Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friendship a dupe, as God doesn’t play dice but human’s do

Do you remember your childhood days? How easily you shared everything with your friends’ right from gossips, lunch, notes…and all those day to day happenings…those days are so rare now isn’t it? You have cell phones, mail id’s, social networking sites…but you have become so busy with yourself that you don’t get time to share your thoughts with your friends…well, with time as you lose contacts with your friends…you tend to have a thinking…he/she might be busy I shouldn’t disturb him/her. After sometime: let the other contact me first…this feelings percolates from both sides…and finally it turns into a rage…and you don’t contact your friends who were once your best friends…well friendship is the costliest treasure that you have, it’s priceless…preserve it…or else you would have only one thing to do at the end i.e. to rue over it…friendship is always a 2 way road, which bridges by sharing. One of the major obstacles that come to your way is you yourself…misunderstanding is an issue but the major fact is you have become so complicated that you don’t have the innocence to share your thoughts with cent percent clarity with your friends when compared to your childhood days…
When you are happy and in celebrative mood your friends get to know about you and when you are in a state of mourn with grief you know about your friends…in other words real friends are those who stand tall when you are in trouble and the fake ones…leave you at bay citing your misery. The question then arises how to differentiate among true and the fake ones…I would answer this question through a famous saying which I have quoted in my own way: “Time alone proves the worth of friendship as time goes by, we lose the false ones and the best ones last the distance of time.” Today I am here with a story which will surely dent those who blindly believe in those friends who are better referred as foes…the story of Arindam and Souvik.
(Character’s of the story
Arindam: main character of the story
Souvik: Arindam’s friend
Subendu: Souvik’s college friend
Somita (Somi): common friend of Souvik and Arindam
Virendra: common friend of Souvik and Arindam
Prithvi: common friend of Souvik and Arindam
Anusha: Arindam’s love
Abhideep: Arindam’s best friend)

One day Subendu had a chat with Arindam
Subendu: do you know anything about Souvik’s girlfriend?
Arindam: Souvik and girlfriend are you kidding?
Subendu: yes she is one of your school mates...
Arindam: School mate!!! Now I am cent percent sure…whatever information you have it’s all a baseless.
Subendu: then you don’t know anything…he talks with her all the time through messages
Arindam: who?
Subendu: Somita
Arindam: Somi…impossible
Subendu: why are you saying that?
Arindam: I know Souvik and Somi better then they know each other…so whatever you are saying it’s totally wrong…
Arindam later met his school friends…and told them about it, they said…Arindam even if god comes and tells me about it….we won’t believe…we think Subendu has gone mad…
Arindam: me too…!!! I can’t stop laughing.

After few days
Souvik: I didn’t expect this from you Arindam
Arindam: what happened?
Souvik: you spread the rumors…about me and Somi
Arindam: have you gone crazy? Why will I speak that rubbish to anybody?
Souvik: I know it very well you are the one who spread all these rumors…
Arindam: you should consult your friend then…and ask him what did I say to him…
Souvik: don’t make stories…
Arindam: ok if I am making stories…then let it be…I don’t have to speak anything to you.

Souvik did realize the truth after few days…and he apologized to Arindam…
Arindam: this is what you call friendship…you don’t believe my words?
Souvik: I said sorry to you…what more do you want…forget about all those.
Arindam: ok…

After few days…there were few disputes between Arindam and his good friend Virendra. Virendra accused Arindam of faking their friendship…when Arindam questioned him; Virendra replied…why you don’t ask Souvik…he knows everything…
Arindam sent a message to Souvik and asked him about the matter but Souvik didn’t respond. Arindam was impatient as he always considered Virendra as one of his best friend…
After a month
Souvik: you forgot me?
Arindam: I asked you a question and I think you forgot to reply me
Souvik: which question?
Arindam: I asked you about Virendra. What did he tell you about me?
Souvik: oh! Actually I didn’t have the balance in my cell, so I couldn’t reply you.
Arindam: you have the balance to reply others but not me? What did Virendra tell you?
Souvik: actually I was busy with my seminars…
Arindam: I don’t think you didn’t respond anybody during your seminar days…anyways what did he tell you?
Souvik: I was busy… I wanted some free time to discuss the matter with you.
Arindam: you could have told me that you were busy…and you would talk to me afterwards but you didn’t respond. What did Virendra tell you about me?
Souvik: recently you had a tiff with Prithvi; I wanted to talk to you regarding that matter also
Arindam: I have settled the issue with him. Tell me what did Virendra tell you about me?
Souvik: I have to talk with you regarding Virendra.
Arindam: first tell me what he spoke about me…we will discuss everything later.
Souvik: ok…he told me hell lot of things…
Arindam: what did he actually say?
(Souvik didn’t respond for an hour…so Arindam decided to speak something that will induce him to reply…)
Arindam: I have decided that I will never ever talk to Somi again.
(Souvik was not replying Arindam…but the moment Arindam spoke him about Somi he replied)
Souvik: why? What happened between you two?
Arindam: you didn’t reply my question but you were quick to reply when I spoke about Somi? Tell me what did Virendra tell you?
Souvik: you should forget Anusha… it will help you.
(Right from the beginning Souvik was avoiding his question, this time Arindam got angry as Anusha was Arindam’s love…)
Arindam: how did Anusha come in between? Don’t play dice with me tell me what did he tell you?
Souvik: I think you need a break…forget Anusha it will help you.
Arindam: (couldn’t control his anger) I think you need a break from me that too forever…I don’t need any dice playing politician to be my friend.

Arindam was angry as well as depressed as Souvik was a good friend of him. And he never thought he would ever hide anything with him. He thought of forgetting everything…and carry on with his life.
But after few days
Souvik to Abhideep: wish you a happy birthday…you DOG.
When Arindam came to know about it…he gave a message to Souvik
Arindam: don’t you dare to speak any abusive word to Abhideep again. If you want to speak those words better speak them at your home.
Souvik: believe me…whenever you meet me the next time…I am going break your face.
Arindam: I also have a similar thinking…but I don’t break faces like you…what more can I expect from a dice playing politician…
This was the end of their friendship…Souvik blamed Arindam for spreading the rumors that shows he never had any trust in him. Even after asking several times he didn’t utter a word about Virendra …this shows he never wanted Arindam to know the reality…and thus it may hamper his friendship with Virendra. He even advised Arindam to forget the person he loves…another example of his dirty politics. He abused Arindam’s friend as if Abhideep is his’ slave…and then finally threatened Arindam to break his face.
Do you call this a friendship? Certainly not…people like Souvik can never be anybody’s friend…they can blame their friends, they can create problems between friends, they can leave you when you are in trouble, they can break your friendship…but can never be anybody’s friend…A friend is often referred to, as a person who is close to god for their friends. But as we all know god doesn’t play dice…but people like Souvik play with friends as if, friends are his dice in his dirty politics of faking a person to be a friend.
So friends be very careful in choosing a friend…because a wrong person will not only elevate problems with you…but can also come in between your true friends and break your friendship…I will conclude with my final words… “Time alone proves the worth of friendship as time goes by, we lose the false ones and the best ones last the distance of time.”
Read this quotation:
Time alone can prove the worth of relations as time goes by,
We lose the false ones and the best ones stay.

You will say yes we all have heard it somewhere, now read the one below

Time alone proves the worth of friendship as time goes by,
We lose the false ones and the best ones last the distance of time.
The second one is my view...

1st quote is optimistic as it says it can prove i.e., it may or may not prove.
It has used the word relation...in our age group it's somewhat difficult to understand what a relation actually means,
On the contrary word friendship is understood by all and moreover it's the base of all relations.
And the best part of the second quotation is that it has the magical touch of the word time as it ends with the same word it started.
It shows how the most important factor of a person’s life is controlled by time and it identifies between real and fake ones.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


When odds are against you…nothing seems to be going your way. Everything seems messed up…whatever you do falls like nine pins. You start considering yourself as the one who is blessed with failures and loses in each forefront. It seems Life’s never been as miserable at that very moment. You start losing your calm, on the verge of breaking away and giving up…a sensation within you, at the very brink makes you think that everything will be all right and this thinking takes you a long way in achieving what you want and this life changing inner feeling is called ‘HOPE’.
If there hasn’t been hope amongst us nothing would have survived till now not even the human species. You are working hard today just because you are hoping a better future tomorrow. This is indeed a nuclear age but if there hasn’t been hope of peace and integrity among nations, the earth would have been destroyed many times by now. The mainstay of this humanity is its change; nothing is stagnant as time moves on so does the entire civilization. If there’s hasn’t been a hope of a better future tomorrow kids won’t go to school, people won’t be devoting their time on their work and the country as a whole would not think of any progress. It’s the hope of growing, the hope of improving makes us all motivate and keep force in our work.
As almost all of my blogs are focused on personal issues, there is no doubt that hope has its essence on national and international development but for a country to develop its important the states (areas within the country) develop. For the development of the states the people must develop and as such I would be focusing on the importance of hope on personal development.
One of the major and intimidating factors that count for our not progressing in life is the fact that we cling to the past. People don’t like changes. You would often find people doing the same thing for ages reason being they succeeded doing them in the past but they often forget with time everything has changed so they have to change their mentality and accept the new innovations and then hope for achieving what they aspire for. I would like to give one simple example India’s national game is hockey it has made us proud for decades but if you look at the current scenario things don’t look quite impressive reason being Indian hockey couldn’t evolve with the modern changes in hockey. I am not demoralizing all the hockey fans as our hockey has shown signs of improvement in recent years but to be frank it has failed to live up to the expectations. Reasons is we couldn’t evolve and accept the changes as we cling to our age old theory of hockey but with time hockey has changed and so we have to change with our strategies and then we can hope of gaining back those past glory. Thus it’s the hope within us that we will improve we will bring back hockey to its best with the changing time keeps us motivating.
Going back to ground level…i.e. a person
What keeps a person going on after losing infinite times in his effort to succeed?
If someone met a major accident and is serious what thinking transpires with his close ones that he will be all right?
After giving your best effort in examinations what makes you think that you will surely do well?
You go on to propose a girl whom you love, what is it that makes you think she will accept you?
After losing millions on business you still give another try, why?
A new born baby stops crying with only a glimpse of her mother, why?
After a bitter quarrel among friends, the two friends still want to talk to each other, why?
A sports person practices day and night for hours, why does he take so much effort?
An elderly person goes to morning walk to keep himself fit, why does he go off to a walk daily?
A worker in an office works beyond his timing schedule to increase his wages, why does he do so?
The answer of all these questions is hope…a hope to win, a hope that everything thing will be alright, a hope to succeed, a hope to win your love, a hope to give another try to survive, a hope to bypass your troubles, a hope to start afresh, a hope to prove yourself, a hope to achieve…
Sometimes hoping against hopes also helps you to retain your calmness, your composure, not to give up…not to lose
I would like to give a small story of two people who were ill…
First person: more than illness he was suffering from a trauma that he is not well and will not survive…he would often go to doctors who would suggest him…take rest there is nothing wrong with you…but that person would hardly believe the doctors…one morning he died.
Second person: he had a major illness and after consulting many doctors…he came to know it’s too late now and nothing can be done…he will die someday because of his disease…this person would not care about his problems and lived as if he is alright…he lived for 6 years were doctors said he would hardly live one year or so….
Did you see the difference in attitude…the first person died because he would always think he will die…and when you yourself lose hope…nothing else can help you. A healthy person died because he had a feeling that he is suffering from a disease which can’t be cured where as the second person lived many years more than the doctors believed …the reason being he never lost hope…he always felt he could live…and that’s the reason why he lived so many years…yes he died because of his illness…but now you know how your hopes can lead you to achieve the unachievable. This story is certainly not about ill and healthy person but for all of us to hope that we can win…we can achieve, we can do…theirs is no doubt that many more things are required to win a battle in life but the foremost thing is your hope…if your hopes are strong and you are not willing to give up…you have already achieved 50% of the success…
So friends never ever give up…if you have the right attitude towards life and you hope to do well…you will certainly do well…!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

life without you

Piya: the person I love…I don’t want him, I hate him the most but still I love him.
Adversities make few people to break down and few to break records…in similar circumstances I am here with this blog titled ‘life without you’ in our national language Hindi titled ‘Tum bin’.
To begin with let me ask you a question what’s the biggest trouble you have faced in your life? Answers will vary from person to person but one of the fact that can be considered as the universal truth is, nothing else matters when you are struggling for your existence or in other words battling for your survival. Another question arises what do you do when you are in deep trouble? Finding ways to get out? Praying to the ultimate god? Fighting it out? Whatever you do one thing is sure when you are sunk into nose deep trouble the thinking’s that transpires through your mind other than the troubles are the things that you really want to achieve in your life. Have you ever met a dying person who has only few moments to live and asked him what does he want? Those people would be seldom seen being proud of what they have achieved but would be often heard whispering what they couldn’t do. You would often find people uttering something in unconsciousness, we may consider it as a blabber but being precise about things these unconscious words are often the words that we really want to do or achieve in life.
When you are happy you seldom care for things…and you don’t bother much of the outside world. But when you are down in life you look out for your mistakes, trying to realize your faults…this story is among those stories where you will come across to know how life fared for a person who lost his love.
A story of Shekhar…after he lost his Piya
I would like to give a small introduction of Shekhar…
Shekhar was a simple, decent, down to earth guy. He was a charming …always happy and would love to spend his time with friends…you would never see him quiet…full of life…willing to enjoy each and every moment of his life…everything changed after he lost his love…a fresher in college…but still you won’t see him talking much…seldom speaks…prefers to remain alone…aloneness and silence seemed to be his best friends…
Most of them thought him as a nerd…his appearance was no more than a geek…in spite of all this a girl named Mili wanted to be his friend and approached him one day…
Mili: hi…Shekhar I am Mili…you don’t seem to have much friends will you be my friend?
Shekhar: (didn’t speak turned away from Mili…and started walking away)
Mili: hey what happened? Why are you walking away?
By then Shekhar was out the scene…
Next day:-
Mili: Shekhar…why did you go away without replying me?
Shekhar: (about to go turned his face…)
Mili: Shekhar…you can’t go away like this… this is not the way how you should behave to a girl.
Shekhar: (stood standstill)
Mili: you don’t want to be friends…your wish…but at least you could reply to me.
Shekhar: (didn’t utter)
Mili: why are you so silent? Is there anything wrong with you?
Shekhar: I can’t be your friend…I can’t be anybody’s friend... (folded both his hands). Please excuse me. I have to go.
Mili was shocked with his reply…she didn’t say anything…she kept on thinking about his unusual reply…
After few days:
Mili: (in one of the practical classes) Shekhar…you are quite intelligent…would you mind giving me those notes on semiconductor laser beams?
Shekhar: (handed his notes to Mili…and as he was about to speak…return it to me tomorrow…something came up to his mind probably something from his past and said) return me when are done with it.
Mili: thanks…
Next day:
Mili: don’t you speak anything other than the studies? I found something written in your notes…who is this Piya? She is not in our section…what is her stream?
Shekhar almost snatched the notes from her to see what was written saw a message-Piya happy friendship day…the next few lines were scratched …he didn’t respond to any of Mili’s answer and went away.
A year passed by…
Shekhar would seldom speak anything to Mili.. On the other hand Mili took…Shekhar’s phone number from one of their classmate…she would message him quite often…but Shekhar never replied …he didn’t have any problems sharing his notes but he would never speak anything.
One day:
Mili: Shekhar I have been seeing you like this for a year now…why are you quiet all the time? There is something wrong with you…I often find something written in your notes but all scratched…what is it that you cannot speak to anybody?
Shekhar: I gave you my notes only because I thought you are in need for those notes…I would help anybody who come to me for studies…you are no one to ask those personal questions…if you carry on with all this I would not give any of my notes to you.
Mili: why are you so rude? You don’t talk with anybody…in our practical batch of 20 students ….there are 2 boys other than you…they talk with everybody…you always stay alone…don’t like girls or what?
Shekhar: why are you concerned about me?
Mili: class mates say…not only in class…in hostel also you always live in solitude…you don’t have much friends …earlier I thought you are so serious about your studies that you don’t speak in class or in practical…but now I know… you don’t have anybody to share your feelings with…have you ever noticed…half of your notes are scratched…you want to speak something to somebody…everyday you write something on the back of your notes…and then you scratch them…Shekhar I consider you to be a good friend…you can tell me.
Shekhar: why do you want to know about me?
Mili: suppose you want to speak something to somebody…but that person doesn’t want to listen to you…doesn’t want to talk to you…how would you feel? Bad isn’t it…by isolating yourself with others you are doing the same mistake…you are not letting your friends to talk to you…Shekhar don’t keep things in your heart speak them out…believe me you will feel better.
Shekhar: I have nothing to speak about myself.
Mili: ok…at least tell me why did you go away the first day I came up to you?
Shekhar: it’s personal…
Mili: don’t irritate me…by the way I have read one of your letter that you wrote to Piya on the back of mechanics notes that you forgot to scratch.
Shekhar: you shouldn’t have read my personal things…you don’t have any right to read those.
Mili: you love that girl…what kind of love is this…she hates you…with every passing day she hates you more than the previous day…but it seems your love for her increases with her hatred…where do you think your love will take you to?
Shekhar: yes I love her. Love is never judged on account whether you get your love at last but what you feel for her even when she has no feelings for you. It’s very easy to hate someone who doesn’t love you but when you really love someone your love will grow with each passing day…no matter even if you have to spend those days in tears.
Mili: thank god you spoke…did you see how words came out of your mouth…did you notice what all did you speak just now…that’s why I say share your feelings…it helps…
Shekhar: ok…I will answer all your questions…but you have to promise me 2 things first no soul in this college should know about my love whatever I will say to you it would be confined only up to you and secondly you would be a friend and will never fall in love with me.
Mili: do I have to accept all these…ok I accept and I promise.
Shekhar told everything about himself and Piya…right from the day when they met for the first time…till the day when Piya finally left Shekhar…
Mili was shocked to know Shekhar had so much pain hidden in his heart. Mili’s sympathy for Shekhar meant she started hating Piya and in the meanwhile she started loving Shekhar…as Shekhar wouldn’t talk to any other girl, Mili took her opportunities to come close to Shekhar faking him that she is helping him to share his pain. When Mili knew all about Piya…she contacted Piya’s medical college friends and spoke whatever rubbish she could (against Piya)…Mili didn’t stop here…Shekhar’s love story spread to every nook and corner of the college…everybody started taunting Shekhar in the name of Piya…
When Shekhar came to know about all this …he inquired to Mili
Shekhar: why did you do this to me?
Mili: it’s for your good…forget Piya…she doesn’t deserve you…I can’t see you grumbling Piya’s name every day.
Shekhar: dam it…I love her
Mili: she doesn’t love you…she doesn’t deserve you.
Shekhar: you will decide what she deserves? Why did you contact Piya’s friend?
Mili: to know about her
Shekhar: who asked you to know about her…
Mili: Piya doesn’t love you she loves somebody else in her college…
Shekhar: it’s her life…she can do whatever she wants…it has nothing to do with you.
Mili: Shekhar why don’t you understand…I love you…
Shekhar: enough…Mili…you broke both the promises I made with you…and now you know why I don’t talk with girls…all girls are the same…do you know the name of the person I hate the most it’s you Mili…Piya was far away from me…and now because of you…she may not come in my life again…Mili Shekhar is dead for you. Good bye
Friends…try and analyze Shekhar’s life…Mili ,well she had 2 other affairs to content with…and am sure kind of girl she is…she must have already found a substitute for Shekhar. Where does it lead to? Shekhar became a laughing stock in front of everybody in college thanks to Mili…Shekhar did change after he lost Piya…but after this incident…he stopped going to college for months…would be often found closed in a room without talking to anybody…his health was a major concern as he was admitted in hospital for 21 days during that period. Few of his friend did convince him…and he did control himself in his latter half of his college life…Shekhar was never worried about being a laughing stock but he couldn’t forgive himself as he found Piya hating her even more than before as she thought whatever Mili spoke to her college mates it was Shekhar’s idea. Shekhar could only rue to the fact…why did he tell about his life to Mili.
Things didn’t end up here…
Today…Piya refuses to even accept that she had loved Shekhar at any moment in the past…I have nothing to say except to present few of her messages that she sent to Shekhar on different occasion..(* all these messages were sent by Piya to Shekhar)
4th December 2006: I must say you are not romantic at all. You can share all feelings & love with your best friend too. But the one you love is something more than a friend.
11th December 2006: you have expressed your love in this message. I think you know what will happen if my father reads it…that’s why I tell you send message only if I do…every day I don’t keep cell with me.
29th December 2006: what will you do if I say I love you?
14th januanry2007: please don’t mind I will ask you a question…do you still love Piya?
6th April 2007: I love you (around 2:28 am)
The last day when they had a talk with each other…
6th June 2007: even I miss you dear…but I have a problem…please try to understand. Love you
6th June 2007: let’s talk of something else…about you & me…& love
6th June 2007: Whatever I will say, will you believe? You are my dream my love and my life, I just want to spend my life with you. What’s the best thing you like in me my eyes, lips, face…don’t say you love all.

Shekhar’s feelings can be best understood by this famous Bollywood song…

Bejan dil ko…Bejan dil ko…bejan dil ko tere ishq ne jinda kiya….fir tere ishq ne hi is dil ko tabah kiya…
Tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi mujhko saja di pyar ki aisa kya gunah kiya to lut gaye…haan lut gaye...to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein. (~3)
Ajab hai ishq yaara….pal do pal ki khusiyan……gam ke khajane mein lute hain fir milti hain tanhaiyan kabhi ashoo kabhi aahe kabhi sikwe kabhi naale… tera chehra nazar aaye…tera chehra nazar aaye mujhe din ke ujalo mein…teri yaadein tadpape…. Teri yaadein tadpaye raaton ke andhero mein….tera chehra nazar aaye… Machal machal ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi mujhko saja di pyar ki aisa kya gunah kiya to lut gaye…haan lut gaye…to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein….
Agar mile khuda to…. Poochunga khudaya…… jism mujhe deke mitti ka…seese ka dil kyun banaya aur uspe diya fitrat ki wo karta hai mohabbat…wah re wah teri kudrat…wah re wah teri kudrat uspe de diya kismat kabhi hai Milan kabhi furkat…kabhi hai Milan kabhi furkat…hai yahi kya hai mohabbat…wah re wah teri kudrat…
Sissk sissk ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi mujhko saja di pyar ki aisa kya gunah kiya… to lut gaye…haan lut gaye …to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi mujhko saja di pyar ki aisa kya guanh kiya to lut gaye …haan lut gaye …to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


People often say it’s a man’s world…but there are few things abiding the men which are hard to understand…it’s the feelings of a woman…it’s very difficult for a man to understand a woman and to analyze what does she really want…feelings is a continuation of my previous blog ‘a friend request’ but this time I would be focusing on the female counter part that is Avantika…and her feelings which are for sure very hard to comprehend…
For a start go into this conversation between Rehan and one of Avantika’s friend Parul
Parul: hi
Rehan: hi! Long time...how are you?
Parul: I am fine.
After few conversations….
Parul: do you go to Kolkata and meet school friends?
Rehan: yups...I meet them once in a while
Parul: did you meet Avantika after school days?
Rehan: I last met her on 1st July 2006
Parul: it’s a long time
Rehan: yes it's a long time.
Parul: do u want to meet anyone, i mean if given opportunity whom would you like to meet
Rehan: yes i do want to meet...if god permits! Avantika
Parul: why
Rehan: you asked & i said...there is nothing called why...except her i have contacts with almost all my friends
Parul: out of 100 students you told only her name
Rehan: there would be hardly 10 people out of 100 who were close to me...and i have contact with almost all of them except her.
Parul: if you get in her touch do tell her about me
Rehan: I didn’t spend much time with you...especially after you went to section B in 12th. I thought you are in touch with her...anyways if I do meet her, I will tell her about you.
Parul: what will you tell her about me?
Rehan: that you told me tell about you! Simple…
Parul: what? We were not even d best of friends but still u wanted to chat with me why?
Rehan: i will tell her that Parul once chatted with me in gtalk and told me to tell about him to you! That’s it
Parul: no the question is what will be the content
Rehan: is there anything you want me to speak? Then tell me i will speak to her, if god ever gave me a chance to meet her
Parul: even without speaking anything she will get to know what i wanted to say her. Oh! Forget about god if you want to meet her you can meet her any time it’s not that tough
Parul: hello I asked you a question but you didn't answer, I am again repeating we were not best of friends but still you wanted to chat with me… why?
Rehan: whenever i find anyone in Google talk whom I knew once...I chat with them...it doesn’t go with you but everyone whom I knew once...won’t you be excited to see anyone whom you knew earlier? Won’t you want to know what he/she is doing?
Parul: no, okay was just kidding. You will think I have joined CID the way I am interrogating you.
Rehan: I am like this can’t help, out of curiosity i wanted to talk with you…like where are you now? What are you doing?
Parul: incase of gals that curiosity could have been understood
Rehan: i told you i am like this....
Parul: okay i will answer your question but will that be of any use if we can't meet ever
Rehan: yes at least i would know about you ...if anybody ever asks about you...I can tell them
Parul: you mean in college also you don't talk to gals why what’s there crime…i think no will ask about me
Rehan: why do you think nobody will ask about you...if you don’t want to tell that's another thing...
Parul: i think it’s too late and i am feeling sleepy we should now switch off
Rehan: i won’t force you...and I won’t ask again...ok…goodnight…take care…bye bye
Parul: i am in Jaipur (my home town). Doing B.tech (computer engg.) final year got placed with Ea sports Hyderabad at the package of 3.3lac
Rehan: congrats….Ea sports....great
Parul: thanks
Rehan: by the way i might not join any company right now because i have many more dreams to fulfill...
Parul: dream of MBA
Rehan: I have many more dreams…yea MBA is one of them
Parul: good hope you achieve your dreams, bye, good night
Rehan: goodnight…

Did you all read that conversation…do read them once again when I go on with these details…Parul and Rehan were not the best of friends…they didn’t have contact with each other for 4 years…the last time they talked with each other was when they were in class 12th. As such Parul could have never known about the relation between Rehan and Avantika unless he had contacts with Avantika. Parul denied having any contacts (in class 12th Avantika’s friendship with Rehan was like anybody else’s nobody could have questioned them as everything started after the school days were over)… but then at first Parul asked Rehan, did he ever met Avantika after school days? Only Avantika knew Rehan wanted to meet her…(she knew Rehan was dying to meet her). And then he came up with whom did Rehan wanted to meet among their school friends? When Rehan came up with Avantika’s name…Parul behaved as if he knew nothing and asked him the reason. Parul himself asked Rehan to tell Avantika about him…but then he came up with…no need to tell anything to Avantika as she would know everything. Then he inquired Rehan of considering him as a CID (as if he feared to be caught and said curiosity of talking to a girl can be understood.) Parul spoke…that means in college also you don’t talk with girls…read this word carefully only Avantika knew Rehan doesn’t speak with any girls in college…when Rehan told him about his dreams to fulfill…Parul spoke straight away…you want to do MBA…only Avantika knew Rehan wants to do MBA after his engineering. Don’t you think there is something fishy in that conversation? Parul didn’t want to speak anything about him…he did spoke something at last but then he went offline…so that he doesn’t have to speak any of Rehan’s questions…Rehan asked him many times after that conversation about his joining date…he refused to answer him and then one day Rehan noticed Parul deleted him from his friend list….
If you have read the conversation you would easily get to know…it wasn’t Parul talking to him…but it was Avantika herself…wanting to know if Rehan still has the same feelings for her…whether he still wants to meet her… during the same time interval Rehan got a message from a person named ‘A’ the content of the message goes like this – “believe in love as love nothing wants in return............” You all might have guessed the name of the sender of that message.

This blog is indeed a continuation of the blog ‘a friend request’. Rehan curtailed all his contacts from all the common friends of Avantika after he received her message (for the message refer to the blog ‘a friend request’)…as he couldn’t bear the pain of Avantika not contacting her friends for years…as you have guessed by this blog Avantika never wanted to show off her feelings to Rehan but yet she had feelings for him…this would be crystal clear when I will tell you about Avantika’s reaction after Rehan cut all his contact from all the common friends…Avantika not only cut all her contacts from common friends but from each and everybody who knew her…( Rehan deleted common friends from his profile, Avantika deleted herself. She deleted her own account)
It’s very difficult to understand a girl and a girl’s feelings…but for the time being I have understood men often speak about himself and his desires to almost everybody. But a woman hides her feelings to herself…she would confine all her desires to herself…she would punish herself for hurting her loved ones even without letting anybody know about it…
I have something to speak to all the woman who love so dearly…please tell about your problems and share your feelings with your loved ones (even your close friends) don’t isolate yourself.…by keeping your feelings to yourself the only person you are hurting is you yourself…don’t think the other person wouldn’t understand you or your problems…speak about yourself without any hesitation…give your closed ones a chance to understand you….you might have heard silence is an answer but believe me when you are silent…it creates problems for everybody around you. Unless you speak how would anyone understand you? By not speaking to your close ones the only thing you are doing is distancing yourself from them…so friends please speak up and share your problems…you know it very well sharing your problems makes you feel better…and if god is on your side…sharing your problems with your friends and close ones might even heal all your troubles and make you happy…!!!
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