Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emotions ...!!!

What will you do when you have lost somebody who would mean the entire world for you?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of living your entire life without your heart beats (the person you love the most)?
What will you do when the same person breaks your heart not once but twice?
What if the person who proposed you later tells you he/she doesn’t have any feelings for you?

Think on it and give your opinion only after reading this story!!!

Almost each and every person have some kind or affairs or crush in their high school. This story revolves around a timid person sidharth.
Sidharth waited almost the end of school days to speak about his heart to the person he loved for so long as he was fearful that it may be the end of his friendship as well.
Moreover he didn’t want his feelings to be spread among the mass as an advertisement pamphlet that would make a mockery out of it.
But he made sure that within the two years (11th & 12th) they became good friends, their friendship made it possible for sidharth to speak what he felt without any hesitation.
As the school life was nearing it's end a sense of urgency erupt in Siddharth’s heart as he thought his feelings would remain buried in his heart as there was only a few days when they can see and talk to each other.
Finally one day sidharth decided to speak his heart.

Sidharth called her on one morning
Sidharth: hello anindita!
Anindita: speaking, who is it?
Sidharth: it's me sidharth
Anindita: sidharth!!!What happen why did you call me?
Sidharth: have something to speak to you.
Anindita: go on.
Sidharth: you always used to ask did I have anybody special in my life
Anindita: yes, who is it
Sidharth: if I speak you her name, you might not talk to me again.
Anindita: why will I do that, you are my good friend and you always be one. Now tell me her name
Sidharth: you know her very well but if I tell you her name you will break our friendship.
Anindita: I know her? Who is it please tell me.
Sidharth: first promise me no matter whatever is the case it won’t affect our friendship and we will be friends forever.
Anindita: I promise you now tell me who is it?
Sidharth:'s anindita!!!
Anindita: joke of the year
Sidharth: it’s not a joke. You are the one for whom my heart beats
Anindita: you have gone mad. I am keeping the phone I will talk to you afterwards.
Sidharth: when?
Anindita: in the evening.
Sidharth: ok
Anindita: bye

In the evening they both met at the scheduled spot.

Sidharth: whatever your decision may be please don't break the friendship
Anindita: were you serious in the morning?
Sidharth: what do you think?
Anindita: you know sidharth i can neither accept you proposal as I have no feelings for you nor can I reject you because I don’t want to hurt you.
Sidharth :( puzzled)!!!
Anindita: we will be friends for sure. Let time decide our fate if your feelings remain the same even with passing years then we can reach to any conclusion.
Sidharth: my feelings will be same for you throughout my life
Anindita: ok let's see
Sidharth didn't get much opportunity to either speak or talk to her in the recent past as the school days were over. Finally the day came when Sidharth was to leave the place for his higher studies in a distant place.
The day sidharth was leaving he called anindita and told her that he wants to see her for the last and final time as he wasn't sure when he would see her again.
Anindita first told she can’t meet sidharth but finally agreed.

Sidharth on seeing anindita couldn't take away his eyes from her face.
Anindita: what happened why you are so dull?
Sidharth: god knows when will I next see you i only want to see you in front of my eyes throughout my life.
Anindita: you have anything to speak?
Sidharth: I just want to see you
Anindita: I am going now.
Sidharth was speechless. tears rolled out of his eyes...he didn't want anindita to see his eyes so moved his face away and they both walked away.

A month passed suddenly one day anindita received a call from an unknown number.

Anindita: hello, who is it?
Sidharth: wish you a happy friendship day
Anindita: sidharth it's you. Nice to hear you!!
Sidharth: you recognized my voice!
Anindita: I can recognize your voice even in my dreams
Sidharth: I am getting late for my college, please don’t mind i will call you back after some day
Anindita: ok
Sidharth: by the way this is my no. you can save this by name
Anindita: ok
Sidharth: bye
Anindita: bye

Since then both of them were in contact with each other
Suddenly one day anindita asked sidharth not to contact her anymore as she has promised with somebody that she would curtail all her contacts with him.
Even after much interrogation she didn’t tell anything more.
Sidharth was heart broken. His days were wretched and nights sleepless.

2 and half months passed...Sidharth decided to forget everything as a fate
Finally one day he got 2 miss calls from anindita at 3 in the morning.
Sidharth called her back but she didn’t pick the call instead sent him sms instead.

Anindita: are you still awake?
Sidharth: doing some assignments
Anindita: do you still feel the way you did in those school days?
Sidharth: yes I do.

They started talking with each other normally as before.
During this period anindita even proposed him.
It seemed that Siddharth’s love has passed the test of time and their journey of life ahead appeared smooth.

But Siddharth’s happiness didn't last long...
Anindita did things that sidharth could seldom interpret for example anindita never told why did she called her after nearly 2 and half months? Whom did she promise that she will cut all her contacts with sidharth?
Then again when everything looked good suddenly one day anindita told sidharth that she is not good enough for sidharth.
She told sidharth that he deserves much better person then her.
Sidharth was shocked with her words. He asked why did she propose him.
Anindita replied she never loved him and she thought if she would propose him then feelings for sidharth may arise in her heart but since there was no such feelings she doesn’t want to be in contact with him anymore.
Sidharth tried to convince her but she refused to speak even a word. Sidharth tried to call her on many occasion but she refused to reply and then finally changed her phone number.

In this way there was an abrupt end to what people call love!

On reading this story people may have different opinion on the boy and the girl!!!

But friends before you come to any decision I would like to stress on few case you all people blame the girl and think that she was never serious and was flirting with him.

Do you think anindita had promised anybody that she would never contact sidharth? She may be lying but what if she was telling the truth?
Do you think anindita didn’t have any feelings for sidharth? She may not have but then why did she propose?
Is it because anindita didn’t have any feelings for sidharth that she refused to contact her? It may be true but do you think this the reason behind her breaking away?
Don’t you think anindita was having some problems? She may be fooling around but what if she was really facing some pressure form somebody may be from her parents?
Why did anindita say sidharth deserves a better person then her? Does sidharth really deserves a better person? What made anindita speak those words to him suddenly?

I have asked few questions at the beginning of the story from Siddharth’s prospective and few questions at the end from anindita's prospective...
So what's your view?

Do you think that anindita would come back to Siddharth’s life again?


  1. i dnt think so....she would come to sidharth's lyf...n 1thng sidharth must 4gt her at any cost...othrwise that fellin cud ruin him,,,,so,,,,better to leave her....i can undrstnd its hard to 4gt...

  2. After reading it I was left in a trance. Either it is the story of your life or u r a pretty good writer.I believe the story is real.........the emotions were real ...i felt so atleast.Well for your question at the end........even Freud died with one question unanswered:"What Women really want?"

  3. its very similar to my story...
    i know wt yhe real feeling is...its very difficult to forget someone...

  4. Yes I know someone who has undergone this and that person did come back to her. He had left her for someone else and that someone else had broken his heart so he was back to her.... but by that time that girl had nothing left to give him. She was broken beyond repair but she continued to give a patient listening to him as her last words to him were:

    Anytime you need someone to listen to you without judging you.... I will be there..promise!

    And yes... your writing is marvelous, the emotions flow like magic here!

    1. Thanks for your Appreciation...yet again...i would like to know about your comments by the time you finish reading all my posts...i am eagerly waiting for that...!!!


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