Thursday, February 11, 2010

First love…..

First love is precious and is treasured, it tends to remain with your life as one of the sweetest memories even when you are of 80.For few this first love turns out to be their last one too. With all those dates and incidents I have taken into consideration is to bring about a real feeling so that everyone can relate with their personal lives. We know one can reach to the depth of their heart when they associate anything with themselves. So here I am with the story of Mithun.
Love at first sight….does it really exists… who knows? Is this any of the imaginative novel or a movie script? Just read and decide yourself…..
22nd June 2004 the first day of Mithun’s new school. He is now a higher secondary student. Mithun was very excited as he was in a new city, new place, new environment, new people and new friends. He didn’t know he would meet someone who would change his life forever. Mithun entered the main gate of the school and was quite happy seeing the scenic beauty in the form of flowers and planted trees on the front portion of the school. Slowly he walked to the entrance and saw a board on which the list of school toppers was listed. He was dumbstruck to read the last name that is the topper of 2004 batch of class 10th. The reason was he couldn’t pronounce the name as it was the first time he was reading such a typical name. He went to the class and saw everybody happy and wishing each other for the 1st day of the school. Mithun occupied the last corner seat as it was the only visible seat vacant. Suddenly he saw 3 girls on the 2nd last row of 2nd column had a wild laugh. The girl sitting at the centre was laughing heartily. That was the first time Mithun saw her. Her innocent carefree laugh was enough to jitter Mithun’s heart. Mithun asked the name of the girl from the student sitting beside him and he uttered the same name that he read on the board before coming to the class. Mithun heart was full of unbound joy as the girl was as mysterious as her name. He couldn’t utter her name and was struck by speaking Ain only. As the students were called for the Morning Prayer Mithun slowly moved from his seat towards the door as he came close to the door a voice from behind echoed “excuse me” it was the same girl but she was along with 2 more friends and before Mithun could react she went away. For the entire day Mithun was excited because everything that was happening with him was an utterly new experience for him. After coming back from school Mithun’s elder brother asked him so how was the first day? Mithun only said beautiful….and went away. From the next day onwards he would only look her but it was his introvert nature that he never got the guts to speak to her.
After few days (dated 3rd July 2004) after consulting few of his batch mates he went to a chemistry tutor. After introducing himself to the tutor he asked him that he can join the batch that was going on at present. Tutor was very jolly kind of person and he said Mithun to come at 5:30 in the evening. I have heard a lot about you, that batch would be suitable for you. Mithun was surprised again how did the tutor came to know about him. At 5:30 PM when he reached the tuition he saw there was no body around so he sat silently and was waiting for the tuition sir to come up. After few minutes 4 girls appeared on seeing them Mithun’s happiness was on 7th moon as one of them was the one he saw on the first day. Sadly here also he didn’t speak up as the girls made the move and introduced themselves. Mithun was so shy that he couldn’t even put up his hand for handshake. Nevertheless he achieved one milestone as it was the first time Ain talked with her. Later Mithun discovered that it was because of Ain and her friends that chemistry sir could know about him and they call Mithun by a specific name. Mithun was happy from within but he didn’t know what was going in his heart as he never had these kinds of feelings before. He didn’t know what it was as only her name would make him smile.
Time went by and as he was not too bad in chemistry he got praises from the tuition teacher as well as from the girls. He seldom chatted with any of the girls mostly because he was a person who belonged from a different planet compared by his nature. Girls would talk with him and share some of the class stories as they would do among them selves. Slowly but surely Mithun was opening up he wasn’t as shy as he was earlier and the major credit goes to a girl who was from the other section and Ain off course. These were the first signs to show Mithun was changing and too on a positive note.
After few days it was raining in the evening, chemistry sir decided to teach them in the room instead of the terrace. After the class everyone was leaving Mithun was the last one to come out of the room on seeing him Ain came back and switched off the lights but didn’t tell anything to Mithun. Mithun who grew in government quarters didn’t know that one shouldn’t waste electricity resources. It made a deep impact to Mithun and he started to look Ain with more respect who with her simple acts taught valuable things to Mithun.
One day after school Mithun asked Ain to guide him to the house of the teacher who taught physics as Ain’s house was near to the teacher’s house & Mithun was new to the place. Ain used to come to school via bus at that time and Mithun with his cycle. Ain took the bus after school but got down one stop before her usual stop and waited for Mithun as he was far behind in his cycle. They both walked from there and Ain showed Mithun physics sir’s home. These instances meant nothing but were small things but made a great impact with each passing day on Mithun’s feelings.
Mithun’s physics tuition was followed by chemistry tuition one day Mithun asked Ain to wait near physics sir’s house at 5:00 pm so that they could go to the chemistry tuition together. But on that day physics sir was in mood to teach extra and he continued even after the scheduled time. Mithun was worried that Ain was waiting for him so he asked sir that he has to go. He left other people who were in the physics tuition of which 2 people were in the same chemistry batch along with Ain and Mithun. Mithun was carrying a cycle so he asked Ain to take the longer route to the chemistry tuition as he had to take much trouble to carry it over the railway over bridge. By the time Ain & Mithun reached Chemistry tuition the other members from the physics tuition had already reached to the chemistry tuition. They were worried as Mithun and Ain didn’t reach there & therefore called physics sir to see if anybody waiting there. Ain got unnecessary scolding that day from her friends as well as from chemistry sir but she didn’t complain Mithun a word. Mithun was feeling bad for Ain but Ain’s friendly attitude made deep impact to Mithun’s heart.
Chemistry sir was very good at heart and he often gave treat. On one day he asked one of the girls to bring egg roll for all and vegetable roll for Mithun as he was vegetarian. The girl who went to bring those brought all egg rolls instead. Ain was the first one to notice and said Mithun is vegetarian and he won’t eat egg roll. After the tuition she purchased one slice from her own pocket money and gave it to Mithun. This shows Ain was caring.
By now Mithun and Ain became good friends. Yet another day after chemistry tuition when everyone was leaving Ain came and stood behind Mithun and asked him to stay standstill. Mithun couldn’t understand the matter. Ain pulled Mithun’s T-shirt down as it had gone up over his waist and then she asked him to move. On that day going back home Mithun felt something unusual for Ain but he was such a fool he didn’t realize that it’s love.
One year passed they were all in class 12 now.
Ain now came to school with her blue colored ladybird cycle. One day after school Ain asked Mithun to exchange their cycle for some part of their journey on the way home. Ain was comfortable with Mithun’s cycle and she went off to some distance on the other hand Mithun was finding it very difficult to handle ladybird and he could hardly move. So he decided to walk with the cycle. Most of us would laugh at this but all these things made inroads to Mithun’s heart. Every moment that he shared with Ain was precious and priceless.
It was Mithun’s birthday he asked all his friends to come and celebrate his birthday at a restaurant. It wasn’t a problem with other friends as they had no problems but Ain thought her parents won’t allow her to come. She convinced her mother somehow, who later agreed. This was the last time when all of Mithun’s friends were together. It’s notable that Ain took all the trouble to come to Mithun’s birthday. This was the first and last birthday Ain and Mithun were together.
One day Ain had to deliver the morning news in school and she completely forgot about it. As a result she delivered the news unprepared by collecting few points from friends. She was very upset about it and asked Mithun how was the news who replied it was short but good. Ain took in a other way and kept on crying till the Tiffin period. Mithun couldn’t bear Ain crying and decided not to have the Tiffin and he sat in a corner by giving his meal to his friends. Ain saw Mithun sitting on the corner with his head down. She came and sat next to Mithun and asked what happened? Mithun didn’t reply but Ain knew Mithun was crying too she asked Mithun to have her Tiffin. Mithun ignored, Ain told Mithun that unless he eats she won’t have her Tiffin. Mithun raised his head and they both ate the Tiffin. Mithun was in love he realized but never had the guts to speak it too Ain.

After few days Ain joined the maths tuition where Ain’s friend and Mithun studied. Maths tuition got over by 8:30 in the night so Ain’s mother along with other parents would come and pick them up after the tuition. One of the best moment of Mithun’s life was the walk he used to have after the maths tuition to the over bridge. They shared those nothing talks but it’s memorable for Mithun. Ain too was comfortable with Mithun and she didn’t worried much on occasion when her mother didn’t come to pick her up as she knew she was safe.
It wasn’t that only good and happy moments were shared among them they had quarrels too and they won’t talk to each other for months. Most of the time quarrels were of silly nature but sometime it was serious because Mithun would speak anything without thinking. Many a times it would hurt Ain and she would behave as if Mithun is her enemy. Mithun would write apologize letters and beg sorry to Ain who would soon forgive him and then they would be friends again.
One major quarrel struck between them when Mithun said a harsh word to Ain. Ain curtailed all her friendship with Mithun. She would get angry even by seeing Mithun’s face. They didn’t talk with each other for nearly 3 and half months. It was only when one of the common friends spoke to Ain that she decided to forgive Mithun. Guess what it was the New Year eve of 2006 she called Mithun and wished him happy New Year and asked him to forget whatever that happened. They again became friends and it seemed as if they never had any quarrel.
After few days it was one of their friends elder sister’s marriage and both of them were invited among others. Mithun, Ain and 3 other people decided to buy something by contributing among ourselves. They had to decide the best gift at the optimum price. So they decided to look out for the gifts one day. It was hot and humid afternoon everybody after much exertion went home. Mithun was left with Ain who decided to see few more gift shops. They didn’t have the energy to climb up to the over bridge so decided to cross the station through the tracks. The stones around the track were uneven and Ain got unbalanced and was about to fall, she shouted Mithun who held her hand and avoided her to fall. Mithun held her hand few seconds even after she could balance herself. Ain told Mithun to leave her hand as she was alright now. Thought came across Mithun’s mind “I held your hand not to protect you from falling but to be with you throughout my life” he murmured it but not loud enough that Ain could hear. He left her hand and then they continued to look for the gifts. This was the first time when Mithun was about to express his heart but he couldn’t.
On that following evening was the marriage of their friend’s elder sister. The place of the marriage was far enough so they decided to go via rickshaw. Ain by now knew very well that Mithun was shy and girls today are bold then him. Ain asked Mithun “will you be comfortable to go with me in a rickshaw”. Mithun nodded his head in approval. It was the first went to a marriage ceremony together. This is yet another moment of Mithun’s memorabilia.
School life was nearing to its end. Mithun didn’t have good terms with few of the students of school who threatened to beat Mithun after tuition one day. When Mithun told this to Ain, she told to Mithun I would see how they could beat you in my presence. Ain was daring and this shows here as she asked Mithun to calm down and not to worry.
School life was over now and the only time Mithun could see Ain was at the tuition class which they were doing together for the entrance exams. One morning after the class Ain asked Mithun to come with her as she has to invite one of her friend for a movie. She told Mithun that only girls are coming otherwise she would have invited him too. Mithun went home after Ain invited her friend. After few hours Ain called Mithun and said some boys are also coming so you also come along. This was he first time Ain invited Mithun for a movie. They saw the movie “darna zaroori hai” the day was 2nd of May 2006.
Ain and 2 of her friends had decided that they would come to Mithun’s home on 5th may 2006. On that day one of her friend fell ill and the other decided to cancel the plan and make the plan to visit Mithun’s house some other day. But Ain insisted her friend to go on that very day. Ain with her friend did visit Mithun’s house that day. It was one of the happiest days of Mithun’s life. Ain came to her house and that too she didn’t inform her parents about it. It was only that night after Ain went back after meeting Mithun’s parents , Mithun realize that there are not much days before the entrance exams, and after that he would not be able to see Ain any more as all the tuition classes will be over. Fear erupt in his mind that his feelings towards Ain would remain buried in his heart and he would suffer throughout his life for not speaking about his love to the person whom he loved for so long.
It was after these two long years that Mithun finally did propose Ain on 17th may 2006.
It’s for People to guess the final outcome …did Ain accepted his proposal?
I have given my all to bring about reality in the story people who read this can only tell how successful or unsuccessful I was with my efforts.


  1. nice very nice... as you already told me about this.. i keep thinking why do people run away from those who are sincere. and honestly the girl wont find any one as committed as mithun

  2. whatever you wrote,it was out of the context of the text.

  3. Well I think Ain should have accepted his proposal not because of anything elswe but sheer honesty, genuine care and concern. I always believe it is better to choose a person who loves you for marriage rather than someone you love for it is easier to fall in love rather than make someone else fall in love with you :)

    1. I also have a similar thinking..."Never marry someone whom you love but marry the person who loves you"... the thesis behind that
      :It may be possible that the person whom you love ...marries you only for the reason just because he/she doesn't want to hurt the feelings of a person who genuinely loves...but it may be possible he/she never loved you...but when you marry someone who loves rest will be loved even when you are of 80 years old ...!!!

    2. Very true - so now tell me what happened? Did Ain accept or not ?

    3. Ain..... this story is from the year 2006 and frankly speaking i don't know yet but if i believe my brain i would say she rejected but if i believe my heart she accepted ...!!!


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