Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Past,Present and Future!!!

A person was sitting in his room thinking about the day....the day is special to him because today is the birthday of the person with whom he recently broke.
He was deep in his thoughts when he realized ....the three parts of his body heart,brain and soul where talking to each other.

Brain: What should i do today should i call her on her birthday,will she be angry on me?
Heart: I am still in my school days,i just surprised her by wishing birthday at midnight.

Soul interrupted..

Soul:Will you both stop arguing and let me enjoy birthday(year 2012) with her.


jest:We all know Brain is supposed to be practical who believes in the present so here it is thinking about today
Heart is associated with emotions and feelings of the past so it's still in the past enjoying the best moments.
Soul is free to wonder,so it's in the future optimistic about a bright future.
thus it's one of the instance through which we can depict past,present and future at the same moment of time.


  1. friends one request if you really want to comment,comment on my writing whatever it may be appreciation or criticism so that i can improve with each of my blogs but please don't comment on anybody else.

  2. Lovely...very practically written yet heartfelt!

  3. Yup...Only few can understand how it does feel :)


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