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Book Review: because every raindrop is a HOPE

Book:  because every raindrop is a HOPE

Author:  Mansi Sharma and Shankalp Kohli

ISBN:  9789380914435

Genre:  Fiction/Romance

Price:  125 ( I received it directly from Writer)

Pages:  182



One should never let one’s ego to vouch the center stage in Friendship and should always let trust to overhaul all misunderstanding in close friends. When am speaking about ‘because every raindrop is a HOPE’ Trust and Ego would be the two words which would lead up to mearstones.  Mesmerizing plot that will compel you to believe – ‘There’s always time to forget your past and start a new beginning.’  With a power pact moral –‘People say we die when we stop breathing but the truth is we die when we stop Hoping’.  This book is a must for all bachelors who more often than not are carried over by infatuations thinking its love thus ruining their life. A book which will motivate you to have a clear sight of Friendship, Love, Jealousy, Lust, Ego and most importantly Hope, when you are all set to give up. ‘because every raindrop is a HOPE’ is wound around college life but am sure it will give enough leads not only about life at college but Life above all…!!!

Cover page & Title:

With a rather somber looking cover- A man facing backward looking over the woodlands in a mist, readers might think this to be a serious read. Title also gives an indication of something even brainstorming but mind your thoughts as this is as entertaining and fast paced as you can get. This book falls in one of those rare categories where I can profoundly say-‘Never Judge a book by its cover.’

About the Authors:
Mansi Sharma Having a zeal to sail the vessel, till the river runs dry in the chase of her dreams; Mansi is a person who takes the challenges and surprises that life and destiny throws at her, with courage.       
Nesting big dreams from her childhood in the Beautiful City of Chandigarh, post her Graduation in Physics (Hons.) from PU, she moved to Pune for her Masters. An MBA Graduate from SCIT, Pune, Mansi is presently working in one of the top Indian Telcos.       
With a slice of painter, dash of an avid reader, a writer and an unexplored poet, she is an emotional and sensitive person.              
Sankalp Kohli Born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp is an MBA Graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. 
An entrepreneurial soul with an imprint of a perfectionist, he is a workaholic, who believes in turning every single moment of life into something constructive and fruitful. Being an avid reader since the beginning, he eventually began giving his thoughts and ideas, the wings of words in the form of blogs.        
He is a person who holds his parents above all, especially his mother. All his dreams and aspirations are driven by his wish to make his parents feel proud

Compositional Report:
As I said earlier this book will thrust you off-guard by the time you finish the first few pages as you would realize you are about to read about bachelor life, a life in college…And college life can never be dull no matter what kind of person you are…!!!

The story revolves around a teenager Raj Malhotra as the main lead who sets off along with two of his childhood friends Rahul Bhatia and Rohan Awasthi from a small town Kanpur to a fast paced Metropolitan-A city which never sleeps- Mumbai for his higher studies at Mumbai College of Engineering and management studies (MCEMS) for a five year integrated course. Story is divided into 15 chapters and an epilogue but I would categorize it into three Parts.

First part of the story deals with Raj settling in one of the Hostels of MCEMS near the Juhu beach with a windup of his 1st love Shruti and how he lost her. The story moves forward with the echelons of Ragging night, First day at college, falling in love with a rather simple looking girl Mahek, Cricketing heroics, Exams, Jealousy about a friend reaching a milestone, Ego clashing and all the cliches of about the college life… but the real difference would the way each of this topics is handled… freshness of plots woven around an interesting subplots guiding the story forward. One would feel as if there’s someone whom you know sharing the same traits as its portrayed…whether it’s about the true love Of Mahek, Ragging Blurs, relief of achievement or jealousy of a friend taking over…This part is as entertaining as it could be.

Second Part…or I should say the turning point of the story where Shruti met raj coincidentally. Raj felt as if his lost love is back and in the process ditched Mahek but very little did he knew that Shruti didn’t come to stay and she got rid of him the same way she left him on the first occasion. Unable to bear the brunt and the feeling of ‘None can ditch him’ Raj implied the same for Mahek and Mahek struggled to keep herself up to it and struggled to move on. Meanwhile in a quest of love or I should say lust raj ended with one night stand with a German Cera in his trip to Goa with Rohan, Rahul and Rahul’s girlfriend Preeti . In strive to forget his past (Shruti and Mahek) Raj took to drugs which he himself condemned all his life but that was just a day’ affair and he needed something that could bury his past. He eventually hooked up with Debonita, a foreign exchange student and Rohan’s girlfriend…more for jealousy of being single amongst the three friends and for the growing concupiscence for the NRI Debonita. Debonita held the weakness of Raj perfectly and tuned his ego to hate his friends and thus forced Raj to grow his distances from his childhood friends. She even forced raj to commit a theft in the Funds of college that was meant for the college fest and finally sided her way out of Raj’s life.

The Third and the Best part according to me was the final part where Raj seemed hopeless…everything was lost for him…No friends, No one to share a moment with though he was the General Secretary of the college he had no one by his side. He had already lost Mahek whose love was genuine. Once A topper and a person who had grabbed the best package flunked and his low attendance did come up to his savior. His Impression also demeaned in front of Professor Tripathi whom raj looked up as a fatherly figure as Prof. Tripathi found about his theft though he saved raj from landing in jail…but till then everything was over for him…and it was only of the trio
 1) Rohan’s word before he met Prof. Tripathi. (A friend’s Concern)
2) Prof Tripathi’s realization words for Raj (Realization of what he was and what he is now)
3) Old Villager’s Retrospective speech of hoping and striving against all hope (To get over his past and start with a new hope)

The retrospective realization and hope was very carefully intertwined with the rain drop falling and its importance to  hope of a new beginning with Prof. Tripathi’s Word- “Life Doesn’t End when Every Rain drop is hope”

As for the loose straps it was hard finding out but I believe the start was a bit- beat around the bush as it was concentrated on the college happenings  rather than the main theme. But above all it was a fantastic read both from entertaining and motivating point of view and one can’t get any better plot as this one which was focused on a bachelor life…a life where we often chose the wrong compartment for our destination as such this book is right up there for motivating people to realize the worth of many ethics I described above which if forgotten would lead to a life…better not lived. ‘because every raindrop is a HOPE’ is a book which will surely out number your expectations.


I would rate ‘because every raindrop is a HOPE’ 4 out of 5

Life Adjudication of the book:

A Book to read when you are not at your best and striving to get back at life as this will not only entertain you but will motivate you to give your best.


  1. 4 on 5 is a good rating.
    Some of these unknown writers do write good stuffs. Problem is public goes after the media hyped ones. May be I will pick it up.

    1. Yup...this has almost everything you can sought in a book...and the motivational part at the end is something which i believe is applicable to one and matter which circumstances you are facing....!!!

  2. With your rating and review, it looks like an amazing book. Will see if it is available here. :)

    1. Yes this book has everything any person can ask for and the motivational part at the end is it's special part which makes this a worth read...!!!

  3. The best book I have read in recent times. The story is very much vivid and inspiring. Authors have their own strong sense of philosophy. Overall I am just blown away after reading this book. This book makes me feel much better and makes me realise that Life is just a blissful journey! HATS OFF TO BOTH AUTHORS.


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