Friday, November 23, 2012

A Promise...!!!

One assurance which is often used in pessimistic way is a proverb commonly preached
“Promises are meant to be broken”. Though grim but certainly not hypothetical there are examples where a person led his life just for a promise he made years ago, promise to adhere one’s commitment lifelong. It might seem strange to some but it's worth reckoning provided it's a promise to live for, a promise to Love for, a promise to spend one’s life for…!!!
Opening line reminds me of the story of Anirudh.

For a starter read the lines which Anirudh spoke to his beloved Ananya  –“I promise you if I’ll ever marry it will be you else will never marry in my life. You were the first and the last person I loved and you know you can never wipe off my feelings for you, it’s a challenge you can try but you will fail its guaranteed.”

It’s said everything is fair in love and war. One sided love is definitely not any war but it’s more intriguing then a war. As with war, the wounds persists after a war subsides with time. But with one sided love not only one is compelled to fight against odds at all times more so every other day he has to stand up to the sarcasm of friends and relatives. Furthermore, cumbersome moment is when one has to fight amongst himself whether to believe in oneself and his eternal love or to go with the stray ideas of giving up. Still most devastating factor of one sided love is that the wounds grow deeper with time.

Now I suppose everyone can visualize the anguish of a person who made a promise of lifetime commitment of loving someone. You must have heard of this quote any man can love hundreds of woman in his life but only a man of character can love one woman in his entire life in more than hundred ways…!!!
Do you think life would be easier for Anirudh?

Some relations are created by destiny, it depends on us whether we acknowledge them or not. Here’s an overview of a sweet and adorning incident of Anirudh’s Life.
Anirudh was sitting on the roof top along with Ananya (Anirudh’s love) and few other friends. Suddenly an alluring butterfly came and sat on Anirudh’s head and after sometime it took its flight and sat on Ananya’s head. Both Ananya and Anirudh were unaware of the incident but their friends who saw all this started conversing amongst themselves. It was then, when Anirudh came to know about the myth of butterfly and its connection with couples.
(For all those who don’t know about the Myth: When a butterfly sits on a boy’s head and then on a girl’s head. They get married to each other (Hindu Myth). Another well known myth is about the Wedding butterfly which is left free on one’s wedding day (Christian Myth))
before I go further Let me introduce Ananya.

Ananya was both a Sensitive and a practical person.  She was caring, Intelligent and a very good friend of
Anirudh’s. In fact she knew in and out about Anirudh and probably that’s the reason she gave this message to Anirudh (before the butterfly incident)
Anirudh who _ ____ is a boy with specs and is blind without it (Joking). You know you are good, simple, open book (As you call yourself), kindhearted, honest, generous, good cricketer, spend thrift, sometimes confusing etc. Always keep smiling, be successful, be what you are and do not forget me. 

Talking about Butterfly, it’s a myth and it surely depends on us weather we believe it or not.  But according to few it was more than a myth as the Butterfly Incident was followed by the time when both Anirudh and Ananya became very close and prior to that Ananya's statement also meant she wanted it that way. It was also the best moment of Anirudh’s life as he did propose Ananya. Though Anirudh’s happiness was short lived but it was the time which changed his life. It was the time when Anirudh made a promise to Ananya.

Ananya knew what was going in Anirudh’s heart and replied: if it’s really their destiny to be together then let time decide their fate. 

During the meantime Ananya did respond to Anirudh’s proposal and accepted that she loved him dearly. But their path towards their destiny took turns and Ananya left Anirudh alone to fight his way back in life.

After losing Ananya Anirudh's life became grueling, a consequence of agitation. he was often heard with the cries similar to the one stated below.

Anirudh in solitude:-
You know every night my heart cries come back, please come back!
 I am lonely without you. Why did you leave me alone in this long journey of life?
 I need you, please come back.

The following lines isn’t a poem I didn’t even try to make one but it’s my feelings for you, Ananya

Every day i search for the only soul
Only person who meant to me-my all
I know I lost her in my stroll
She went beyond dreams to control
Even its too late for me to recall
And am only left to strangle and fall

I am lonely, lonely without you
As I lost myself feeling in lieu
I gave you my entirety in preview

Am wrong in my virtue i didn't knew
I loved you and only you
Is this my fault in your View?

Those days when we were together,
Life was accomplished altogether
Living was sure a connoisseur
As i lived in Impression of a major
In her absence I can only suffer
This pain is too much to bear any longer

Those ears of yours were heeding and bold
As you could hear me by many fold
Whenever I was sick, I felt you to feel cured
I felt for those sweet ‘nothings’ we had shared.
You now know how long I waited
Can you tell me how can I survive by being hated?

Those eyes of yours meant so much to me
As you could gaze at me and foresee
Those lips though numb spoke so forth for me
Just A smile would inspire to gee
You still bemused why I called we?
It’s only you who completes me…!!!

Heart crunching isn't it?

After going into a brief of Anirudh's life people might feel, this guy won't survive and he might bite the dust.Well he is living, living in a silence Anirudh's whereabouts is known from his dearth only, dearth from the people around and dearth from the world that surrounds. Ananya was the only one who could understand him and he knows she would understand his dearth as well. Today when he is alone recollecting her memories he could feel, she was the one who taught him to understand someone, to feel someone’s pain, to feel for someone’s absence, to love someone, to cry for someone and to miss someone. A person, because of whom he could identify himself, could know the reason for his existence. A person who taught him so much, a person who gave a new meaning to his life, a person who gave life to him, how can he live without loving her?

 Anirudh's life is as good as any final stage leukemia patient but he is living for the promise he made to Ananya, a promise which the world might not know, a promise which Ananya might have forgotten long before but it’s the promise because of which he wakes up every morning feeling more gumptious than the day before. Only respite Anirudh has in his life is in his sub consciousness he can see her smiling and whispering in his ears “Anirudh, you will have to live a long life, I am there with you always. Do not lose hope. Look ahead, so beautiful is life same as your smile, same as your twinkling eyes so lovely like your love!”

You know more than anything else Anirudh is living for the promise of loving Ananya. i.e.,
He is living for a Promise,
a promise to live for, a promise to Love for, a promise to spend one’s life for...!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ultimate Goal of Life

What is the ultimate goal of life…many of us would say the path of god or godliness is the ultimate goal. Yes they are true to some extent but this is not the entirety of Ultimate goal of life…before readers conclude about the theme of the story…I must say it’s certainly not about spirituality.

Before I move into the main theme I would like to ask few questions.
How would you explain the term belief in god or if I ask you whether you believe in god or not? what will be your answer?
Answer is quite simple …if you believe in god then it’s there if you don’t believe nothing can be done…it’s presence or absence is there within you…it’s often said if you go out to find god you would never find any trace of the almighty but if you search within yourself, one day you might meet feel the presence of the extreme power.
Now what is godliness? Where can you find godliness?
For onlookers there is no god as such but god resides in one’s goodwill which may also be referred to as godliness. Godliness or goodwill is not present in any temples, mosques or churches it’s there within us. But we seldom do identify such eternal bliss the reason being we never searched for the same. We are accustomed to find fault in others rather than finding the goodness in them as such we have all become corrupted souls, we don’t appreciate the goodness but we can promptly notice the faults…we are very good in analyzing other’s fault but when we would analyze ourselves we would realize no one is at a greater fault then we ourselves.…do you know the reason for this?
We have never analyzed ourselves…we may feel whatever we do or think it’s the best thing which can be done but the reality may be entirely different we never see things from others perspective. We are so engrossed in our own prospective that we seldom think about anything else…What is true to you may be false for the entire world. What is right for you may be wrong for everybody else.
Now what about those who don’t believe in god or godliness?
To make the presence of god felt to an atheist is like preaching young cub (baby tiger) to be vegetarian.  Similarly there are agonistics who will never come up to any conclusion about the existence of god as they require proof of everything to regard them as valid. To understand and believe the presence of god is to go beyond your understanding of citing anything through evidence or validation.
It’s something which can only be felt and not measured. You cannot measure the intensity of happiness or sadness…there’s no process or procedure to measure one’s emotion, belief or trust. Similarly godliness can never be measured. You can only preach what you feel.

Talking about preaching…There are people who claim to be the most worldly and godly. I am not neglecting their claims neither do I ask for any verification…my point is It’s not wise to condemn everyone and consider one to be the most proficient soul. You might know, a person who is knowledgeable will never show off his knowledge similarly a purist will never claim himself to be the best soul or with immense godliness.  He will always be humble and preach himself as if he is only a micron of the entire nucleus.  He will never call himself to be the ultimate supreme.

How would you preach ultimate supremacy?
Sometimes power (in terms monetary values) is considered as of ultimate supremacy. One is willing to forge everything for this…but goodwill doesn’t come with one’s monetary power. Both a billionaire and a beggar exits  from earth empty handed…they are not allowed to take either their money or pride or anything else… we don’t remember them as how rich they were but we remember them for how good/bad a person was during his lifetime. No one knows what happens after life…but what counts is how a person was during his/her life time.

It’s often said bad guys take away all the cream…and the good ones remains at mediocrity…you must be aware of the saying the path of godliness may be difficult, tiresome and time taking but one day you are bound to see sunshine at the end of the tunnel if you believe in the ultimate power…there may be delay but not darkness. Similarly the path of trickster may be short, trickster may achieve glory in short time but its proven fact, the path which is not backed by goodwill won’t be able hold its place for long and one day a trickster has to give up to godliness either peacefully or belligerently.

Everyone wants to be successful and that too overnight, in the process they forget goodwill and take the shortcut to success and thus end up in wrong quarters which may be momentarily fruitful but in the long run can only suffice for darkness and grimness… The path to godliness is very difficult…it will be probing and it will test both with your patience and quality of bearing hardship. You may face many failures during initial phases… but if you continue your path to godliness overcoming anything and everything you would achieve the ultimate goal of life…which is not being rich…not even successful…but the ultimate goal of life i.e. Salvation.

Now you know…the ultimate goal of life i.e. salvation doesn’t require you to become a priest or a saint.
It’s achieved by preaching goodwill…goodwill is not just the denotation of the dictionary meaning but the connotation of being good…it’s complete deviation from greed, jealousy, rage, lust & possession. It’s achieved by preaching Love, Peace, brotherhood and humanity.

Thus the mantra to salvation is:
If you really want to have greed, greed for alleviating people’s trouble.
If you really want to have jealousy, have jealousy to remove your own shortcomings.
If you really want to have rage, have rage for Turbulence.
If you really want to have lust, crave for people’s well being.
If you really want to have possession, have possession for preaching godliness (i.e., Love, Peace, brotherhood and humanity)

Salvation through Godliness is not just preaching the teachings of sacred verses or god it’s about preaching Love, Peace, brotherhood and humanity.
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