Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happiness: The state of the mind

What is happiness? Is it fulfillment of our earthly desires? Is it something that deals with having something that we want? How can you define happiness? Is there any scale for measuring happiness? What are the guidelines that ensure that a person is happy? Is wealth a synonym of happiness? Is fulfillment of all your wish is happiness? What exactly is happiness?
Theoretically happiness is a State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness has nothing to do with wealth or other worldly pleasures. People generally have a wrong notion that money is happiness; having what you want is happiness. But this isn’t happiness. Otherwise all the wealthy person would have been happy. Few people think that with money they can buy everything including happiness. But this isn’t the reality as most of the rich person die from stress that means they are not happy their mental tension keeps them awake in the night. They have the most expensive mattress but no sleep. They have the best food available but can’t eat because of their ill health. They have large houses to live in but don’t have a home. They are surrounded by many people but don’t have a family. They can buy everything but can they buy happiness? The answer is obvious no. Happiness isn’t equivalent to your wealth.
We got one thing clear that happiness has nothing to with how much wealth you possess. Now coming to the next point is happiness related to the fulfillment of your desires? Is it something that goes with attaining all your goals? The answer to some extent is yes it is. In this materialistic world a person is happy when he achieves something or some of his wishes are realized. You won’t see people being happy after loosing something or celebrating when he has failed to succeed. Happiness has a close association with what your mental state. Many times you would see people who excel but are not satisfied with it and a result are not happy. And many times you would see people being happy by just earning a loaf of bread. Happiness is thus a state of mind.
Measuring happiness, I must say science has developed a lot but there isn’t any instrument invented till now that can measure happiness of a person. These are closely related with the emotion of a person. You cannot gauze the emotions with any equipment. It’s just a feeling that comes from within and can be understood only. There are few things in the world that can only be felt. You cannot explain them with all your witness a similar is the consequence with happiness.
Happiness has a lot to do with your willingness and expectations. A person expecting something that is highly unexpected will more or less remain unhappy. Willingness also has an important role in happiness of a person. A person who is willing to be happy is happy no matter whatever he faces in life. Even if he doesn’t achieve what he wanted, even if he has failed in all his attempts. This comes from the mentality of the person.
A positive mentality people will always see the brighter side of things even if he hasn’t succeeded there is a happiness that atleast he has tried, atleast he has given his best atleast he didn’t left it upon destiny for his outcome. Atleast he didn’t keep mump when there was a need to speak and spoke whatever was there in his heart. Atleast he didn’t wait for the opportunity to happen for him but instead created all the opportunity that he got. This is one of the essentials of happiness never leave anything in life as granted. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to achieve whatever you want in life go and strive for it. Never leave it upon destiny, those who wait for the right time their time never comes. The right time is when you realize what you have to do & doing it at that very moment. You should always keep in mind it’s never too late to start. Don’t have a fear of loosing or not getting what you wanted. Because similar to success happiness also belongs to only those who try. Unless you speak up how the world would would know what you really want? Unless you make efforts how would you reach to your objective? And unless you achieve your life’s objective how can you be happy?
Here I am stressing upon the ultimate happiness and not the happiness that people may enjoy in day to day life. There isn’t a soul who can understand a person’s silence. Similarly there isn’t a soul who can make you happy; you yourself have to make efforts for what you want to do for the sake of your happiness.
How can you attain happiness? Happiness as I said earlier is a state of mind. A person who is willing to be happy is happy. There is no doubt that a person who has achieved his goal is happy but the person who has given his all is happy, a person who has tried is happy, a person who has done whatever it was possible from his behalf is happy. There may be frustrations for his failures but that frustration will be short lived as in the long run he would be happy because he has done what he could. Therefore it’s my advice to all that whatever you want to do try and give your best even if you don’t succeed, you won’t blame yourself afterwards that you didn’t try.
My words of encouragement are especially for those who by some reason couldn’t fulfill their dream and are unhappy of the outcome for all their efforts in life. But if my words didn’t comfort here’s some thing especially for those who are distressed. Whenever you feel that you are the most neglected of the lot and happiness is not for you just think of the poorest and most hapless person you ever saw in your life and compare their unhappiness with yours. Just for a second think what would you do if you were in that place? I am sure all your anxiety would soon be over & you would be able to get over all your sadness.
Thank god for whatever you have got in your life. Count your blessings & not your trials. The miseries in life are much bigger then what you have faced till now. Happiness is not what you have achieved but what your attitude towards life is. It’s all in the state of mind….


  1. Yes Happiness is a choice to be made daily :)

    1. has to be made every time we think about doing anything...!!!


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