Friday, January 28, 2011

The Two Sides...!!!

LOVE: It's only a four letter word but these four letters has a big role to play in anybody's life. The exact meaning of love is still undefined as it confines to the hearts and the feelings more often then not is very hard to express.
Today i am here with a blog titled 'The Two Sides'.i would like the readers to interpret on the content of this blog before i finally start with the main theme.

Is it a story of two sides boy & girl?
Is it a story of hatred & love?
Is it a story of the consequences of being in love?

This is is of two sides of a love story...primarily focused on the mentality of a person before & after being in love...basically on the negative mode. without wasting much time i would like the readers to go through the two chat interviews of a person named Ankit.

25th December 2003 (interview #1)

Antara: whenever you get a chance to talk to a young person in his/her thing is for sure their thinking about love is pretty interesting. Today i am here with Ankit who would express his views on few questions about love. Ankit tell me is there anybody whom you love?

Ankit: Love the word itself is so comforting as if it is cushioned with the care of someone very special...coming back to your am not in love but am eagerly waiting for someone whom i can appropriately call "my love"

Antara: So you believein love?

Ankit: what do you mean by's the essence of life those who dont believe are either beneath their coffins or are aliens.

Antara: Impressive, what would be your dream date?

Ankit: There is nothing called a dream be with your beloved is a date which never ends.

Antara: Any specific qualities that you want in your dream girl?

Ankit: first & foremost she should be able to understand me and my feelings...i dont need to mention the other qualities as it would remain the same for everybody (such as she should be intelligent,beautiful,educated and all other constraints)

Antara: So how would you propose your girl?

Ankit: Can i ask you a question?

Antara: carry on..

Ankit: Do you really think girls are at par with the boys?

Antara: Yes i do but how is this question related with my question?

Ankit: It's related...according to you girl can do whatever a boy i would like my dream girl to approach me & convey her feelings to short i would like my dream girl to propose me...

Antara: Are you crazy?

Ankit: What's wrong in that? if boy's can propose a girl whom they love why cant girls? frankly speaking i would like my dream girl to be a courageous girl who has the guts to speak about her love to me.

Antara: Do you think anybody would approach you?

Ankit: i believe in love...& if love exists that day will come.

Antara: best wishes to you Ankit...hope you get your the way i would like to advice you one thing...don't wait for you love to come to may be possible she around you but your negligence made her go away.

Ankit: Even if she goes away i would never spare a thought ofr you if love is true your love will come back to you...

Antara: All the best Ankit...

After 7 years

25th December 2010 (interview #2)

Antara: today i am here with Ankit...all those who have been following our show would know i have interviewed Ankit exactly 7 years ago this very day...let's welcome Ankit.

Ankit: Thanks Antara

Antara: Long time how was your journey of love? Did you find your dream girl?

Ankit: Dream girl? Does this term really exist?

Antara: I didn't understand...

Ankit: You know the words like love & dream girl are nothing but a fairy tale...which seems good when you are hearing it but actually they don't have any existence in the real world.

Antara: What do you mean? You don't believe in love?

Ankit: Love??? What is love? it's just a nonsensical word that has nothing to do with reality..

Antara: Am i talking with the same Ankit i talked with,7 years ago?

Ankit: Yes i am the same person...only difference is i was immatured then & was leaving a reel world which doesnt exist.

Antara: So you dont believe in love anymore?

Ankit: A fool will only believein this nonsense.

Antara: What about dream date & essence of life you were talking last time?

Ankit: The only essence of life is you yourself...& how you lead your life as far as dream date is concerned these rubbish doesn't appear even in my dreams.

Antara: What about your funds of a girl proposing you? you didnt get any girl did you?

Ankit: These things are all crap & as far as a girl is concerned a girl is by your side only because she is in need or has some motives to fulfill...

Antara: This is not true and you have no right to speak about your opposite gender like this...

Ankit: sorry for being harsh..but this is the trend nowadays...& it is not confined to girls only boys have an equal share. Fools like me who believed in love is not only fooled by a girl but by life. sometimes when i look back to my life it seems to me as a joke.

Antara: Ankit i cant agree with you does exist...& you would realize it one day.

Ankit: Feel pity for you Antara,change your thinking or else life would change you...& then you wont be able to recognize yourself...that day the only person you would blame is you yourself.

Antara: Time is the best judge and i would be eagerly waiting for that talk with you.

Time is certainly the best judge. The girl didnt agree with the guy because she didnt go through with whatever happened to him. Boy wasn't in a state to agree with any of Antara's word because he was seeing things from his prospective and he never realized things can be different if it is viewed differently. this is true for everybody when you don't face the circumstances you don't really know about the conditions of those who are facing them.

Every time i conclude i tend to cover up the whole story but this time i would sum up with few questions...The answers of these questions will certainly change your thinking if you go deep into the story.
After reading the first interview you must have a vague idea about the character about the character Ankit...what do you think might have happened to him, that his thinking changed so drastically?
people change over time but what might have happened between the two interviews...that changed a person?

Life has it's own twist's and turn....if you dont change with would be entangled in the swirl of infinite unanswered questions...!!!


  1. Firstly I agree with Ankit in the first interview. And yes I am that type of girl. If I love someone I would definately walk up to that person and tell that. I would not wait for that person to come up to me and tell me this.

    Secondly I feel Ankit has experienced some heart break which has made him change the way he looks at love. Which is wrong. Because one wrong person should not make you conclude all are wrong.

    But then I agree to your last lines. Mind blowing thought. You need to change with the changes in life.... there is no option left!

    1. You are right on the mark with first statement...i always expect irrespective of the gender that people should come up and express their feelings...!!!

      i agree with your 2nd statement also...i also don't agree with his views as he is only seeing the way things turned out to him...yes he was heart broken...but then his views were not correct...!!!

      again i must say thank a thousand ton for agreeing with my thoughts :)


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