Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spiritualism…the need of the hour!!!

Today when we are living in 21st century many would say god doesn’t exist, even science has marked it as improbable and is not convinced for its existence. But the main question that arises has science discovered all the solutions of the universe the answer is no, it hasn’t. There is one thing that’s beyond the scope of science and it is governed by the unseen power that is the almighty, three letter word GOD.
But there are still those who don’t believe in god…well it’s a real life story especially for those who don’t believe in god and those who believe it will strengthen there belief for certain.
The story is of Aman and the date is 28th June 2009. Aman was very depressed and he decided to go out and drink so that he may forget all his past. He went out with 3 of his friends to one beer bar just before entering the bar he saw a general store near the bar and decided to buy something.( I must tell you about Aman he was in final year and he drinks Bournvita everyday and this is the first time that he is going to a beer bar) He told his friends to go and he would follow them after coming from the general store. He went to the general store and saw an old man there he asked him..
Aman: uncle, do you have Bournvita?
Shopkeeper: yes I have. You are an Engg student isn’t it?
Aman: yes I am
Shopkeeper: students of first year do drink all these nutritious drinks like Horlicks and Bournvita but as they become senior they start drinking something else and he was indicating to the person who entered the bar just now.
Before Aman could speak a word the shopkeeper spoke again.
Shopkeeper: I have never seen any student of final year to come and buy Bournvita. When they come to first year hardly 2-3 % student drinks alcohol but as they go to final year you can’t find even 2-3% those who doesn’t drink alcohol.
Aman: sir I am in final year and I am asking you for Bournvita only.
Shopkeeper was glad and he handed over the Bournvita to Aman. Aman paid the price and began to walk away. As he was about to enter the bar the shopkeeper called him.
Shopkeeper: can I speak to you for a moment?
Aman: sure
Shopkeeper: you are just like my son. I want to suggest you something
Aman: yes go on
Shopkeeper: be what you are. Don’t do anything by following others. Don’t ever commit anything that you have to regret afterwards. In life you have to face problems time and again be brave to face and don’t ever let yourself rule by these materialistic things. If you give up now you will never be able to control your life after wards. I think you are intelligent enough to understand what I am speaking you can go now.
Aman was astonished by the words of the shopkeeper and he moved towards the bar. The guard asked his identity as it was his first time to the bar. Aman showed his identity card and the security guard lets him go inside. Aman was sitting along with his friends but the words of the shopkeeper kept swirling in his brain. He decided not to drink. His friends impelled him to drink and told him that he shouldn’t bother about the past and once he has 2-3 nips he would forget everything. Aman was unmoved and he said he won’t drink.
After all his friends have had enough they decided to come back. As they were moving out the security guard stopped Aman
Security guard: sir you didn’t drink?
Aman: No I didn’t
Security guard: It’s the first time I am seeing anybody who is coming out of a bar without being drunk. Security guard told Aman that he looked tensed but the decision of not drinking was a right one. He further spoke initially people drink because of sorrow, happiness or mere excitement to taste but later it becomes a habit. During the early period people drink alcohol but later alcohol drinks people.
Aman was further baffled and he decided to thank the shopkeeper for showing him the right way. When he went there he didn’t see the old shopkeeper there instead found a young man of nearly 30 years.
Aman to the shopkeeper
Aman: where is uncle ji?
Shopkeeper: who? My father ? he went back to home.
Aman: why did he go back?
Shopkeeper: my father is sick for around 6 months. Doctor has advised him to take rest and not to come to the shop. He was not coming to the shop for around 4 months now but as I was about to leave for the shop in the evening my father told me that he had an urgent work and he compelled me. I asked him to take rest but he said he has to come today. He was talking to you right?
Aman: yes I had a talk with him an hour ago.
Shopkeeper: Do you know my father?
Aman: no it was the first time I talked with him.
Shopkeeper: What did he tell you? After you went he went back to home saying he has had his work done?
Aman: (laughs and then spoke confidently) god is within human being and today god has stopped me from taking a wrong step.
Jest: it’s proven that if you do believe in god then god will come at your help whenever you need him the most. This story wasn’t against alcoholism but it was a story that shows that everything in life is not meant for everybody. Alcohol is certainly not meant for Aman and god has to come in the form of a human being to stop him doing something that’s not meant for him. I don’t think science has any answer for this: how did the old shopkeeper came to know before hand about Aman and why did he force to come to the shop?
It’s said every person has a good and evil hidden within him and it’s up to the people to discover themselves. People who discover their good side often does thing which are out of reach of science and we often call it’s the almighty who is doing all this. It’s because of this cause many a times a miracle does happen. It‘s the reason that even after all our effort in whatever we do we have to leave it on god. So it’s the need of the hour to do our work as honestly as we can and leave the rest to the almighty.
If you believe in god then surely you will find examples of his existence and if you don’t then be sure that you have to believe in the almighty someday.


  1. I believe blindly in God and there fore completely agree to you. I have had such instances in my life where God has sent me subtle signs to safeguard me from a disaster.

    If I were to define my faith I would say;

    I would jump off a cliff if He asked me to for I know either He will give me wings to fly or be there standing below to catch me :)

    1. If there's anything i believe blindly...i would say it's god...

      loved your comment:
      "I would jump off a cliff if He asked me to for I know either He will give me wings to fly or be there standing below to catch me :)"


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