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Book Review: Law of Averages.

Book:- Law of Averages

Author:- Kshitish Padhy

ISBN:- 978-93-324-2005-2

Genre:- Fiction/Romantic

Price:- 140 (
I got this book directly from the Author for review)

Pages: 252

Publisher:- Paperclip Books

Whatever has happened has happened for good, whatever is happening is also for good, and whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. These are the words of sacred Bhagavad Gita and I am sure the wordings may change the language may differ but these are the principles of all the religions of this world. No I am not talking of any mythological novel, what I am talking is a story of a fiction based on the principle stated above.  Yes this is an art of fiction but based on the biggest truth of life. The story will remind you of melodramatic romantic movie of a person who considers himself looser of life losing at all quarters but at the end realizes his loses were in fact the greatest success anybody can dream off.
This story is action packed sequence of romance, capriciousness, freakish, weirdo acts of a person to win his love.

The cover of the page needs a special mention as it will give you enough requisites about the author or the story that you will confront. The title of the Story “Law Of Averages” is an apt considering the lead’s mentality and his present state. The posters at front are a sure intimation of the author’s link with the comics world and the untagged images will definitely make you appreciate the carefully wound pictures relating to zest of the main story once you finish up with the reading.

About the Author:
Law of Averages is the debut novel of Kshitish Padhy. Kshitish is a versatile scriptwriter, novelist and translator working on various genres like mythology, superhero fantasy, teen fiction and fiction for young adults. After starting his writing career as a translator at Raj Comics, he has contributed to the scripts of their flagship characters like Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva and Bhokal. Completing a brief stint with Campfire Comics, Kshitish is currently working as the lead scriptwriter for Vimanika Comics and on mythological titles like Shiva and Dasavtaar. He is an avid reader of comics and children fiction and is a huge fan of Harry Potter, Tintin, Daredevil and Batman. He loves action movies high on special effects and detective thrillers. Kshitish currently resides in Delhi.

Compositional Report:
This story revolves around a not so lucky person Ritwik (Main Character) who has the gifted ability to lose each and every battle of life no matter how small it may be. Beginning with a brief background of Ritwik, the story bludgeoned when Ritwik’s plan to move up the ladder too fast too soon overpowered his present condition, which finally landed him to give up his dreams after a failed attempt. It wasn’t actually a failed attempt as the journey to Meerut for fulfilling a dream had coincidentally greeted not only Ritwik but also Sushant (Ritwik’s coworker at Raj comics who had an expertise to illustrate) to meet their Dream girl and it was just the beginning of coincidences, as the story moved forward it was endowed with numerous such twists and turns.

Sushant Ritwik’s partner for crime played his part pretty well, commencing from a helping hand to get the deal from the Sunshine comics to being Ritwik’s room partner for his would be father in laws flat. It was Sushant’s luck or whatever you may call; it made Ritwik jealous at times as he was the one who was making inroads to Arpita (Sushant’s Love) by doing the right things at the pertinent moment. One drawback which Sushant had was his open shrillness which often landed both of them into trouble and it was up to Ritwik’s sheer determination to forgo all limits to appease his father in law for the love of his life, which provoked him to bear each and everything.

Shubhangi, Ritwik’s love was kind a classical Indian girl, who in spite of loving Ritwik wholeheartedly wasn’t ready to overboard partly because of his rather orthodox Father Professor A.K Khurana, her younger sister’s(Tanya) revolt and also being adorned without a mother made her extra cautious in her move. But that didn’t deter her help Ritwik to win over her father to consider Ritwik as a future groom.

Professor A.K Khurana, a retired from Archaeological survey of department was a disciplinarian and an obese with hidden treasures was not only mimicked by people around but also had the blame deciphered against his name to almost landing their family to the streets for his obsession.  He had a unique ability of messing up at the critical situations but it was Ritwik who noticed the genius in him and believed in his theories which finally yielded gold.

There were moments which can dissuade a person to fall apart but it was Ritwik and his sheer brilliance which proved him to be a winner at the end mainly because of his spirits and determination which paved his way through to the journey of ‘Laws of averages’.  It would be injustice if I miss the Creditable  efforts of Sushant, Arpita, Shubhangi, Professor A.K Khurana, Wishumaddy (Ritwik’s and Sushant’s Coworker), Sanjay sir (Ritwik’s boss at raj comics), Captain Jayant (Shubhangi’s Sister Tanya’s boyfriend) who carried through their roles at critical times to salvage the most entertaining start for Ritwik’s and Shubhangi’s New Life.

It was a perfect photo finish to the enthralling romantic story written in a totally Bollywood style, which would make the readers go week in their knees to finish it at a single go. For me the last quarter is a match winner as it has all the ingredients of making up to a movie script. It’s a story for all ages. A downright entertainer with crafty twists and turns makes it a very good read.

Life’s Adjudication of this book:
This book is best read to enlighten one’s spirit at leisure time. It has the credibility of a ‘feel good’ emotions.

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True Love …….A different Story (final part)

First part is here

{Hindi Words used
Papa: (Dad)
Beta: (Son/Daughter)
Ma: (Mother)

After hearing the Anup’s story…

Mamoni: Papa you are such a good person…I love you
Anup: I love you too beta.
Mamoni: Papa…what’s the name of that Lady who came last?
Anup: (Almost in jitters) what will you do with her name?
Mamoni: I feel as if she has some relation with you…tell me the name papa.
Anup: you know I never thought I would ever see her again.
Mamoni: Papa you are diverting from the point…tell me her name…
Anup: ok…Her name is Mamoni.
Mamoni: that means I am named after her?
Anup: it’s late…it’s time to go to sleep…will discuss about it afterwards.

That night Mamoni (though she was just a kid) thought for a while and fell asleep after some time.

Next Day after school
Mamoni was waiting for her father…and saw that same lady approaching her

Lady: how are you little princess?
Mamoni: (At the glimpse of Mamoni excitedly) you know my father named me after you.
Lady: I know it little princess…( tears rolled down her eyes)
Mamoni: Why are you crying?
Lady: I just came to see you…today is the last time I would be seeing you…I am going far away.
Mamoni: did you give that nickname to my father?
Lady: (wiping of her tears) yes…but why are you asking this?
Mamoni: you may think I am only a child…but I am much smarter than what you think…I don’t know what’s wrong between Papa and you…but I know Papa loves you.
Lady: (a bit surprised…)No…your Papa loves only you.
Mamoni: I can prove it…for that you have to promise me you won’t go away.
Lady: (bit shocked by seeing this kid’s intelligence) how will you do it?
Mamoni: leave that to me…this weekend me and Papa are going to the amusement park be there at 10.
Lady: ok…(then she realized Anup might be coming and she hurriedly left Mamoni by giving her a kiss at her cheek)

hortly After Anup arrived
Anup: (holding his ears to Mamoni)  I am so sorry …had a meeting…and I was late.
Mamoni: (ignoring) that’s ok papa common let’s go home.

That weekend…
Anup was driving Mamoni to the amusement park…suddenly saw lady (Mamoni) waving hands in the middle of the road.
Anup: (bit shockingly with amazement) hi, how can I help you?
Lady: My car broke down…can you please give me a lift?
Mamoni: (Jumping off her seat) yes…Papa would be glad to give you a lift…
Lady: (bade thanks to Anup)… she sat on the back seat.
Mamoni: (to the lady) you know we are going to the Amusement park…will you go there…it would be fun.
Before Anup could utter anything…
Lady: I was going there only…heard they set up an amazing amusement game for all ages…
Mamoni: but why are you alone? Why isn’t anybody there with you? No problem…we will accompany you…what do you say papa?
Anup: nodded his head in approval…

At the amusement park

Mamoni was enjoying her carousel ride while Anup and the Lady sat on the bench nearby…Mamoni was over excited, as she raised her hand to wave towards Anup and the lady she fell…Both Anup and the lady rushed to the carousel…the lady grabbed Mamoni to her arms and asked whether she was alright…
Mamoni laughed merrily…and said “I am alright…you know when there is two people to look after me…nothing can happen to me…this is love isn’t it papa (indicating her fingers to Anup)…love only grows with  sharing.
Anup was dumbstruck to hear these words of his little Mamoni. Anup clutched Mamoni from lady’s hand
Anup: you know I love you and if anything happens to you I won’t be able to live.
Mamoni: Papa nothing can happen to me when you and Mamoni aunty are there for me.

After a while they saw a board…A special fun game was organized to celebrate woman’s day and only Mother with their children were allowed to enter.
Mamoni: Papa I want to go there…please please papa
Anup: we will go some other time beta…
Mamoni: (In tears)…Papa I want to go now…
Anup: (couldn’t see tears on her daughter’s eye) ok…but
Lady: I will go in as Mamoni’s mother…no problem…
Before Anup could speak anything…
Mamoni held Lady’s hand and off she went…happily.
Anup saw her princess chirping as she went along, weird thoughts entangled Anup… ‘Did he want this very thing occurring to his life a decade ago?’
‘Will Mamoni accept him and his little princess?’
‘Will he finally get what he dreamt once?’

Anup was gulped deep and didn’t realize how swiftly an hour went by; his day dreaming was finally arrested when both Mamoni had a hearty laugh seeing him clueless.

After an eventful day for little Mamoni and more so intriguing thoughtful day for Anup …finally they took their way back home after dropping (Elder) Mamoni to her home.
Slowly but surely meetings of Anup and (Elder) Mamoni frequented but Anup didn’t have the courage as he had denied her once (on the day of his birthday party)

Anup didn’t know whether he should approach (Elder) Mamoni and tell her or should he first approach her daughter first.
One fine evening Anup to his Daughter
Anup: Beta…Do you like Mamoni Aunty?
Mamoni: (though she was young but she could understand…you know children nowadays are much smarter than say 15 years back) why Papa?
Anup: Do you feel there’s something lacking in my love…do you think you need or I should say do we need someone in our life?
Mamoni: (with her little sweet perky voice) you know papa you are the best dad in this world. There’s absolutely nothing where you would be asked to improve but you know dad love never diminishes when shared…Love is something which always grows and when you get an opportunity to live your life with your loved ones, one shouldn’t step back. I love Mamoni Aunty a lot and I would love her to come to my life as my mother. Papa I want you and Mamoni aunty to be together…why don’t you marry?
Anup: (Almost in tears seeing her daughter’s wits) I love you beta…but I am wondering whether she would accept my proposal.
Mamoni: Papa…don’t worry, I know Mamoni aunty loves you a lot…I don’t like her calling aunty…I will call her Ma from now on.
Anup: Beta …!!!
Mamoni: what Papa? (She ran toward her bedroom)

The fairy tale story…continued with Anup Proposing (Elder) Mamoni, she accepted the offer gleefully. Their Wedding day was fixed for 5th August 2011

4th August 2011.
(On the way to home after dinner)

Mamoni: Papa finally your dream is coming out to be true
Anup:  you know how much I wished for this day all my life…I think god has finally said Ahem to all my dreams (suddenly Anup’s face turned torrid and nervously said) Beta please wear this jacket…it’s cold.
Mamoni: Papa we are inside a car…and I am not feeling cold…
Anup: (Perspiring…opened his jacket with one hand and handed over to Mamoni) wear it Mamoni…and tighten your seat belt.
Mamoni: (felt something unusual) what’s wrong?
Anup: (breathing heavily) God wanted only one Mamoni in my life?
Mamoni :( in shock) what happened papa?
Anup: (queasily) remember my words beta…Papa loves you.

Before Mamoni could utter any word…The car threaded into a tree with a loud thundering blow and everything went in silent after that.

5th August 2011.
(At the hospital)

(Elder) Mamoni was standing in front of the (younger) Mamoni’s bed post…the moment she opened her eyes (Elder) Mamoni grabbed her in her arms(with tears in eyes) and asked her what had happened yesterday night.
Mamoni narrated the entire incident and as she asked about Anup… (Elder) Mamoni collapsed into the bed saying…'he knew God wanted only one Mamoni in his Life’…(younger) Mamoni was now in tears and was constantly ranting about her Dad…but only got one response from the other End after much exhaustion.
From Now on I am your Mom and Dad both.

(Elder) Mamoni Adopted (Younger) Mamoni as her Daughter and never married again. (Younger) Mamoni in a quest of having a Mother lost her Dad. This Incident Changed Lives of Both Mamoni.

4th August 2012.
(An hour after praying for Anup’s soul to rest in peace)

(Elder)Mamoni: Papa used to tell about his life to you on his birthday… from now on I will tell you all those stories on this day…
(Younger) Mamoni: Ma…you and Papa were so perfect for each other but why (in Tears)?
(Elder) Mamoni: We were not there for each other when we should have 8 years ago (wiping off (Younger) Mamoni's tears) you have to be strong beta…and  to make you stronger today I will tell you one of our life incidents…
(Younger) Mamoni: Which incident?
(Elder)Mamoni: A story from the time when Anup and I were away from each other…do you know how we broke off from each other?

And (Elder) Mamoni’s Story Continued…!!!

My Intentions for narrating this story wasn’t only to let the readers know what happened to Anup or Mamoni but to let everybody realize there are some relations which are not bound by blood but then also their attachment are stronger than Any relations in this world…Relations which are bonded by soul. Very few people get the second chance in their life to get back to what they have lost in their lives. Don’t Waste a single moment to go back to one’s soul mate. Remember it’s never too late to start a new beginning.

What was the relation?

Anup’s relation with (Elder) Mamoni: yes he loved her but they never married.
Anup’s Relation with (Younger) Mamoni: Anup’s Adopted Daughter whom he loved more than his Life.
(Elder) Mamoni’s Relation to Anup’s Daughter: (younger) Mamoni was no way connected to (Elder) Mamoni except a name…and (Elder) Mamoni readily accepted (younger) Mamoni as her daughter after Anup’s Demise.
(Younger) Mamoni’s relation to Anup And (Elder) Mamoni: Soul Father And Mother

If we look around we are surrounded by our parents, siblings, offspring and other relatives such as cousins, uncles, Aunts, Nephews, nieces these are only a few relations to speak, there’s a long list if I go with all. These are the relations which are given to us by god… the day we are born, we are surrounded by them…do you think you have done justice with your relations? Do you think your love is comparable to that of the above story?

Do spare a moment to think about your relations; this post is basically my salutation to those who have adopted and are not related with blood but are connected by Soul …!!!

The Greatest and the Most Precious Relations are sometimes not linked by Blood…these are the relations which are unified by Soul

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