Abhiman had long chat with his immediate head who finally agreed for an interview.
Akansha got the job…Akansha and Abhiman were now in the same office…so Akansha got much time to spend with Abhiman she told everything to Abhiman…about her divorce, her parent’s accident, that freak HR. She also told about her financial crisis and her maternal uncle forcing her to leave her parents home as she couldn’t clear the debts…
Abhiman took the initiative to pay all the debts…he staked everything he had earned all these years…and somehow gave all the money to Akansha through a company incentive for a emerging star. Akansha could repay all the debts. Akansha asked many times to Abhiman why is he still single…Abhiman never replied to her questions.
One day…
Abhiman: I want to speak something to you…
Akansha: I also have something to speak…first your chance Abhiman…
Akansha: no I want to hear you first.
Akansha: ok…the person I had divorced has changed and he wants to marry me again…
Akansha: what should I do Abhiman?
Abhiman: it depends on your decision I am an outsider.
Akansha: common…you loved me once…you know me the best…you are the best person to give me an advice?
Abhiman: me?
Akansha: Abhiman I want to marry him again…what is your opinion?
Abhiman: (hides his tears) are you mad…go and marry him….why are you thinking so much. You told me he has changed…and he wants to marry you then what’s the problem…go crazy girl go.
Akansha: you are so good Abhiman…I love you… you were about to speak something?
Abhiman: yup…today is my birthday…
Akansha: let’s have a party tonight,tomorrow I will be accepting his proposal and we will remarry.
Abhiman got the best possible way to hide his emotions…that day…he drank so much that Akansha had to come to Abhiman’s home to drop him.
Akansha: while leaving Abhiman’s room…saw her photo framed in one corner of his room. Saw diaries & all the letters that were lying by…she came to know that Abhiman left the job in United States the day she told him about her marriage as he went there only for her so that they could have a better living afterwards. She came to know it’s because of Abhiman she got the job in that company and not because of that freak HR. she now knew that the debt of her house was paid from all the earning of Abhiman & not any company incentive…she couldn’t control herself when she read the last line of Abhiman’s diary…’today is my birthday…and I am going to propose my dream girl Akansha’
Akansha left Abhiman’s house…she was drunk…but she was at her senses….but after reading Abhiman’s letter she was out of her senses…and while driving back to her home she met with an accident…
Akansha gained her senses in a hospital after 4 days…
Nurse: how are you feeling Akansha?
Akansha: uneasy…what has happened to me?
Nurse: everything is alright now…you are fine…but I have a bad news for you…
Akansha: what…
Nurse: we had to do a kidney transplant…as one of your kidney was badly damaged and the other was also not working properly…the person who gave you his kidney unfortunately died.
Akansha: who?
Nurse: we were not talking his kidney, doctor had told him earlier that there may be complications in transplanting his kidney but he told us that you are going to marry and your life is much important to him then his own.
Akansha: tell me who was it?
Nurse: Abhiman.
Akansha couldn’t control herself…she burst into tears….after few hours she inquired whether Amandeep (her ex husband) came up or not…Nurse told her that she had informed Amandeep and his family about her accident but no one has yet responded or cared to visit hospital in 4 days.

Whenever you speak about love…just think about Abhiman…and if could somehow relate yourself with him…you would know what love is…what sacrifice means….what is the meaning of caring. It’s very easy to laugh on people’s feelings and emotions…have you ever thought what it meant for the person who really loves someone? Friends I have something to suggest you…
Love is immortal but make sure that immortal love of yours is not wasted on some undeserving person…while neglecting the one who really loves you

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Be yourself....a dilemma

Sometimes we want to do something but end up doing nothing…sometimes when we need to speak we don’t utter a word and when the time passes by we keep on ruing of not speaking anything. Sometimes we feel something but the reality comes out to be entirely different.
I am here with a piece that has all the uncertainties of a person’s feelings and all the anomalies related with it.

Soul: you were thinking of that girl?
Sandepan: yeah…don’t know much but there is something that makes me attracted towards her.
Soul: what do you like in her?
Sandepan: she is expressive; extrovert…frank likes to spend time with her friends…has brain along with the beauty which is a rarity in itself…looks good when is happy…horrible when tensed…whatever it may be I want to see her all the time…has a good voice…I like the Bengali numbers she sings…she is also a number 5….she is…
Soul: hold a sec…how do you know she is also a number 5?
Sandepan: from numerology…how do you calculate any person’s number from the date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth am I right?
Soul: yeah…
Sandepan: suppose a person is born on 12-02-1989…how would you calculate his number…adding all the numbers isn’t it…like (1+2+0+2+1+9+8+9)= 32 now you have to sum the two digit number to get a person’s number that is (3+2)=5…I know her date of birth she is also a number 5…I don’t know the time and place of birth so am not so sure about how much number 5 influences does she have in her life…but from the date of birth one thing for sure she would have a good compatibility with me.
Soul: impressive…but instead of doing all these calculations you should go and speak to her.
Sandepan: I don’t want any of her friends to know about my feelings for her as am sure if anybody knows about this there would be unnecessary hikes about it and there’s a possibility my feelings would be a part of their fun.
Soul: speak to her when she is alone.
Sandepan: but whenever get to see her she is always with her friends…
Soul: why don’t you call her up and speak…messages what do you say?
Sandepan: she doesn’t usually respond to my messages and I feel cheap speaking about my feeling via cell phones…
Soul: what do you actually want?
Sandepan: you know I don’t believe in flirting and hurting as such I want to know about her…like what does she wants from a person she could love, likes, dislikes, nature and everything about her so that the day I do speak to her I may be the person she wants to see in her beloved.
Soul: that means you want to change for a girl?
Sandepan: don’t take that way…when you are in love it’s not about changes it’s about how you could sacrifice the undesirable necessities from yourself so that you could be with her.
Soul: any changes…you have thought till now?
Sandepan: I am a vegetarian…I would become non-vegetarian if she accepts me…It reminds me of the Bollywood movie Rehna hai tere dil mein…but am sure I won’t be puking after eating.
Soul: do you have enough time for that?
Sandepan: I know I don’t have much time…I don’t have much scope either…but before speaking anything to her I must ensure we stay in the same location.
Soul: why?
Sandepan: because there is no point speaking to her and then going away…and long distance relations seldom survives.
Soul: who told you that?
Sandepan: you might be talking of the age old relations but for a new relation to prosper its necessary for us to be in the same place…you might not agree with me…as you don’t have a brain to think for you.
Soul: I don’t understand why people think of brains when in love…any ways…your first motive is to know her…I am not asking you to speak about your feelings but you could speak to her about herself?
Sandepan: I don’t think she is much interested to speak about her…
Soul: what made you say that?
Sandepan: I told you she doesn’t reply my messages.
Soul: so you want her to reply to good mornings & good night?
Sandepan: no but I sent her a message stating I don’t want to be your friend with whom you can share your happiness therefore you would seldom find me beside you when you are happy…but whenever you are unhappy & if you look around you would find me…she didn’t respond
Soul: everybody is not so philosophical like you…she might not have understood what actually you meant.
Sandepan: no that’s not the case…I know she is worried about something for a long time…I asked her many times but she never replied…I even asked her to change her weird looking photo from the social networking site but she never responded.
Soul: it may be that she wants you to personally speak to her?
Sandepan: I don’t think so…or else she might have given me any indications….
Soul: you want indications? Why don’t you go and talk?
Sandepan: things are not like what it seems to you…I have a feeling that she knows I like her.
Soul: so what are you waiting for?
Sandepan: a confirmation of a location…
Soul: till that day you won’t be speaking anything to her…and you believe she will accept you?
Sandepan: I don’t know …but whatever may be case am not going to speak to her in presence of her friends…
Soul: coward…
Sandepan: you may call me whatever you want to…you don’t understand…she doesn’t like me…doesn’t even respond to my messages…doesn’t even speak about herself…
Soul: who told you this?
Sandepan: I think so
Soul: that’s why I say…don’t even think of your brains when in love…
Sandepan: I don’t know what should I do…
Soul: I have only one thing to say…if you keep on waiting…you time will never come…that’s my opinion now it’s upon you and your weird brain to decide what you have to do.
Sandepan: thank god my brain is sleeping and all the thinking is controlled by my heart or else I would be in more dilemmas after today’s conversation.

This is the common scenario for all those who are in love…what should they speak, what would be the appropriate time…what if she rejects? People often say consults your best ones when you are in similar situations…but the person who knows you best is you yourself as such…if you could be calm enough and think about it you would get the clue I suppose.
My words for all those who are in love there is never an appropriate time…the appropriate time is when you realized you have feelings for somebody…love is never a thought process it happens when it has to. Brain doesn’t have any control over it. The main thing that signifies your love is you yourself…never try to be what others tell you or follow the footsteps opted by others…if you are in love and if it’s true…it will find a way.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Two Sides...!!!

LOVE: It's only a four letter word but these four letters has a big role to play in anybody's life. The exact meaning of love is still undefined as it confines to the hearts and the feelings more often then not is very hard to express.
Today i am here with a blog titled 'The Two Sides'.i would like the readers to interpret on the content of this blog before i finally start with the main theme.

Is it a story of two sides boy & girl?
Is it a story of hatred & love?
Is it a story of the consequences of being in love?

This is is of two sides of a love story...primarily focused on the mentality of a person before & after being in love...basically on the negative mode. without wasting much time i would like the readers to go through the two chat interviews of a person named Ankit.

25th December 2003 (interview #1)

Antara: whenever you get a chance to talk to a young person in his/her teens...one thing is for sure their thinking about love is pretty interesting. Today i am here with Ankit who would express his views on few questions about love. Ankit tell me is there anybody whom you love?

Ankit: Love the word itself is so comforting as if it is cushioned with the care of someone very special...coming back to your question...no am not in love but am eagerly waiting for someone whom i can appropriately call "my love"

Antara: So you believein love?

Ankit: what do you mean by believe...it's the essence of life those who dont believe are either beneath their coffins or are aliens.

Antara: Impressive, what would be your dream date?

Ankit: There is nothing called a dream date...to be with your beloved is a date which never ends.

Antara: Any specific qualities that you want in your dream girl?

Ankit: first & foremost she should be able to understand me and my feelings...i dont need to mention the other qualities as it would remain the same for everybody (such as she should be intelligent,beautiful,educated and all other constraints)

Antara: So how would you propose your girl?

Ankit: Can i ask you a question?

Antara: carry on..

Ankit: Do you really think girls are at par with the boys?

Antara: Yes i do but how is this question related with my question?

Ankit: It's related...according to you girl can do whatever a boy can...so i would like my dream girl to approach me & convey her feelings to me...in short i would like my dream girl to propose me...

Antara: Are you crazy?

Ankit: What's wrong in that? if boy's can propose a girl whom they love why cant girls? frankly speaking i would like my dream girl to be a courageous girl who has the guts to speak about her love to me.

Antara: Do you think anybody would approach you?

Ankit: i believe in love...& if love exists that day will come.

Antara: best wishes to you Ankit...hope you get your love...by the way i would like to advice you one thing...don't wait for you love to come to you...it may be possible she around you but your negligence made her go away.

Ankit: Even if she goes away i would never spare a thought ofr her...as you if love is true your love will come back to you...

Antara: All the best Ankit...

After 7 years

25th December 2010 (interview #2)

Antara: today i am here with Ankit...all those who have been following our show would know i have interviewed Ankit exactly 7 years ago this very day...let's welcome Ankit.

Ankit: Thanks Antara

Antara: Long time Ankit..so how was your journey of love? Did you find your dream girl?

Ankit: Dream girl? Does this term really exist?

Antara: I didn't understand...

Ankit: You know the words like love & dream girl are nothing but a fairy tale...which seems good when you are hearing it but actually they don't have any existence in the real world.

Antara: What do you mean? You don't believe in love?

Ankit: Love??? What is love? it's just a nonsensical word that has nothing to do with reality..

Antara: Am i talking with the same Ankit i talked with,7 years ago?

Ankit: Yes i am the same person...only difference is i was immatured then & was leaving a reel world which doesnt exist.

Antara: So you dont believe in love anymore?

Ankit: A fool will only believein this nonsense.

Antara: What about dream date & essence of life you were talking last time?

Ankit: The only essence of life is you yourself...& how you lead your life as far as dream date is concerned these rubbish doesn't appear even in my dreams.

Antara: What about your funds of a girl proposing you? you didnt get any girl did you?

Ankit: These things are all crap & as far as a girl is concerned a girl is by your side only because she is in need or has some motives to fulfill...

Antara: This is not true and you have no right to speak about your opposite gender like this...

Ankit: sorry for being harsh..but this is the trend nowadays...& it is not confined to girls only boys have an equal share. Fools like me who believed in love is not only fooled by a girl but by life. sometimes when i look back to my life it seems to me as a joke.

Antara: Ankit i cant agree with you anymore...love does exist...& you would realize it one day.

Ankit: Feel pity for you Antara,change your thinking or else life would change you...& then you wont be able to recognize yourself...that day the only person you would blame is you yourself.

Antara: Time is the best judge and i would be eagerly waiting for that day...to talk with you.

Time is certainly the best judge. The girl didnt agree with the guy because she didnt go through with whatever happened to him. Boy wasn't in a state to agree with any of Antara's word because he was seeing things from his prospective and he never realized things can be different if it is viewed differently. this is true for everybody when you don't face the circumstances you don't really know about the conditions of those who are facing them.

Every time i conclude i tend to cover up the whole story but this time i would sum up with few questions...The answers of these questions will certainly change your thinking if you go deep into the story.
After reading the first interview you must have a vague idea about the character about the character Ankit...what do you think might have happened to him, that his thinking changed so drastically?
people change over time but what might have happened between the two interviews...that changed a person?

Life has it's own twist's and turn....if you dont change with them...you would be entangled in the swirl of infinite unanswered questions...!!!

'SMILE' & the 'IT' effect

It's often said it's good to have a smiling & charming face...it has many plus points over a dull face.Today i would be describing one of the side effect of having a smiling face with two different examples, the 2nd of which would aptly justify the title...
class 9
the first day of the physics class.i was siting in the 2nd bench.
physics sir: myself bhola prasad.i am your physics teacher.
(while addressing the bunch of students..he glanced at me)
physics sir: why are you smiling do i look like a joker?
me:no sir
physics sir:still smiling? get out of the class..
me:but sir...
physics sir:get out

2nd day
physics sir entered the class room..
physics sir: today i would be discussing the laws of reflection..
(suddenly looked at me)
physics: yes you guy in the 2nd bench with ever smiling face...get out.

3rd day
i made up my mind i wont be looking at physics sir this time....as he entered the class everyone stood up to greet him as i stood my pen fell down..i bent down to pick up the pen...
physics sir:what are you doing under the table
i picked up the pen and showed it to him...
physics sir:still smiling...don't you have any shame? laughing, hiding under the table...get out.
me:but sir..my pen...
physics sir: get out. i will speak to you after the class.
(after the physics period)
physics sir:why do you always smile looking at me?
me:sir i was not smiling.it's my natural facial expression...every body thinks i am smiling but actually am not. if you don't believe ask my class mates.
physics sir:what's your name?
me:anjan roy
(physics sir entered the class room)
physics sir: anjan roy told me he doesn't smile deliberately and it's his natural facial expression..do you all agree with his statement?
one boy spoke up: sir he is absolutely right...look at him when he is sleeping in the class room...it seems as if he is smiling even in dreams.
(physics sir called me inside the class room)
physics sir: anjan you should have told me that you were not smiling...
me:sir i told you that time but you didnt believe..
physics sir:ok go and sit in your place.

did you all notice how a smiling face can sometime be fatal. Now have a look at the scenario and effects of laughing face in the IT sector.

IT Sector
first day:everybody was giving their introduction to the coordinator.when it was my turn.
coordinator: Mr smile...can you introduce yourself instead of smiling
me:am not smiling it's actually my 'DEFAULT' mode.

as the coordinator was going through the with the discussion of rules & regulation.
coordinator: mr default smile can you come out of the default mode to the execution mode.
me:sir am not smiling it's an inbuilt processor which keeps on running even when i am in execution mode.
coordinator:don't you have any alt f4 button to forcibly quit your default processor...it's distracting me.
me:sir this default execution works only in infinite loop & no esc button is applicable.
coordinator:better you escape through the exit door or my processor would burn up.

after the class
coordinator:what's your problem
me:sir it's an automated processor which doesn't have an exit button as it always runs in infinite loop which luckily or unluckily is my default mode.
me:sir this is the effect of the IT sector...actually i mean to say i was not smiling and it's my natural facial expression,which many people confuse with a deliberate smile. i was about to speak this very thing at the first instance but it's the side effect of the IT field i spoke 'DEFAULT' mode and after that i sank deep into the IT sector while describing you my natural smiling face.i also had to face the consequences of smiling face by spending the entire time outside the training room today...earlier i only had 1 problem 'smiling face' now 'IT' effect has added additional troubles for me...
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