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Right from childhood till death…we make inroads for success…be it exams at school, university exams, job interviews or  promotions everywhere man makes plan to fulfill his dream. No matter how hard we try or organize our goals we have failed in one basic field and this basic field aspect is Life.
You can ask anybody be a beggar or a billionaire did everything that he planned right from childhood went according to his desires?
The obvious answer you would get “No they didn't get Everything they had planned for "
Planning Life has been the most complicated domain for humans.

If you ask an Olympian who just won an Olympic gold on how he feels, you would get the reply :" It seems Life is heaven."
If you ask a person who just became a father on how he feels,you would get the reply: "I have never been so happy in my Life before."
If you ask a bidding writer whose 1st book is being published on how he feels, you would get the reply: "Life can’t be better then this."

These are few examples of people who tasted success in their life…now moving on the other side…the failures…

Have you ever asked a student how he is feeling when he failed in an exam,you would get the reply: "Life is hell."
If you ask a business man who lost all his money in shares and is bankrupt,his reply would be: "I have lost everything and there is nothing left in my Life."
If you ask a Lover on how he feels after loosing the love of his life, his reply would be: " It seems everything has been taken away from my Life."

We see different panorama of Life from these examples….

The more you know about Life, the more you feel about your ignorance towards it. There is not much difference between the failures and the winners, the only difference is how they approached their goal. The first initial step in most of the cases decides their fate, whether a person is going to win or loose. In few the final step determines your destiny. Whatever it may be first or the last step, a positive thinking always leads to achieving unachievable. On the other hand negative thinking leads to losing even simpler looking goals.
Some losses are of the nature how hard you try you never achieve … possible reasons are
1) Your preparations were never enough for it.
2) It was not in your fate.

Many people would disagree when I am talking about fate but in Life there are certain situations which cannot be controlled by human efforts and it’s only the almighty who decides the result.

People would then ask what is the appropriate way of leading Life or acquiring success If no planning  help to achieve your goal?
How should one be aware of what has fate decided for him?
What if all his hard work won’t yield any result?
These things would make people loose heart even before they start their survival strategy in Life.

Life is not what people often think it is. As I said earlier Planning Life has been the most complicated domain for Humans.
Does that mean Life is really complex?
The correct answer is "No", Life is not complex. Life has a close relationship between nature and its simple rules that govern the universe. We the people have become so complex that we think everything around is complex.
Life is not about making stringent rules and abiding by those rules day and night.
It’s about realizing smaller things starting from doing what is necessary then what can be done and suddenly you start doing what is impossible. This is how you can succeed in life.

Then the question arises is it enough if we do what is necessary or there are any other requisites?
The real life is not living life in accordance with your expectations it’s about living amongst the unexpected.
We shouldn’t be bothered about the result we should be concerned to give our best in whatever we do. Life doesn’t give second chance to all, so we have to channelize our self in such a manner that even if we fail in our attempt we should take out the positives from our failures and wipe off the shortcomings so that if we ever get the 2nd chance we don’t have to wait for the 3rd.

It’s often said destiny doesn’t make a man; it’s the man who makes the destiny.
Fate and destiny are the words used by losers to hide their inefficiency. In reality success comes to those who try, those who are not bothered about failures. One's thinking also play a  major role in the outcome of his fate. If a person is determined he achieves success be it career, love or anything. He who never gives up in any circumstances. He who makes one thing clear in mind that the path to success comes through rigorous commitment to one's Goals. He who is focused to fight against all the odds. He who stands  tall amongst all failures, Success in Life comes to only those people.
Being pessimist doesn’t help because if you think negative you lose the first initial step and the person who loses initially seldom ends on a winning note. Success in Life depends on person’s attitude, his will and his dedication.

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't!
If you like to win, but you think you can't,
It's almost a certain you won't.

If you think you'll loose, you are lost;
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellow's will;
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You have got to think high to rise,
You have got to be sure of yourself Before you can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don't always go
To the stronger and the faster man,
but sooner or later the man who wins
is the man who thinks HE CAN.

Success in life comes to the person who thinks “HE CAN”

Life's Sequel is here


  1. Very thought provoking...........really made me help tackle difficulties better after reading it

  2. Great post indeed. .Very much inspiring. .keep writing more. .

    1. Renju i must say words like this keeps me inspiring to write more and better.

  3. Very well written. You have brought out ups and downs of Life very well.

  4. Well written and well expressed :)

  5. Strong arguments and Poem .Appreciated !

  6. very well written..

    and the best way to live life is to LIVE it....we often get so busy with everything else( fighting hating, getting depressed over non-essentials...) that we often forget to live.... we have one it to the fullest!!

    1. Agree with you...we have only one life and we should always give our best shot at it by Living...!!!

      Thanks for the appreciation...!!!

  7. very inspiring post Anjan.Loved the lines "Success in life comes to the person who thinks “HE CAN”

    1. A big Thank you...for liking it...!!!
      and yes this is the best line...and i keep on murmuring it at all difficult times... "Success in life comes to Only(bold) those Person who thinks "HE CAN".
      and everything afterwards becomes much easier...!!!


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