Saturday, November 20, 2010


When odds are against you…nothing seems to be going your way. Everything seems messed up…whatever you do falls like nine pins. You start considering yourself as the one who is blessed with failures and loses in each forefront. It seems Life’s never been as miserable at that very moment. You start losing your calm, on the verge of breaking away and giving up…a sensation within you, at the very brink makes you think that everything will be all right and this thinking takes you a long way in achieving what you want and this life changing inner feeling is called ‘HOPE’.
If there hasn’t been hope amongst us nothing would have survived till now not even the human species. You are working hard today just because you are hoping a better future tomorrow. This is indeed a nuclear age but if there hasn’t been hope of peace and integrity among nations, the earth would have been destroyed many times by now. The mainstay of this humanity is its change; nothing is stagnant as time moves on so does the entire civilization. If there’s hasn’t been a hope of a better future tomorrow kids won’t go to school, people won’t be devoting their time on their work and the country as a whole would not think of any progress. It’s the hope of growing, the hope of improving makes us all motivate and keep force in our work.
As almost all of my blogs are focused on personal issues, there is no doubt that hope has its essence on national and international development but for a country to develop its important the states (areas within the country) develop. For the development of the states the people must develop and as such I would be focusing on the importance of hope on personal development.
One of the major and intimidating factors that count for our not progressing in life is the fact that we cling to the past. People don’t like changes. You would often find people doing the same thing for ages reason being they succeeded doing them in the past but they often forget with time everything has changed so they have to change their mentality and accept the new innovations and then hope for achieving what they aspire for. I would like to give one simple example India’s national game is hockey it has made us proud for decades but if you look at the current scenario things don’t look quite impressive reason being Indian hockey couldn’t evolve with the modern changes in hockey. I am not demoralizing all the hockey fans as our hockey has shown signs of improvement in recent years but to be frank it has failed to live up to the expectations. Reasons is we couldn’t evolve and accept the changes as we cling to our age old theory of hockey but with time hockey has changed and so we have to change with our strategies and then we can hope of gaining back those past glory. Thus it’s the hope within us that we will improve we will bring back hockey to its best with the changing time keeps us motivating.
Going back to ground level…i.e. a person
What keeps a person going on after losing infinite times in his effort to succeed?
If someone met a major accident and is serious what thinking transpires with his close ones that he will be all right?
After giving your best effort in examinations what makes you think that you will surely do well?
You go on to propose a girl whom you love, what is it that makes you think she will accept you?
After losing millions on business you still give another try, why?
A new born baby stops crying with only a glimpse of her mother, why?
After a bitter quarrel among friends, the two friends still want to talk to each other, why?
A sports person practices day and night for hours, why does he take so much effort?
An elderly person goes to morning walk to keep himself fit, why does he go off to a walk daily?
A worker in an office works beyond his timing schedule to increase his wages, why does he do so?
The answer of all these questions is hope…a hope to win, a hope that everything thing will be alright, a hope to succeed, a hope to win your love, a hope to give another try to survive, a hope to bypass your troubles, a hope to start afresh, a hope to prove yourself, a hope to achieve…
Sometimes hoping against hopes also helps you to retain your calmness, your composure, not to give up…not to lose
I would like to give a small story of two people who were ill…
First person: more than illness he was suffering from a trauma that he is not well and will not survive…he would often go to doctors who would suggest him…take rest there is nothing wrong with you…but that person would hardly believe the doctors…one morning he died.
Second person: he had a major illness and after consulting many doctors…he came to know it’s too late now and nothing can be done…he will die someday because of his disease…this person would not care about his problems and lived as if he is alright…he lived for 6 years were doctors said he would hardly live one year or so….
Did you see the difference in attitude…the first person died because he would always think he will die…and when you yourself lose hope…nothing else can help you. A healthy person died because he had a feeling that he is suffering from a disease which can’t be cured where as the second person lived many years more than the doctors believed …the reason being he never lost hope…he always felt he could live…and that’s the reason why he lived so many years…yes he died because of his illness…but now you know how your hopes can lead you to achieve the unachievable. This story is certainly not about ill and healthy person but for all of us to hope that we can win…we can achieve, we can do…theirs is no doubt that many more things are required to win a battle in life but the foremost thing is your hope…if your hopes are strong and you are not willing to give up…you have already achieved 50% of the success…
So friends never ever give up…if you have the right attitude towards life and you hope to do well…you will certainly do well…!!!


  1. I like it anjan... just take a good look at the grammar every time you write...might not necessarily include use of uncommon or heavy words but proper sentences....

  2. Sometimes all that we have is hope to clutch on!!

    Nice post

    1. TAT (Thanks a Ton)...
      yes it's the Hope which keeps us moving on in Life in difficult circumstances :)


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