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Book Review: Billionaire Boy-Mark Zuckerberg in his own words

Book:  Billionaire Boy: Mark Zuckerberg in his own words

Author:  George Beahm

ISBN:  9789350298909

Genre:  Business/Inspiration

Price:  199 (Received from Indiblogger)

Pages:  184

Publisher:  Collins Business


We all have dreams and a successful person is not the one who realized his/her dreams but he/she is the one who has the tenacity to continue to ameliorate by probing dreams.  This also goes on with - ‘Success is not measured by your achievement but how you hold on to your priced possession’. ‘
Billionaire Boy: Mark Zuckerberg in his own words’ isn’t a biography or an autobiography but an insight to mark Zuckerberg’s rise to glory through Mark’s quotes and from various other dignitaries and organizations. It’s a sheer inspiration for all those aspiring Entrepreneur as it’s an action from behind the screens. 

The Biggest Risk is not taking any risk… In [a] world that changes really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”- Mark Zuckerberg

Cover page & Title:

If there’s a punch line that can stir up your senses it is –‘Hacker. Dropout. CEO’ and it’s been optimally used along with Mark’s cover Page photo. It’s a depiction of a success story inspired by determination and will up against degree or certifications.  In short it’s a portrait of a thinker at work.

About the Author:

George Beahm, the editor of the internationally bestselling I, Steve: Steve Jobs in his own words, is a former army major who served on active duty in the National Guard, and the army Reserves. He has published dozens of non-fiction books. Beahm lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia
                His website is www.georgebeahm.com

Compositional Report:

George Beahm  with his magnanimous prowess of describing his thoughts through structured detailing has again turned the tide on his side with ‘
Billionaire Boy: Mark Zuckerberg in his own words’.  We all know how boring a non-fiction business oriented book can eventually become but this is indeed a trademark distinguishing feature of George , he not only makes it interesting but also persuade people who are least interested in reading business,  pouch on it. A word for those who have read George before this is as inspiring as it can be.

Billionaire Boy: Mark Zuckerberg in his own words’ set forth with the present scenario, citing about Facebook’s current worth and it’s brief history  referring to its evolution followed by Mark’s letter to his investors.  It wasn’t a letter to beckon with but an entire propaganda of Facebook. A letter where Mark with his sheer brilliance pulled of an attire which would be woven across the globe in the years to come and this letter was only a prologue of it.
Instead of the life history of Mark Zuckerberg, George focused on describing the working notes in inspirational lines and the quotes from the emergence to feast were just exemplary. In short and simple words through quotations we came to know about the transformation of a programmer to world’s youngest billionaire.  We can call it a journey towards bloom.

As Far as the lacuna's are concerned it would be the connection of events as the story wasn’t sequenced as such the events were taken at random.  No doubt it was inspiring but the motivational part would have been further enhanced if it were on succession of events.

The best part according to me was the citations of dignitaries where focus was on both the pros and cons of being a billionaire boy. Yes he was named ‘Person of the year’ in 2010 by Time and vanity fair magazine rated him #1 of the top 100 most influencing people in the information age (ahead of Steve Jobs) but also adduced for the challenges faced where a single dodgy move could shamble like that of the Facebook IPO.  Collapse of Facebook stocks and the character personification of the Movie –‘The Social Network’ everywhere Mark was on receiving side. But he bludgeoned all these with his proactive thoughts which were viable when he denied selling off Facebook to yahoo and Microsoft. His determination and willingness to improve was also visible when he withdrew the news feed from the Face of Facebook on users’ disapproval.

With Great powers comes great responsibilities and Mark has portrayed all that in his 29 years of his life and going by his views –‘Fail Harder’, ‘Move Fast and Break things’ and ‘Keep calm and Hack on’ certainly goes off from the normal conventions and this is the reason why this book falls in the category of inspirational books where the emphasis is not only on the goals but how to achieve, To Retain, To move forward with innovations, To Fight out of troubles and To keep motivating  oneself and the group . This book is certainly an epitome to delve into where you can safely lose your senses to find the zeal to succeed.


I would rate ‘
Billionaire Boy: Mark Zuckerberg in his own words’ 4 out of 5

Life Adjudication of the book:


This book is best read to derive the hidden potential within you… ‘Everyone has in them what it takes to be successful all they need is to be proactive


  1. Beautiful review Anjan! I love inspirational books...

  2. I enjoyed the concise and interesting review. Well done!

  3. I enjoyed reading the concise and inspiring review.Well done!


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