Monday, February 15, 2010

Last word

As all of us know there are many things in life no matter how hard we try we never get them. Call it fate or any spiritual power but it’s the most important thing that brings about change in people’s life. When people are happy they seldom care for things but when it’s the opposite they look out for their mistakes, their faults they had made in their past that let them to see a present which they never want. Sometimes they never reach to any conclusion for their demise of life. Giving up is not the way, you have to live and face whatever comes up to your life. Here’s a story of a person whose life changed after he met his life.
Arup was one of the carefree guys you would see. He never thought he would be one who is worried about all those petty things like feelings and sentiments. He never had time for these things and he thought he had everything thing in life and is enjoying his life to its fullest. But as it’s said he was missing the essence of life that is love. And finally one day he met his dream girl. And he never knew what he once quoted as “love is made for the emotional fools” was applicable to him also. His thinking changed and he was changing too and the credit goes to the girl whom he loved. Here’s the story
Arup: what is this love?
Girl: have you ever seen titanic? See it you will know it.
Arup: (puzzled) that means a person who hasn’t seen titanic doesn’t know anything about love?
Girl: do you think romance is necessary in love relation? If yes, then according to you which is the most wonderful romantic act?
Arup: to be with the your beloved in solitude and share all your feelings with her.
Girl: I must say you are not at all romantic you can share all your feelings and love with your best friend too. But the one you love is something more then a friend. Okay tell me your date of birth I will see numerology.
Arup: its 29th May
Girl: don’t mind but it’s written. You are fun loving. You don’t bother about future. You want to live every moment of life you don’t have much believe in love rather you enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.
Arup: is that all written? Well I must tell you one thing you should believe in what you see and not go by these books. You know me the best and you know if any of the things you just said goes with me or not.
Girl: do you think can anybody fall in love twice.
Arup: I don’t know much but according to me love happens only once.
Girl: do you know I am suffering from leukemia (cancer).
Arup: my god. Is it serious? Don’t say yes I will die.
Girl: uff! Why do you believe in whatever I say? I was just joking.
Arup: You know how much I love you and I will die if anything that happens to you.
Girl: you will have to promise that you will never think of dying. Always think of your parents they are the only one who are yours. Never leave your parents alone even for your love.
Arup: I promise you I will never think of dying.
Girl: please don’t cry after hearing this. Speaking truth still I don’t have any feeling of love towards you. I can’t stop you from loving me but even you cannot stop me from loving anybody else.
Arup: (almost in tears) I love you I will love you for my entire life. You are free to find anybody who loves you but for me you were my first and last love.
Girl: why are you like this? Don’t be like this people will take undue advantage of you. By the way you are my dream my love my life. I just want to spend my entire life with you.
Arup: (with a sigh relief) even I feel the same dear.
Girl: according to me getting engaged is just getting bound with chains. Can’t even enjoy with friends, I have seen my friends those who are not engaged are happy. You know whatever I said you as your numerology I want you to be like that. Start flirting and don’t ever take any relation so seriously. Then you will never feel the pain.
Arup: thanks for all those words. But you know I am happy with what I am.
Girl: I was just checking you out. Always be what you are.
Arup: thanks
Girl: do you know pains for love are sweeter far then all pleasures. Believe in love.
Arup: yes I do believe in my love.
Girl: someone once said “love doesn’t need proof it just needs the belief.”
Girl: Love is like standing on the wet cement longer you stay harder it is to leave if you try to go you can’t go without leaving your foot prints behind.
After reading this everyone would say common these are the normal things. But my point is did you see how that girl taught him what life is? Well these are the things which can only be felt. The girl went away from Arup’s life forever but she saved Arup’s life, taught him about love, hope, life’s long journey, debt towards his parents. Each and every word that she spoke even when she was joking, she wanted him to comply with that so that he may not suffer afterwards. That’s the reason why she spoke many things that were contradictory many a times but it was all for Arup’s benefit. The most hurting moment for Arup was that his beloved once said that he won’t be able to see even her shadow (she said this once when see was angry with him) and it turned out to be a reality.
After this Arup’s life changed for ever. Here’s what he learnt about love:
*Love is always patient & kind. It’s never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceded. It is never rude or selfish. It doesn’t take offence and it’s not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people sins, delight and truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope & in doing right in whatever comes. Love is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Love is like the wind you can’t see but you can feel it*.(*refrence: A walk to remember)
Time goes by people come and go from our life but there is one thing that remains forever that is the memories (love)….. Last word that Arup said to his love: “no matter how hard you try you will never be able to wipe out my love for you. You can try you will fail, it’s guaranteed.”
Arup’s love is no more with him but it’s the love that he had within him that keeps him going on in his life. It’s not just a story but something to learn….hope people would get the inner meaning and would apply to their life.
Love is not just finding and getting your love it’s about sacrificing your love for the benefit of your love even to the peril of your life.


  1. u are a wonderful writer and i think you should take time and write a book... think about it seriously

  2. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l - I wish people understood this. Whatever that girl did, she knowingly - unknowingly gave him strength for survival which was so important!

    1. You understood the story perfectly...this was it...even though she is no more in his life, she taught him to Live life which is the most important part of one's life...that's why i say "Love is not just finding and getting your love it’s about sacrificing your love for the benefit of your love even to the peril of your life. "


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