Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is this love….time to think?

Today when I am speaking about love many would be in dilemma what does love really mean. When you see people around you it would be disheartening because you would hardly see people having a successful life. You can name hundreds those who broke but it would be difficult for you to name a single story with a happy ending because life isn’t a bollywood script where the ending has to be a soothing one.
This story isn’t for those who flirt and believe love doesn’t exist. This story is for those who believe love exists and whatever may be the case love does find a way. Here is a small story of a person who fell in love. I am stressing on the word fell as he never rose thereafter…
It’s amazing to know that when you are in love everything around you seems bright, full of life & happy. Even a second of apartness seems years to you & you feels as if your heart has stopped beating.
Ayush’s dream came true. He never thought he a day would come to his life when he would find the girl of his dreams.
More often then not long distance relationship fades away as was in Ayush’s case. Ayush was separated from his love as he had to go away for his higher studies but he promised his love that he will come back & they will be united forever.
During the early period Ayush would count seconds of his watch &would wait until the classes are over just to talk to his love. This curiosity of just hearing your love can only be understood by those who are in love themselves. They know how it’s essential for them to talk to their love.
But as time went by…Ayush’s call were becoming rarer not because his feelings were dying out but the girl asked her not to call her so often. Later calls were suppressed to messages which were further suppressed as there was no reply from other side. Ayush felt as if the bonding they had within them doesn’t exist anymore. He decided to come and meet his love & to know what was wrong with her.
Here also destiny had something else to offer. Ayush called the girl and the girl replied “what you call love is nothing but obsession. You never had any love for me and you don’t love me now also.” Ayush was shocked with her reply he asked the girl to meet him the girl replied “I don’t want to meet you. I have found my ‘someone especial’ &I am very happy with him. I have forgotten you and you don’t mean anything to me, if you really love me and want me to be happy then don’t ever contact me again.”
Ayush was heartbroken he couldn’t believe what he just heard. He came there travelling 1000’s of kilometers just to see a glimpse of her but the girl had other ideas. He went back with his love in his heart. Ayush’s life changed forever. He wasn’t the happy go around anymore. He blamed himself for whatever that had happened with him. He thought there was something lacking in his love that let his love to go away from him.
Ayush grew to an introvert who would hardly speak to others. Even if any girl approaches him he would run away. He would cry in solitude.
Even today if you see or meet Ayush you would think is he the same person who was in love once? His silence speaks how much he loved that girl.
Its hurting if you think from Ayush’s prospective. Many would suggest that Ayush should move on with his life. The girl was never meant fro him & she never loved him. There is no scarcity of girls & one day or the other he would find his true love.
My friends is this what you call love? To move on? To find a better match? I am afraid but this isn’t what love is. Many would argue that what’s wrong in having any other person after your beloved left you. If he/she is happy moving on with somebody else why shouldn’t we?
As I said earlier this story isn’t for those who flirt this is about those who really love. Suppose you have been pick pocketed once. Does that mean you would become yourself a thief and pick pocket all others? Similarly if someone leaves you & is moving with someone else does that mean you also have to move with someone? The person who left you might be flirting but if you were in love with him/her does that mean you will start flirting with others? True love happens only once and when it happens again and again it’s certainly not love but lust.
You were in love once & you are heart broken now suppose you start flirting after what happened with you & the other person becomes serious and then you leave him/her. What’s the difference between you and the person who left you? You also left someone heart broken.
Friends love is immortal. You don’t have to show the person who left you that can also move with someone else. If you really loved at first instant then you must live the way you were earlier before you fell in love. You don’t have to bother what the other person is doing. It doesn’t mean you have to like Ayush. The real person is the one who accepts life as it is. Who faces heartaches and troubles with utmost pleasure and doesn’t show his anxiety.
One day will come when the person who left you will feel guilty about himself/herself and if that person really loved at any moment in the past he/she will come back to you. Because love never dies…and true love always finds a way!!!
Thank god I am single. It’s high time for all those who are in love to think what their love’s worth. Life is not bed of roses every relation has to pass from the edge of the sword one day. They have to face some or the other problem in the day’s to come. Time is the biggest tool that decides the worth of a relation. Talking from the other prospective faith in your beloved and believing in your love helps you cross every barrier in life. With these words I would like to wish all those couples who really love each other. ‘Love is divine and it’s heaven when you have the right person with you’.


  1. well written,but believe in love as love nothing wants in return............

  2. Thanks for the comment. by the way who are you? i didn't get whatever you wrote-"love nothing wants in return"
    do you mean to say that the person concerned should leave alone for his/her entire life without expecting their beloved to come back?

  3. common yaar how could you write so much with honesty. i would pray that you would get such a person in your life.

  4. thanks for all those words...but frankly speaking i am happy the way i am...i wanna remain single.

  5. Touching... but yes you are right. These days the deeper meaning of love, friendship, relationships , trust - all has lost its meaning. People have made it all superficial. It is all instant - instant love instant makeup instant break up - no hard feelings!

    1. Agree with you...but if today's world is about living a superficial world...then i must say i belong to the world that passed away...where people belonged to the world with genuine feelings and not instant ones...and i am not going to change myself even to the peril of my matter how much i have to suffer :)


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