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A Brief:-
I am Anjan Roy,
proud author of Anjan Roy’s Vision:Imagination.which is ranked among the top 7 thousand blogs world wide.
I speak a lot, but when it comes to speaking about myself more often than not i am speechless. Those who know me can speak much better of me and those who don't it doesn't matter whether they know me or not because i am not someone whom you should know obligatorily. But one thing is for sure once People know me either personally or through my writing, my words would remain with them lifelong.
As a person i am simple, straightforward and emotional, i don't want to write any more adjectives as i don't want to praise or criticize myself...!!!

About my blog:-
I write Articles and short stories on  Life, Love, Relationships, Personal Improvement ,Motivational and various other topics.
Off late I have picked up Book reviews and am planning to add another feather to my blog site by adding up quotations and Photography in near future.

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For Any queries,Guest Posts,Book Reviews or any blogging related matters contact me  @ my
mail address  pure_heart_anjan5@yahoo.co.nz (note the email address carefully it's .nz and not .in)

Anjan Roy

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  1. I have just read a few of your articles. I have had an amazing reading experience.. Keep up the good work my friend.. :)

    _Manoj D.


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