Friday, February 19, 2010

A letter…

To my love
Wherever I may be in my future alive or dead…you know there will always be a soul (soul never dies) who would always pray for you who would always be ready to do anything just for your wellbeing. I tried my best, gave my entire whatever I had just to sort out the differences created because of those misunderstandings. But as everyone knows time waits for none and when your time comes you have to go because death doesn’t give life a second chance when it has to come it comes, similarly I am no more the person I was, I am alive but dead from within. Everyone has to carry on with life and adapt to situations whatever they face in their life but Even after so many years I am still in those old days thinking day and night & wishing if I could turn things around. I am still living in the past and I know there is no future for me. If god would have given me a single opportunity I would have shown you what you meant to me. As I couldn’t control the things and relations turned out from bad to worse. The only thing that comes to my mind is to go away and leave you the way you are, as you are happy in your life. The sole objective of my life was to make you happy with my selfishness that I might see you happy throughout my life by being along side you. You are happy without me and it seems that you will be happy only if I am not there with you. Even my remembrance distress you and you don’t want me in your life anymore the only option left for me is go as far as I could so that I might not trouble you anymore even by mistake. I know sorry & thank you are the words that shouldn’t be told to someone who are really close but I have to speak these words to you not because my thinking’s have changed but because it’s my last talk to you. I am really grateful to you atleast there was a time which I could cherish as my best moment of my life-the time I spent with you. I am really sorry if I had hurt you in anyway, I know I can’t heal your wounds but the only relief I can give to you is by going away from you forever. My last wish is that whomsoever you live with in future, may he prove a better companion to me. He may love you more then what I ever could. He may fulfill all your desires especially those 3m’s (Money, Mehal, Mercedes). And most importantly he may make you happy throughout your life….
May god bless you.
Goodbye Niharika
With regards

Friends what do you think why did Debashish wrote this letter?
Do you think is he going to commit suicide? Or is he just going away from her forever?
It’s a guarantee the more you read and think about this letter the more confused you will be. I have fused suspense in the story so that the readers may find it interesting. I want to fuse few more things so that the readers sink deep into the lines. Why do you think was the major reason that let Debashish to write this letter? Has the girl betrayed? Did she leave him? Did Debashish do something that she could never forgive him and the only way out was to leave? Has the girl found someone else?

Readers please give me with your opinion about those questions asked. If you can just imagine this to be a true story then what would you think the final outcome would be if the girl had read the letter before he left her? What would you have done if you were in place of the boy/girl? Do you think the person really loved the girl or he is running away from the fear that he may loose her? Is this the inferiority from the boy’s behalf? What do you think was the fate of Debashish? How can you save the boy from committing whatever step that he is going to take?
A letter that left so many questions unanswered….


  1. ya,this real one.the same is the case with me.i also parted my close friend,nice work..

  2. Ok - well firstly I think the boy wrote this because they both had different expectations from the relationship. He wanted love and care, she maybe wanted something else. No I dont think he is going to commit suicide. He is bidding farewell to her - which is good for him and her both. Him, coz it will allow him to see things more clearly now and her - well she got what she wanted.

    It was nobody's fault I would say. For one thing can mean differently to two people. But yes one doubt I have is has the girl been honest about what she was expecting from this relationship or that boy? If not then it is her fault...The boy is not running away or anything. For I believe if you love someone their happiness matters the most - with or without you does not matter. He saw she was happy without him and hence made a quiet exit. I would have tried to be a good friend to that boy at this stage as that is what he needs badly - a good friend, a patient listener who will be there!

    1. Good analyzing...i agree with everything you stated...
      yes he is not going to give up with his life... but whatever it may be i cannot blame the girl for whatever happened to he had expectations.

      it's really nice to know about what you would have done...but everyone doesn't get such a friend in life and in absence of a genuine has to keep all his troubles within himself which keep stalking him every now and then.


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