Friday, February 19, 2010

Are you a friend?

Seasons may come and seasons may go,
Everything withers in due course you know,

But there is one thing that's as fresh as the morning dew,
The next line I have already told few years ago,

For now I want friendship with you,
That lasts forever just as the new,

That’s the best thing I can ask from you,
Are you willing to give what I expect from you?

Don’t say no because of any ego,
As you are the only one whom I know

Kind, helpful, caring as friends woo,
That makes me feel the way I do.

Be a friend, selfless just like the few
In return I will be a friend to you.


  1. Selfless friend!! Ah - that sounds like something extinct these days..but beautiful lines, something I would want to tell to someone before becoming friends :)

    1. people like them have become a rarity but not extinct i could always find one if one truly believes in the word Friendship :)


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