Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I never knew I was losing you…

Everybody falls in love …it’s the rule of the world and if a person doesn’t fall for someone in his/her entire life then be pretty sure that there is something wrong in that person. It’s not falling for someone but being in love with that special person of your life. I am not comparing to those who live like that of the saints leaving everything and sacrificing one and all but to all those heterosexual people living in this world. Those people are blessed who are loved by many at length of their life but the most fortunate are those who are loved by the same soul mate throughout his/her entire life. Here I am talking about the love that you would like to find in your beloved and those who really believe and appreciate true love will certainly accept to the fact that no one is more fortunate than the one who is loved by the same person till the death end of life…everybody is not so fortunate to get a partner whom they can really call a soul mate…here’s a story for everybody who believes in love-’ I never knew I was losing you’
How do you realize that you are really missing someone…
Feeling alone and lonely even when you are among with your closest friends…
Achieving everything in life you desired for but…you still feel as if you are lost…
Acquiring all the happiness and success that anybody can dream of but you still feel as if you are in dreaded sadness…
All those names (wealth) you have earned in your life, you are willing to give up for just a person who is no more in your life…
All your loved ones are there with you but you still feel as if you are orphaned…
Everybody sharing and enjoying your success in life…but you feel as if you have nobody to share your feelings with…
On a festive occasion…you prefer to remain alone…instead of spending time with your family and friends…
The moments which usually meant everything for you…certainly it seems as if everything was fake…
You tend to become a machine and not a human…with none of your achievement brings you joy…and no sorrows breaks you more than the sorrow of missing someone in your life…
I have seen people …who are physically alive but are dead from within just as the ones in the graves…have you ever tried to talk to those person? Have you ever felt that how a person’s existence in one’s life can change their entire life?
It’s strange isn’t it people go for fame, money and god knows how many things do they crave for but a single person’s absence from their life leaves all those materialistic things of no value…
I once chatted with a person who was deeply in love…I am not so fortunate to have love in my life but his words would certainly remind me if I ever think of a true lover…:”love is something which always makes you smile in deepest sorrows and vice versa. When you are with your beloved, you don’t aspire for anything else and it feels as if you are the richest and the wealthiest person on the earth. Similarly when you are without your love it seems as if somebody has taken your soul out of you and it’s difficult to breathe even.”
After many years when I had the opportunity to talk with the same person…when I asked him about his love he could only say:” I never knew I was losing my love.”
Life which he admired the most became a hell for him...after I met him I realized losing a soul mate is more than losing your own life. Life had become meaningless for him… and I had no answer when he inquired me’ why am I alive.’ People live for a dream, people live for a family… everybody has a goal in life but the only goal he had in his life was the girl he loved. There was nothing left in his life…I tried to calm him down with words like…everybody who is alive has a reason…and it’s possible that we may not be aware of the reason of our existence but there has to be something why he is still alive…I told him many things but frankly speaking I didn’t have any answer. He had everything what a person can desire for…the only thing that he didn’t have was love.
Have you ever tried to mend up a broken relationship? How much can you sacrifice to crave your beloved back to your life? Have you ever tried to patch up instead of thinking of splitting and going away forever? Did you make any deliberate effort to make your love be with you in spite of all the misunderstandings?
These are few questions I would like to ask to those who think they are left alone…and they think that they never knew that they were on a path of losing their beloved…
Many times things go out of hand that even with your best efforts it won’t result in any fruitful outcome. I know nothing can be done with what has happened before and it won’t fetch anything if you keep on ruing with your past…that’s why I always keep on saying do something today…so that you won’t face the terms like the person I described above. Don’t think it’s over and it’s of no use …if you really love someone and you really want that person to be a part of your life take steps today…do something to convince your love…do something that would make her feel that you still love her as you did before. don’t wait for any auspicious day…have a feeling I have to do it today…even if you don’t get the desired result you would at least have a satisfaction that you did whatever you could…always remember greats are not evolved in a day…they are the result of numerous failures who strengthen themselves with every failures and one day they come out to be the victorious.
You must have heard many times…but believe me these are the golden words…’when you desire for something and you give your cent percent more often than not you go on with achieving your goals. ‘It may take time as pyramids are not built in a day similarly to win your love back might get sometime and it depends on the adversities that had happened before. You often find people giving up at the vague end to success so never give up, don’t ever think I have tried for years and it’s not possible anymore or it’s too late. ‘Not possible’ are words found in the dictionary of those who doesn’t want to work hard (struggle) for their success. Success comes to those who believe it’s possible be it love or anything else in this world.
So friends whoever you are wherever you may be don’t ever let your love go away from you…if Shahjahan can build a Taj Mahal for her beloved can’t you bring back your love to you?
THERE ARE MANY WORDS THAT HURT A LOT BUT THE MOST HURTS WHEN YOU SAY ‘I NEVER KNEW I WAS LOSING YOU.’ I certainly don’t want to hear these words from anybody…so friends never give up…!!!
I never knew I was losing you is one of the famous sound track of westlife…enjoy the lyrics till I come up with my next script…!!!
I'm feeling so alone now tonight
Even though you're here by my side
Is there something on your mind
From the world you left behind

I feel as if the love shared before
Doesn't wanna be here no more
And if there's something on your mind
There's never been a better time
To tell me
Do you love me
Still wanting me
Like I need you

There came a crossing on the road
If only there were signs that show me which direction I should go
I live my life with no regrets
It hasn't caught up on me yet
But I never knew I was losing you

I wonder as you walk through the door
Are you gonna hurt me some more?
Never took you for the kind
Who would play upon my mind

Tell me what are you looking for
I can't play your games any more
And if there's something on my mind
I will always find the time
To tell you
I still love you
Still wanting you
How I need you

There came a crossing on the road
If only there were signs that show me which direction I should go
I live my life with no regrets
It hasn't caught up on me yet
But I never knew I was losing you

It's not for the first time
Someone else has hurt me
By faking it too long
Where did we go wrong?

There came a crossing on the road
If only there were signs that show me which direction I should go
I live my life with no regrets
It hasn't caught up on me yet
But I never knew I was losing you (2)
Losing you…!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A leaf from lot like life…

To begin with let me explain what is lot like life…it’s a documentary which was shot among all the hostellers of final year batch 2010, which includes special interviews from our principal Dr. S.S Rathore and our honorable hostel warden Pandey sir…it’s a leaf from lot like life as I have taken the concept from lot like life, unlike lot like life which has it’s motto of unveiling the experience of all the hostellers, I have confined it to the 3 musketeers of room no 5105. If I go on explaining about the interviews of all the members of the hostel…I might not be able to finish it in months…therefore I would concentrate on the interview of room no 5105 with few extra details…which were not present in lot like life…
ROOM NUMBER5 5105, the first digit in the room number signifies the block (most of the final year guys were in 5th block), the second digit signifies the floor…0 for ground floor and 1 for 1st floor, the last 2 digits represent the room number (by now many people might have guessed that whose room it might be…as I was the one who fancied the number 5). We were given the 4th block in 1st year, as we graduated to second year we were given the 5th block which would be our home for the remaining three years…the choice of rooms were given on merits. When we were called for choosing our room, my then roommates (Nilanjan and Ankan) preferred 1st floor, I had to make the final decision. I went on with their wishes and selected the room no 5105…the only room in the hostel with all the three roommates having a matching name (Anjan, Ankan and Nilanjan). After we went through the 2nd year Ankan preferred to shift to the ground floor so he shifted to a vacant room in ground floor. Ankan moved to a different room but yet we shared the same bench in our classes and I would sit behind him in the exams throughout my engineering career. Everyone would accept to the fact that I was far more serious towards my studies in my college days then in my school days and I would hardly depend on others in any exam (unlike the INFORMATICS PRACTICES exam of class 11 &12th where I doubt I have ever written any of the exams without any help from others) but would often help out others and I think Ankan still owes me a treat for that ‘C’ exam. Hope Ankan would be reading this. After Ankan left the room Dayanand wished to come into our room and he approached both Nilanjan and me, I had known Daya (Dayanand) from my 1st year and so I convinced Neil (Nilanjan)...…and then came Daya as our third roommate…
Few of the trademark characteristics of three of us…even when the exams where overhead Daya would not give up his sleeping habit for a mere university exam (the exams were our entire future depends) and would often say the most important thing is a proper sleep. He was not a kind of person who would remain awaken the entire night for exams as a result he would often be found sleeping with open books just after 5 minutes since he opened his books. He doesn’t need to study hard as he had the best concept when compared with me and Nilanjan. Nilanjan, what can I say about him we two are basically from the same area in Kolkata (Barrackpore), except our similarity in names nothing else was similar between us, but yet he was by far the most long lasting roommate…and one of the pillars of room number 5105 which was never broken. Nilanjan had the knack of reading novels; he won’t hamper his studies for his novels but would be often seen with a novel in hand. He had the best memorizing capability and would memorize almost anything which were a mere dream for us. He had that unique power of understanding the concepts by memorizing things which always amazed me. I was a cricket worm (must have heard about the word book worm I was a cricket worm) if not in field I would be seen at my computer playing cricket even the night before the exams…and would often say playing continuously for hours enhances my concentration & and whatever I could score at the exams it’s just because of my cricket 07 which I play in my computer…few would believe others considered me a freak, a cricket fanatic to be exact.
I must say Neil and Daya were the perfect roommates for me…everybody has few weaknesses but when I compared myself with them I always stand third…I have learned a lot from them be it friendship, adaptability, compromise, sacrifice, helping others…if I go on it would be a entire blog on what I learned from them so I am cutting it short…and concentrate on a leaf from lot like life. Before I start for the main interview here are few lines from Neil and Daya which would remain with me forever.
Nilanjan: wish our entire life be a hostel, I have learned a lot here, than what I have throughout my life. It’s totally different from school days were you could spend with your friends only for a stipulated period but in hostel you have to live with them. With so many people who are different from me, living with them and knowing them is a life time experience.
Dayanand: life is not what you expect to be but being what life expects from you. In hostel I have known many people who were genuinely good, it’s not often that you live up to your reputation to be known as a special person but with the roommates I have, they would always be special to me...wish could have them for my entire life.
Great words indeed….I also have something to speak…
I am very fortunate to be a part of MIET 2010 BATCH, I don’t know what others have to say about it but it was the best college that I could get into, the best hostel that I was a part of, and my roomies they were the best roommates I could ever get…missing everything like hell…
Here I come to the main interview…
Keshav one of the hosteller was taking the interview..
Keshav: we are in room number 5105…here are 3 musketeers of this room, please tell about yourself
Me: hello, I am Anjan Roy, electronics 8th sem. I am from Kolkata (Ichapur)
Daya: this is Dayanand Arya; I am basically from Gridih, Jharkhand. My branch is electronics and communication
Neil: good evening, my name is Nilanjan Roy. My branch is electronics and communication & I am from Kolkata (Barrackpore)
Keshav: ok…they are our Bengali brothers (indicating me and Neil as Daya wasn’t a Bengali…but he could understand Bengali as any Bengali would)
Keshav: your first question tell me about your best and worst experience in these 4 years
Me: there hasn’t been much to call as a best experience, but the moment I cherish the most is when I won the man of the series in HPL (indoor cricket tournament) last year…including 3 man of the match awards…I was the highest run scorer as well as the highest wicket taker in the entire tournament. worst experience: in 1st year when I was suffering from viral flu…our hostel warden Pandey sir spread the news that I was suffering from chickengonia…I was very disturbed hearing that…as it was just a viral flu which lasted for hardly 3-4 days.
Daya: best experience: to meet the friends out here…I met few very good friends…few were good friends in first year but nothing such remained after that…you know things like that happen in life…worst experience: the worst experience was that I have to came here in Gondia
Keshav:…so you also blame Gondia?
Daya: I am not blaming Gondia we are here because we deserved.
Neil: there is not any best experience as such…but still celebrating friends birthday or occasions like New Year, holi…I would miss these. Worst experience: it happened in 7th sem only…I came up did my college admissions and went home without my hostel admissions…Pandey sir called me up and said my hostel admissions would be cancelled..i had to board the train the very day I reached home…it was a hectic journey…but I am ok with that…things like that do happen. This is the worst experience, except this there wasn’t any bad experience as such.
Keshav: what would you miss the most after going from this place?
Me: I will miss my classes the most…not many in the hostel are much bothered about classes…but I want to do classes…I am not a book worm or anything like that but still I would miss my classes.
Keshav: I would like to say…Anjan is one of the most punctual student of electronics department…I am also from electronics department, it’s good that he is not in my section. But he is very regular with his classes.
Daya: I will also miss the classes. We are here for 4 years, when you live in a place for so long…you tend to grow some bonding with that place…whatever it may be good or bad but it was 4 important years of our life. Therefore I will miss this place….will miss the hostel life such lives in the after years exist only in the memories….will miss the friends out here…few very good friends…like Shobhit, my roommates…
Neil: I will miss the hostel…when I came to Gondia…if it wouldn’t had been this hostel I wouldn’t have known about this place….i really enjoyed it a lot…classes…I do classes ..i don’t bunk classes very often but my attachment towards the college and class is not much as compared to hostel…this environment, atmosphere…appeals me a lot…I will really miss this…
Keshav: my last question what will be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Gondia?
Me: the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word Gondia…a place which is cut off from the city (Nagpur) but it still has a college, it has something special in it which I can say…I cannot call it a great but it can be called as a place where a person who wants to do good can do good…no matter whatever may be the case.
Daya: when I didn’t know much about this place…I only had information that Gondia is a halt where all the trains have a stoppage…I thought it would be a good place…but when I came here it was not what I expected…but if anybody would ask me about this place…the image of this college would certainly come into my mind…Gondia is also known for its tobacco factory…and it is also known as the’ wheat bowl’
Nilanjan: Gondia is indeed a small town compared to a village…I also had a similar thinking like Daya that it would be a good place…I thought it would be near Nagpur or somewhere close to it…I didn’t know it was so much far from Nagpur (130 kilometers). When I first came down to Gondia railway station I thought it’s a good place…during 1st year and 2nd year I didn’t like this place…but as time went by I started liking this place…from 1st year to now a lot of development has taken in the Gondia city, place is changing… people’s mentality is also changing…it will take time in developing…but it’s developing…slow but steady.
Keshav: according to them Gondia wasn’t a city of their dream…it would take time and may be the students to come may have their dream city…that’s all from room number 5105.
It was a short interview….but still had lot in it… let’s see what our principal had to say
Dr S.S Rathore: I know how you guys must be feeling right now…on the verge of completing your engg. When a drop of water falls into ocean it loses its individuality but when this same drop falls on the lotus leaves they shine as the pearl…I am sure when you will come in your silver jubilee celebration… you would notice your friends going up in the ladder of life…I may not be there …many of the teachers would not be present there…but I am sure you will feel as a pearl that day…
There was a long interview of our hostel warden Pandey sir…but I will only go through the essence
Pandey sir: this 2006 batch which is going out in 2010 is a unique batch…I am not praising you all…but it’s a fact and data’s reveal the fact…this batch that appeared under the university has taken it to different level…results are the proof of that. We have a demographic disadvantage…if we compare Mumbai and Gondia there is a vast difference…but still our college has a good ratio of teaching staff thanks to AICTE for tightening the norms. The basic need of any institution is its faculty and I am proud that we are improving with every passing year. Hostel students are known for their intelligence and skills…I have to say 80% of the college result is contributed by the hostel students… And this is the only batch in my 26 year of experience as a hostel warden (MIET, Gondia) that has broken the passing percentage of Nagpur University. Not only academics but this batch is good in all extracurricular activities… a really unique batch MIET 2006-2010.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pandey sir indeed our batch was the best…and much of its credit goes to you…
It’s just a leaf from lot like life...and the credit goes to Shobhit Verma (one of the hosteller) who realized this concept and made it a dream come true through…’a lot like life’. I got the inspiration for writing this blog from Shobhit…hats off to you and all others who made the documentary ‘lot like life’ possible.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music: the soul of good living

What is music? Some say its love, some relate it as a synonym of life, others call it the essence of life, some call it a driving force, and some call it a tune that controls the universe. You would get N number of answer for a simple word ‘music’. What is so unusual about it that everybody from young to old have a liking towards it? Music is any auditory sound that’s pleasing & harmonious. Everybody likes music but their taste varies from person to person. Some like rock others prefer classical or pop…some like old flicks where as there are many who are trendy and like music like jazz and it goes on…you go on naming a person and the taste varies…right from same age group to a varied age differences…
What’s so charming about music that it binds people from different cultures, religions and lingual? Music doesn’t always mean song; songs are only a subdivision of musical form. You don’t need to understand the other’s language to know or like one’s music. Music has the supreme power of influencing people across borders and befriend with them through sweetness & fragrance. Thus music is often called the quintessential for bonding people across the globe.
With so many differences among states, national and international boundaries music seems to be the only weapon* that can unite the whole world into one. If we ever want to think about peace and brotherhood among nations then it’s only possible if people have harmony among themselves and it could be only brought about by music. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind; as such music is the only instrument that can make bitter enemies to friends…it can sort the world of disputes and divergences. No international meets, discussions, summit has the power to sort out the differences and agony as music can do. Not only the international but the regional issues like the castes, religions and lingual can be best resolved by music. It’s often said pen is mightier than sword in a similar way music is mightier than the missiles. Peace, harmony and brotherhood can never be achieved by a country’s nuclear power…it can be only thought of, if we take music as a weapon against the wars… (weapon* -I have deliberately used the word to show its significance as a tool against the wars, music is off course not a weapon in general terms)
I think I have talked a lot about music and its vantages on national and international issues. Coming down to a much smaller unit that is a person, what does music mean to him? Some call it a stress buster where as some have it for enjoying themselves in free time. Looking at a broader role of music to an individual it’s a tool that motivates a tiring person to go on with his work, a happy person’s expressions of his joy, a depressed person’s medicine to soothe him up, an angry person’s friend to calm him down, a loser’s hope, a winner’s song, a lyricist’s lyrics, a singer’s dream, a student’s pastime, a lover’s love, a friends friendship, a devotees prayer, an employer’s relaxation, a world peace activist’s speech, a true Indian’s patriotism, i would say to the extent that it relates to human’s soul. Friends don’t just go on reading the above mentioned comparisons think for a while how music can play a diversified role in one’s life, then you would also start respecting music like the freedom fighters.
I don’t think anything else in this world plays such a wider role on a person’s life as music does. Those who think music is only for movies and singers …I think you should think again. Whenever a person is representing his country he is known by the national anthem of that particular country, be it the Olympics or the United Nations meet. It shows how music and songs are not only important but essential to one’s life. In almost every primary schools music has been given equal importance just like the studies. In my opinion music should not only be limited to primary schools but to all higher education institutes where the interested personalities can get a chance to develop & enhance their skills. It not only relaxes one’s mind but also freshens up for tougher competitions of life. Music is often called the best friend of a person no matter whatever profession he is in. A person who doesn’t like music can only be present in mars because in earth if such a person has to exist he has to be a non living…who doesn’t breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide…and such a person can only be outside the planet earth. People have also spoken to the extent that a person without music is equivalent to dead.
Music is something which connects one to his inner self. Music is for every moment of life parties, pubs, discos or even when you are alone spending a quiet moment with yourself. The taste of music often determines the character of a person. Music also transpires ones thinking as such play a vital role of one’s existence and survival. Similar to people’s tastes music has different moods one for every occasion. Music is that link in the humanity which if properly understood connects the missing link between man and the ultimate superpower god. Starting from devotions, prayers or spiritual cords music plays a crucial role in person’s wellbeing as is said by the saints. Music has the power of energizing your cells and guides it to move on a path, a path of purity. Music is thus used for purifying one’s soul and is considered much more effective than dip in the Ganges.
In the end I would like to conclude by saying I am in no way connected to music or any of its form. But still I could write about it because music is for everybody…it has different meaning for different people. But one thing is for sure wherever music is used or retroacted, music has one aim that is the well being of a person, a country or the universe as the whole. Friends’ music is for good, so apply music in your life for the benefit of one and all… with that I would like to take a leave…with my final words…Music indeed a soul of good living.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My experiment with truth

My experiment with truth
This world is strange one has to smile when he should cry. Even with greatest heart breaks people have to show as if everything is all right. You cannot show your problems or else you would be a laughing stock in front of others. This world is so strange that you often found yourself at the receiving end with people waiting to add salt to your wounds. Whom you trust the most, more often they are the ones who force you to see the worst of days. You will hardly see a soul who is happy from within here I am with one of my writing where I myself will interview one of my friend who claims himself to be happy. I have deliberately hidden the identity of the person for obvious reasons…
Me: everyone claim to be happy. Today I am with a close friend of mine where I will reveal how happy he is and what he claims to be.
Me: so you claim yourself to be happy?
Friend: happiness is a correlative word I am single and happy.
Me: so you are happy because you are single?
Friend: I told you it’s a correlative word…I am not happy because I am single or the other way round but the point is I am single and happy which in itself is self explanatory.
Me: so you also claim to be single?
Friend: if you don’t have any girl around with you, I suppose people call them to be single.
Me: quite right…let me take you to an incidence which occurred few years back…which holds true even today…
Friend: which incidence are you talking about?
Me: around 5 years ago…you came to my house and you called a girl to know about your home’s landline number.
Friend: yup she was a close friend of mine and we had recently been shifted to that new place so I didn’t know the phone number.
Me: if I am not mistaken you knew the girl hardly for few months and you knew her phone number but not your own… don’t you think it’s strange?
Friend: people tend to remember the numbers they dial…tell me who dials his own landline number?
Me: people don’t dial their own number… I am taking you to one of the recent happenings… recently you were without your cell and were querying me about your dad’s no…but when I asked you, do you remember any number…you came up with 03325920218, 9433050198, 9432166698 isn’t these the number of that close friend of yours with whom you have not met for more than 4 years?
Friend: she was my life…she has gone far away from me…but I am happy.
Me: don’t you think it’s unusual that you don’t remember your dad’s number but you still remember the numbers which I am sure doesn’t exist anymore?
Friend: yup those numbers doesn’t exist…but it’s not any issue I am single and happy.
Me: you are single quite right…but can you explain why do you go to temple on 24th august every year?
Friend: I am god fearing person and I often go to temple…what if I go to temple on 24th august
Me: have you ever gone to temple on your parent’s birthday…or in that case…do you go to temple on your birthday?
Friend: I live with my parents 24*7 so I don’t have to go to temple to pray for them. And I don’t believe in praying for myself that’s why I go to temple to pray for the happiness of my dream girl.
Me: you just said you are single then why do you go and pray for her?
Friend: yes I am single as she is no more in my life…I pray for her happiness so that wherever she may be… god may part all her problems to me and give all the happiness from my life to her…so that she may be happy.
Me: you still claim yourself to be single?
Friend: then what should I call to myself committed to someone who doesn’t exist in my life anymore? I am single and happy.
Me: great…I have one more query…if you are single then why do you keep that girl’s photo in your wallet? I think you are carrying that photo for 6 years now…you don’t even carry your parent’s photo. All you carry is MAA KALI’S photo, SAI BABA’S photo and the photo of that girl probably from school magazine of class 11.
Friend: she is no more with me…so I carry her photo so that whenever I miss her I may be able to see her face.
Me: so you do…miss her…but why do you show to the entire world that you are happy when you are not?
Friend: you know there is no point discussing about your failures…and no one is interested about your failures…if you could be happy in spite of all which you lost everyone will look up to you…
Me: point to be noted…is there any wish you want to fulfill?
Friend: I want to see her for once.
Me: wish I could fulfill your wish. If I wouldn’t have seen you going to the temple that day…I would have never known that you still pray for her.
Friend: life is strange…you have to live with what you get in life.
Me: you know hardest moment is not when you lose something and tears come out of your eyes, but it is when you lose something and still manage to smile.
Friend: you know people have started taunting me if I ever speak about her…I have become a laughing stock in front of everybody.
Me: I can understand your feelings…I can suggest you one thing instead of hurting yourself with those silent tears you could share it with your close friends…you will be relaxed.
Friend: when I was speaking about laughing stock did you think I was publicly displaying my emotions…it’s the friends who make mockery of me.
Me: everyone is not the same…its madness to hate all the roses because you got scratched by one thorn… To give up all your dreams because one didn’t come true…to lose faith in god because one prayer wasn’t answered…to give up all your efforts because one of them failed…to condemn all your friend because one betrayed you…not to believe in love because someone broke a promise & left…
Friend: wish it was just one friend…but it isn’t the case with me…I could have lived with my love gone away with me but one after one everyone is turning their back on me.
Me: a famous saying says…it’s better to have one good friend then having thousand of fake ones. Don’t look at those who left you but count on those who are still with you…and with the grace of god you still have many around you who are better than anybody else.
Friend: yup… I am really grateful to all those who have stood by my side when I really needed one.
Me: the relation between one heart and another heart is called love but the relation between heart and heart beat is called friendship…you should consider yourself lucky that you still have friends right from your childhood days…
Friend: yeah…you made me feel better…whenever I think about all those friends I have, my worries of losing a false friend wipes off.
Me: I know nobody is happy…everybody has some or the other problems…but whenever you are troubled by one problem look the other side of it…see how grateful you are that you are blessed with so many happiness…I am sure you would find happiness in the worst of miseries.
Friend: you know I really feel happy in spite of being stranded as single.
Me: I am happy I could see those familiar smiles of yours which I am sure you must have forgotten yourself… you know you don’t look good when you are tense…
Friend: god knows where we will be in future but I will always remember your words…
Me: I believe in one thing…’friends are like sketch pens they color your lives, I may not be the favorite color, but still I would be needed someday to complete my friends life’s picture.’ If I could brighten one’s life and change a crying face into a smiling cheek my work is done…
Friend: you are really a good person I am privileged to have you as my friend…
Me: you were worrying about future…it’s quite possible that we may not be able to see each other in future…but whenever you are tensed spend few seconds talking to yourself the way you chatted with me…you will always find my words sprawling within you…and you will find happiness in your heart.
Friend: it seems you are a magician…all these days I was pretending to be happy without actually being happy..You were the one who could find happiness within me.
Me: you know avoidance from the close ones hurts the most and aloneness is the biggest punishment you can give to yourself. I am sure with all those friends you have you will never feel alone…and as far as your love is concerned you should feel proud of yourself…with all the avoidance and hatred you have to face you only gave your blessings and love in return.
Friend: I am not as great as you consider me to be…
Me: a person who prays for forgoing all his happiness in return wants only sorrows from his love is a great person. Can you name a single person who would trade happiness for sorrow?
Friend: don’t praise me so much…life would not have been so harsh on me if I were so good.
Me: every person has to face hardship…don’t think it’s only you who have to face this, all those who are in the path of goodwill has to face a similar problem. Don’t break away or give up, I don’t guarantee you happy life ahead but one thing is sure you will leave this earth happily, all the tears you have shed for others they are the ones who will be crying for you…
Friend: I have only one sentence for you…’wish every person on this earth could have you as a friend then nobody would be left alone feeling depressed in life’
Me: thanks buddy…you know friendship is like a tree it isn’t measured on how tall it could be but on how deep the roots are…it can also be compared with the diary which takes few seconds to burn but years to write so write it carefully and never let it burn…keep all the pages safe, your diary would never be complete…with even a single page missing…hopefully you realize what I am speaking…anyways it was nice talking to you…would be coming up to you soon till then take care of yourself. Bye.
No person is happy no matter how rich or wealthy he may be. People tend to hide their grief and exhibit a face which is not real. My experiment with truth is actually an effort to bring out the happiness from within. People have become so tense in their lives that they have forgotten to laugh. Every person has the strength to cope with whatever problems they are facing…it only depends on realizing your strengths. You don’t have to show a fake smile to hide your sorrows it only takes to unveil your goodness…you will be happy amidst deepest sorrows. A smile doesn’t cost a penny but not only it keeps you healthy but also makes the people around you feel good about themselves and others. Nobody will remember how you look, how you speak, what you did, but only thing they remember is, how you made them feel. So friends whenever you laugh make sure you are happy from within…and if you are happy the entire world around you will seem happy…have a good day (dated 1st September 2010.)
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