Wednesday, November 3, 2010


People often say it’s a man’s world…but there are few things abiding the men which are hard to understand…it’s the feelings of a woman…it’s very difficult for a man to understand a woman and to analyze what does she really want…feelings is a continuation of my previous blog ‘a friend request’ but this time I would be focusing on the female counter part that is Avantika…and her feelings which are for sure very hard to comprehend…
For a start go into this conversation between Rehan and one of Avantika’s friend Parul
Parul: hi
Rehan: hi! Long are you?
Parul: I am fine.
After few conversations….
Parul: do you go to Kolkata and meet school friends?
Rehan: yups...I meet them once in a while
Parul: did you meet Avantika after school days?
Rehan: I last met her on 1st July 2006
Parul: it’s a long time
Rehan: yes it's a long time.
Parul: do u want to meet anyone, i mean if given opportunity whom would you like to meet
Rehan: yes i do want to meet...if god permits! Avantika
Parul: why
Rehan: you asked & i said...there is nothing called why...except her i have contacts with almost all my friends
Parul: out of 100 students you told only her name
Rehan: there would be hardly 10 people out of 100 who were close to me...and i have contact with almost all of them except her.
Parul: if you get in her touch do tell her about me
Rehan: I didn’t spend much time with you...especially after you went to section B in 12th. I thought you are in touch with her...anyways if I do meet her, I will tell her about you.
Parul: what will you tell her about me?
Rehan: that you told me tell about you! Simple…
Parul: what? We were not even d best of friends but still u wanted to chat with me why?
Rehan: i will tell her that Parul once chatted with me in gtalk and told me to tell about him to you! That’s it
Parul: no the question is what will be the content
Rehan: is there anything you want me to speak? Then tell me i will speak to her, if god ever gave me a chance to meet her
Parul: even without speaking anything she will get to know what i wanted to say her. Oh! Forget about god if you want to meet her you can meet her any time it’s not that tough
Parul: hello I asked you a question but you didn't answer, I am again repeating we were not best of friends but still you wanted to chat with me… why?
Rehan: whenever i find anyone in Google talk whom I knew once...I chat with doesn’t go with you but everyone whom I knew once...won’t you be excited to see anyone whom you knew earlier? Won’t you want to know what he/she is doing?
Parul: no, okay was just kidding. You will think I have joined CID the way I am interrogating you.
Rehan: I am like this can’t help, out of curiosity i wanted to talk with you…like where are you now? What are you doing?
Parul: incase of gals that curiosity could have been understood
Rehan: i told you i am like this....
Parul: okay i will answer your question but will that be of any use if we can't meet ever
Rehan: yes at least i would know about you ...if anybody ever asks about you...I can tell them
Parul: you mean in college also you don't talk to gals why what’s there crime…i think no will ask about me
Rehan: why do you think nobody will ask about you...if you don’t want to tell that's another thing...
Parul: i think it’s too late and i am feeling sleepy we should now switch off
Rehan: i won’t force you...and I won’t ask again...ok…goodnight…take care…bye bye
Parul: i am in Jaipur (my home town). Doing (computer engg.) final year got placed with Ea sports Hyderabad at the package of 3.3lac
Rehan: congrats….Ea sports....great
Parul: thanks
Rehan: by the way i might not join any company right now because i have many more dreams to fulfill...
Parul: dream of MBA
Rehan: I have many more dreams…yea MBA is one of them
Parul: good hope you achieve your dreams, bye, good night
Rehan: goodnight…

Did you all read that conversation…do read them once again when I go on with these details…Parul and Rehan were not the best of friends…they didn’t have contact with each other for 4 years…the last time they talked with each other was when they were in class 12th. As such Parul could have never known about the relation between Rehan and Avantika unless he had contacts with Avantika. Parul denied having any contacts (in class 12th Avantika’s friendship with Rehan was like anybody else’s nobody could have questioned them as everything started after the school days were over)… but then at first Parul asked Rehan, did he ever met Avantika after school days? Only Avantika knew Rehan wanted to meet her…(she knew Rehan was dying to meet her). And then he came up with whom did Rehan wanted to meet among their school friends? When Rehan came up with Avantika’s name…Parul behaved as if he knew nothing and asked him the reason. Parul himself asked Rehan to tell Avantika about him…but then he came up with…no need to tell anything to Avantika as she would know everything. Then he inquired Rehan of considering him as a CID (as if he feared to be caught and said curiosity of talking to a girl can be understood.) Parul spoke…that means in college also you don’t talk with girls…read this word carefully only Avantika knew Rehan doesn’t speak with any girls in college…when Rehan told him about his dreams to fulfill…Parul spoke straight away…you want to do MBA…only Avantika knew Rehan wants to do MBA after his engineering. Don’t you think there is something fishy in that conversation? Parul didn’t want to speak anything about him…he did spoke something at last but then he went offline…so that he doesn’t have to speak any of Rehan’s questions…Rehan asked him many times after that conversation about his joining date…he refused to answer him and then one day Rehan noticed Parul deleted him from his friend list….
If you have read the conversation you would easily get to know…it wasn’t Parul talking to him…but it was Avantika herself…wanting to know if Rehan still has the same feelings for her…whether he still wants to meet her… during the same time interval Rehan got a message from a person named ‘A’ the content of the message goes like this – “believe in love as love nothing wants in return............” You all might have guessed the name of the sender of that message.

This blog is indeed a continuation of the blog ‘a friend request’. Rehan curtailed all his contacts from all the common friends of Avantika after he received her message (for the message refer to the blog ‘a friend request’)…as he couldn’t bear the pain of Avantika not contacting her friends for years…as you have guessed by this blog Avantika never wanted to show off her feelings to Rehan but yet she had feelings for him…this would be crystal clear when I will tell you about Avantika’s reaction after Rehan cut all his contact from all the common friends…Avantika not only cut all her contacts from common friends but from each and everybody who knew her…( Rehan deleted common friends from his profile, Avantika deleted herself. She deleted her own account)
It’s very difficult to understand a girl and a girl’s feelings…but for the time being I have understood men often speak about himself and his desires to almost everybody. But a woman hides her feelings to herself…she would confine all her desires to herself…she would punish herself for hurting her loved ones even without letting anybody know about it…
I have something to speak to all the woman who love so dearly…please tell about your problems and share your feelings with your loved ones (even your close friends) don’t isolate yourself.…by keeping your feelings to yourself the only person you are hurting is you yourself…don’t think the other person wouldn’t understand you or your problems…speak about yourself without any hesitation…give your closed ones a chance to understand you….you might have heard silence is an answer but believe me when you are silent…it creates problems for everybody around you. Unless you speak how would anyone understand you? By not speaking to your close ones the only thing you are doing is distancing yourself from them…so friends please speak up and share your problems…you know it very well sharing your problems makes you feel better…and if god is on your side…sharing your problems with your friends and close ones might even heal all your troubles and make you happy…!!!


  1. I truly agree... and I learnt this few years ago. talking does help in solving problems... we women anaylse a lot and that is where the problem is. I believe in - If it hurts tell exactly how and where it hurts otherwise how will that other person know and stop doing that. Please dont expect to be "understood" for it is very difficult to guess other person's thoughts however much in love you are!

    1. Glad to know you accepted the lines stated know a simple talk sometimes could clear all misunderstandings...but there are few unfortunate people who doesn't get a chance to talk even.

    2. But you know what - I am always misunderstood because of my honesty too :)

      So I guess each coin has two sides...!!

    3. Same with me...i think being honest is not an accepted personality feature nowadays

    4. Very true... people like liars, deceitful people who shave only good things to say to them - well then it explains it all right - birds of the same feather flock together. They want to be surrounded by like minded people you see :)

    5. Exactly...i agree to you word by word... it's the rule of the world...!!!


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