Friday, December 18, 2009

A farewell....A dream!!!

On the eve of the farewell of batch 2006-2010

Speaker: Now i would like to invite Anjan roy to speak something on how he feels on this auspicious day

anjan is nowhere in the scene...
all the lights were focused to the place where anjan was sitting.
a depleted,dejected person with his head down slowly stands up & comes to the stage.

Speaker: so how do you feel today? a day of your farewell.
anjan: I....I don't want farewell
Speaker: why?
anjan: i don't want farewell.i have just started enjoying my days out here.
Speaker:these are the norms of every college,you have to leave one day after you graduate.
anjan: but i have taken admission just 6 months back.
Speaker:anjan you are in final year now.after a weekend you will be having your 8th sem exams & then you will have to leave.
anjan:but i don't want to leave.
Speaker:it seems you are not mentally prepared for this day.anjan please take your farewell gift.
anjan:no i don't want to take it
Speaker:anjan please take that memento.

Mother:wake up son,wake up. you are getting late.

anjan slowly opened his eyes

anjan:ah! it was a dream!
Mother: what?
anjan: a dream of the farewell!
Mother:2 years have passed since you have passed your engg.,you have completed your is the first day of your job and you are still dreaming of that farewell?
anjan:mother you wont understand,the four years of engg.are something you cannot forget.

a remembrance of engg. life.

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