Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review: A tryst with Human Mind

Book:  A Tryst with HUMAN MIND

Author:  Prameela Sreemangalam

ISBN:  978-93-82447-92-4

Genre:  Motivational

Price:  375 ( I got this directly from the Author)

Pages:  234

Publisher:  Notion Press


A simple question to begin with –“What is it which holds the supreme authority of your existence ?”  Readers might get deceived by the question if they think about it in materialistic way. Therefore it’s mandatory for me to proclaim few things before I answer the question at hand-‘ it’s something which is beyond human wealth and it’s something which we seek out in the external world to no avail as we all have it within ourselves.’ Yes you have guessed it right it’s Human soul or the spirits which we profoundly claim it to be. Call it our misfortune or ignorance we seldom know about our real motive of existence for which the immortal soul has been dwindled in with a mortal body. Results we fall in the endless loop of birth and death…This is Prameela’s step forward to paraphrase one to spiritual lane of understanding the essence of human existence with –‘A tryst with HUMAN MIND’

Cover Page & Title: Cover has been exemplary used to depict the power of human mind which is way above the bourgeois mentality of human i.e.; human mind is above all the wealth a man possess. Title provides an apt heading to the story as it encompasses the power of human mind to accommodate any state of a person’s life so as to give them the power to reciprocate.

About the Author:

Ms. Prameela Sreemangalam is a practicing Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner from Mumbai. She holds a degree of clinical Psychology, certified as clinical Hypnotherapist and a practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. She is the founder of Mind Scan and having clinics located in the western suburbs of Mumbai at Powai, Andheri and Goregaon. She is associated with geriatric care foundation in Mumbai at level of training and is also actively engaged in conducting workshops for corporate and personal level. She has represented various reputed magazines as a columnist and a featured article writer and has also represented in television interview and live chats in concepts connected to psychology.

Compostional Report:

A tryst with Human mind is all above the awakening of human spirits as to exhibit the potential of human mind. Prameela has deeply engrossed the awakening part by realizing the self worth by means of exploration and thus has stressed man to come out of their comfort zone to know about their hidden capabilities.

The power of realization of one’s worth and the connection of it with the universe which lies in spiritual plane is well constructed over Bandana and Arjun’s life as how the concept of Aadyot- ‘Brilliant, Translucent and Vibrant’ came into being and its relevance to human existence. Each and every aspect right from the emergence, growth, nurturing and then culmination of Aadyot, and its pertinence to human has been described by various real life incidences surrounding the main plot (of Arjun and Bandana) along with the subplots which were keyed in brief.

Emergence of Aadyot commenced when the duo Arjun and Bandana first met and then it grew and nurtured as both came into alliance and later gave birth to their son and it's culmination was described by the karmic activities of Bandana's Grandma who successfully  served all her duties of human life and thus was set free from the physical world.

Best part: The best part according to me was the grooming of the human mind to take over each and every obstacle a person faces in his/her life as such a person feels rejuvenated and thus aspires to have a fresh start and cope with all their troubles that’s troubling them.

As far as the loop holes are concerned- the sudden shift from the main theme to other random incidences and the reverse were dragging the story behind and at times it became difficult to interpret the flow of the story as there was no distinctive outline amongst the minor plots to that of the main story and readers might find themselves lost in between as there was no indication of the end of the sub plots. Minor word glitches are also present

Above all it’s an inspiring and a motivating read which am sure would be thoroughly accepted amongst the masses as it embraces almost all the problems of human life which am sure there’s no other way of healing other than the spiritual way.

Rating: I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5

Life Adjudication of the book:

This book is best read to realize the hidden potential of a man in accordance with the human mind.


  1. nice review seems interesting ---if you have rated it 3.5 it must be really good

  2. your book reviews are always interesting,they create curiosity about the book,well done

  3. cant see my comment Anjan had posted it day before liked the review very much


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