Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What’s immortal…can you give me at least one example stating it will exist even if we don’t ?
In this world nothing is immortal whatever exists has a lifetime be it the stars, sun or any living or non living entities…but yes there are few things which we can call immortal and one of them is LOVE.
My story for today is an epic which you can call immortal in true sense…
Tears...were her only support when she looks back to her life...what if she could understand in the nick of time…
Memory goes back to the time….

Aintrika: so you can die for me?
Aman: if my love can be proved that way I don’t mind giving my life for you…
Aintrika: deal…you die for me and I promise you I will put garlands to your photo.
Aman: Aintrika one day…you will regret the words you just said…and I can say it won’t be easier for you that day…
Aintrika: why? You see every other guy stating I can do everything for a girl… words like ‘I can even give my life for you’ is quite common…is it wrong to know who’s worth that love for which one can live one’s life for?
Aman: Time…It will prove everything
Aintrika: ok…let it be if you can prove that way…
Aman: I can guarantee you one thing…you were the first and last girl who entered my life. You are free to choose any guy if you want but for me no one can ever replace you from my heart and you will know it then…
Aintrika: let’s see…

if only… she could understand sole purpose of his life was she…wish she could realize there’s no life in him except her.
Aintrika: why don’t you forget me…I have forgotten you and there’s someone else in my life.
Aman: I can forget you only if I don’t exist.
Aintrika: why don’t you go for any other girl? Why do you love me?
Aman: any other girl…you know I am one woman man…and I can never think of any girl except you. Why do I love you…answer is very simple it’s because I love you…there’s no other answer to your question.
Aintrika: listen…this is the last time I am speaking to you…I love someone else and please don’t try to create problems in my life by contacting me.
Aman: you said let time be the proof of my love…well I can never stop loving you…but the day you change your surname I would stop craving for you…that day I would believe love doesn’t exist …till that day I would believe in my love…
Aintrika: do whatever you want but please don’t interfere in my life.

Present: why didn’t she understand him…why did she let him go…none to blame except herself…thinking what she could have done…and what she did

Aintrika: I tried to make you understand but you didn’t understand…and it’s no use to make you understand anymore as you won’t understand.
Aman: Aintrika…in these 7 years…if anybody didn’t understand anyone then it’s you…
Aintrika: I never loved you…and I don’t have any feelings for you but you never understood that…I am not to blame if you can’t understand it.
Aman: Aintrika, if you never loved me or had any feelings for me than why did you contact me all these years…why?
Aintrika: to make you understand…
Aman: Aintrika…I remember each and everything like it all happened yesterday, don’t think I am a fool…now you have someone else in your life… don’t be afraid of me I am not a villain and I would never even in my dreams do anything to come between your personal life…but let me clear you one thing I loved you and I will continue to love you…

Present: why did he love her so much, she never cared how he felt and how he suffered…but was always ready to give blessings to her…a person for whom her happiness meant everything

Aman’s friend: what are you so restless?
Aman: what’s the greatest gift to gift to someone whom you love?
Aman’s friend: it’s something one’s love, love the most.
Aman: she is getting married today…I am thinking of an apt gift.
Aman’s friend: Aintrika…is getting married?
Aman: yes…she is…I am really happy for her…she is marrying someone whom she loves.
Aman’s friend: she is not marrying someone she loves…but she is marrying to someone whom she thinks she loves…
Aman: what difference does it makes?
Aman’s friend: you

Present: if god gave her a single chance…she would have stopped all that had happened…all that could have been…
Aman’s friend: crazy…he was really crazy for her
Aintrika’s friend: I can’t believe Aman loved her so much…
Aman’s friend: he was close to me…he told everything about himself but why didn’t he tell me about this?
Aintrika’s friend: Aintrika…knew it, she always feared something like this may happen…instead of understanding him she tried to curtail all her links with him.
Aman’s friend: it has been 2 months since he went missing…god knows where he is…

Present: Aintrika…kept repeating words…I never meant to hurt you…as she was taken to asylum

it was Aintrika’s birthday after her marriage…A letter reached her


How are you…sorry I couldn’t come to your marriage. You didn’t invite me but even if I was invited I won’t have reached. You know love doesn’t always mean the feelings that you feel for someone…whatever I felt for you can’t be explained and it’s too late to explain anything. Your life is different now…you tried to erase off your past before marriage, so that you can start off with your new life. I realized it bit late but I cannot let anything from the past to ruin your life…I realized I am one of your past that you want to forget…my existence made you feel insecure…I cannot let myself to ruin your present... so I took this step…I am not amongst any of your friends, I am not amongst any of your surroundings, I am not amongst any of your life’s incidence that is going to happen…you know I can control everything but what about my feelings for you…it could be controlled only if I don’t exist…
I don’t like those…wipe off your tears...

You married the person whom you wanted to…you did whatever you wanted… then why those tears?
I only wanted to wish you on your birthday…and I never wanted to make you cry…

Aintrika didn’t read what was written thereafter and started crying…

Aintrika started getting these letters on more frequent basis…but Aman was still missing.
One day it was clear who was writing these letters to her…as these were exactly what were written in subconscious mind…

I don’t exist anymore…but I am still there in your memories…you know a person cannot write letter after his death but you are getting these letters because it’s not me who is writing…it’s you who is writing letters to yourself…to prove my love for you…which you never realized when I was alive.

Love you

Present: No one knows where Aman is…probably he doesn’t exist anymore…Aintrika knew he doesn’t exist but she couldn’t make herself understand that Aman sacrificed his life for her. Aman’s love was immortal and no one could feel it except Aintrika though it was bit late… wish she could understood it when she really had to….

It’s strange isn’t it…you don’t understand the worth of a person when he\she is there for you…when that person is willing to forgo everything to be with you.
Don’t ever let anyone go away from you disheartened…just because you don’t value his love for you.
You would realize it someday but then it would be too late for you and the only person to blame is you yourself...

True LOVE is IMMORTAL and it exists even if we don’t…!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You don’t need to search for me I am within you: LOVE

It’s not a story of any particular person but a story for everyone amongst us…a story where you live with your instincts…a story where you know that something is never going to happen in your life but you still hope that it will…someday…
A story when you kept on loosing…but your spirits never did let you lose.
a story…of yours who loved….but only thing you got was negligence…
a story where you tried your best but only thing it lead you to, was distancing from your love..
A story when you lived your life for a person…a person for whom you meant nothing…a story where you tried to bring those past into present but only succeeded to aloof yourself from your future.
It’s a story of yours, who dreamt life but could never achieve those dreams…!!!
In life, when you are stuck with choosing one options out of two or more different solutions. You must know in life there isn’t only a single solution like those you face in objective exams…you won’t fail if you take the other option which is more suited or favourable to you. But it does decide what you will achieve in your life…this story is of everybody amongst us who willingly chooses the difficult path not because they like difficulties but because they know path to glory can never be the easiest step ahead…

when you are in love you can achieve even the impossible. Strength of love is the biggest and the strongest of all relations. It’s amazing to know love can enthral in you an attitude which will never let you lose any battle in life…but it doesn’t mean you will win your love every time…but even those who lose they are remembered as victorious for centuries. I firmly believe in the idea of “If you love someone and she wants to go away from you…let her go if she comes back to you she’s yours and if she doesn’t she never was”. If your love doesn’t come back to you, it doesn’t mean you will forget her. It doesn’t mean you will start hating her…it also doesn’t mean you will lose all your hopes of her coming back in your life.
Talking of the reality, no one waits for anyone in life and life does goes on and so should you. But what about those who are in love with someone and they are no more in his\her life? What if the person you love loves someone else?
the next few lines are not for those who have a weak and emotional heart…if you ever face a situation like the one described above the best thing you can do is be happy seeing your beloved happy with someone else. I know many of you will go against me and take violent steps but if you had really loved any person in your life, you will know that you cannot see your beloved unhappy or in troubles even though she isn’t with you. If your love is true and your commitment is true you will always pray for the person whom you love…yeah I know it’s difficult for you to see her with another person…but real men are those who forgo their own selfishness just to see their love happy.

What’s next…you sacrificed your love just because your love loves someone else. You made your life a living hell just because you cannot erase the memories of a girl whom you truly love?
Well you are never a loser…you can never lose ideally…because you haven’t stopped loving; you have always thought the best for the person whom you love. It shouldn’t matter you if still live with your dreams…because you have done whatever you could do. If a girl couldn’t understand you or your love even after so many years…I think that girl is at a loss of losing someone she may never get in her life again. It’s not days not even months it’s years and if a person couldn’t understand and feel for your love…for so long…have only one sentence for those people ‘god give them the sight to see themselves from the other person’s prospective. They will realize the worth of the person they are losing’
If the readers think they are sailing in the ship here’s something for you...
A teenager once fell in love with a girl…and he feared that she might go away from her, so he never got the guts of proposing her. Finally one day he realised if he doesn’t speak about his heart he will never get the opportunity in his life again…he proposed that girl.
Girl didn’t accept her proposal at first…but within a year she did say those 3 words to the boy not once but very often whenever she got the chance to speak to the boy…but god had something else to offer, for some reason she stop contacting the boy. Boy didn’t know what went wrong with her; he started contacting her common friends…just to find out that she had asked her common friends not to tell anything about her to him. Boy went almost crazy; he didn’t know any whereabouts of that girl. He travelled 1000’s of kilometres just to find any trace of her. He did get her contact number but when finally contacted her, he lost his self composure as the girl had started hating him, she doesn’t want to see him. Even after several attempt he couldn’t see her but did get a comment from the girl that “he won’t be able to see her face in his lifetime”. Anybody would break after getting such humiliation in return for his unconditional love. But the boy decided to know what was wrong with her. After a year or so he finally came to know that she has a boyfriend…well he did contact her again only to find out that she blames him for everything she had to suffer in the past including relations with common friends.
What would you do if were in the footsteps of the boy? I will tell you what he did… ‘He loved her’ so accepted whatever she had to offer to him without any questions anymore..
Girl curtailed all her contacts with him but he never said ‘why’
Girl said she had already forgotten him…boy said he could do so only if he doesn’t exist
Girl abused her for falling after her…boy said he would stop the day he stops believing in love
Girl hated her…but he had love to give her instead
Girl said he never cared about her..in reply boy said in life only person he cared is she
Girl had someone else in her life but the boy had only one girl is his life
Girl blocked him for any contacts in future…but the boy accepted it without a word
Girl is still wary of the boy …boy doesn’t need to show anything he speaks what he feels

You can see this girl in every girl you see along in your life who is showing herself to be happy and content with whatever she has in her life but really isn’t happy, if you can see the inner soul you will see -she is still struggling with her past, she isn’t living but she is still having trouble to get going with her present. She has decided what she wants from her future but is still nervous to have a future she wants.
On the other hand if you see the boy…you don’t need to look for him for sure. He exists within all of us who says ‘I loved you in the past, I love you today and I will do so in the future also, I accept you for whatever you are, I accept you for whatever you have been to me and I would be more than happy if you could be happy literally ’

You don’t need to find that boy or the girl…you will find them within you…only if you have a clearer sight to understand your soul… If you think you are doing the right thing by loving \hating a person you don’t need to hide it from anyone…!!!
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