Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I never knew I was losing you…

Everybody falls in love …it’s the rule of the world and if a person doesn’t fall for someone in his/her entire life then be pretty sure that there is something wrong in that person. It’s not falling for someone but being in love with that special person of your life. I am not comparing to those who live like that of the saints leaving everything and sacrificing one and all but to all those heterosexual people living in this world. Those people are blessed who are loved by many at length of their life but the most fortunate are those who are loved by the same soul mate throughout his/her entire life. Here I am talking about the love that you would like to find in your beloved and those who really believe and appreciate true love will certainly accept to the fact that no one is more fortunate than the one who is loved by the same person till the death end of life…everybody is not so fortunate to get a partner whom they can really call a soul mate…here’s a story for everybody who believes in love-’ I never knew I was losing you’
How do you realize that you are really missing someone…
Feeling alone and lonely even when you are among with your closest friends…
Achieving everything in life you desired for but…you still feel as if you are lost…
Acquiring all the happiness and success that anybody can dream of but you still feel as if you are in dreaded sadness…
All those names (wealth) you have earned in your life, you are willing to give up for just a person who is no more in your life…
All your loved ones are there with you but you still feel as if you are orphaned…
Everybody sharing and enjoying your success in life…but you feel as if you have nobody to share your feelings with…
On a festive occasion…you prefer to remain alone…instead of spending time with your family and friends…
The moments which usually meant everything for you…certainly it seems as if everything was fake…
You tend to become a machine and not a human…with none of your achievement brings you joy…and no sorrows breaks you more than the sorrow of missing someone in your life…
I have seen people …who are physically alive but are dead from within just as the ones in the graves…have you ever tried to talk to those person? Have you ever felt that how a person’s existence in one’s life can change their entire life?
It’s strange isn’t it people go for fame, money and god knows how many things do they crave for but a single person’s absence from their life leaves all those materialistic things of no value…
I once chatted with a person who was deeply in love…I am not so fortunate to have love in my life but his words would certainly remind me if I ever think of a true lover…:”love is something which always makes you smile in deepest sorrows and vice versa. When you are with your beloved, you don’t aspire for anything else and it feels as if you are the richest and the wealthiest person on the earth. Similarly when you are without your love it seems as if somebody has taken your soul out of you and it’s difficult to breathe even.”
After many years when I had the opportunity to talk with the same person…when I asked him about his love he could only say:” I never knew I was losing my love.”
Life which he admired the most became a hell for him...after I met him I realized losing a soul mate is more than losing your own life. Life had become meaningless for him… and I had no answer when he inquired me’ why am I alive.’ People live for a dream, people live for a family… everybody has a goal in life but the only goal he had in his life was the girl he loved. There was nothing left in his life…I tried to calm him down with words like…everybody who is alive has a reason…and it’s possible that we may not be aware of the reason of our existence but there has to be something why he is still alive…I told him many things but frankly speaking I didn’t have any answer. He had everything what a person can desire for…the only thing that he didn’t have was love.
Have you ever tried to mend up a broken relationship? How much can you sacrifice to crave your beloved back to your life? Have you ever tried to patch up instead of thinking of splitting and going away forever? Did you make any deliberate effort to make your love be with you in spite of all the misunderstandings?
These are few questions I would like to ask to those who think they are left alone…and they think that they never knew that they were on a path of losing their beloved…
Many times things go out of hand that even with your best efforts it won’t result in any fruitful outcome. I know nothing can be done with what has happened before and it won’t fetch anything if you keep on ruing with your past…that’s why I always keep on saying do something today…so that you won’t face the terms like the person I described above. Don’t think it’s over and it’s of no use …if you really love someone and you really want that person to be a part of your life take steps today…do something to convince your love…do something that would make her feel that you still love her as you did before. don’t wait for any auspicious day…have a feeling I have to do it today…even if you don’t get the desired result you would at least have a satisfaction that you did whatever you could…always remember greats are not evolved in a day…they are the result of numerous failures who strengthen themselves with every failures and one day they come out to be the victorious.
You must have heard many times…but believe me these are the golden words…’when you desire for something and you give your cent percent more often than not you go on with achieving your goals. ‘It may take time as pyramids are not built in a day similarly to win your love back might get sometime and it depends on the adversities that had happened before. You often find people giving up at the vague end to success so never give up, don’t ever think I have tried for years and it’s not possible anymore or it’s too late. ‘Not possible’ are words found in the dictionary of those who doesn’t want to work hard (struggle) for their success. Success comes to those who believe it’s possible be it love or anything else in this world.
So friends whoever you are wherever you may be don’t ever let your love go away from you…if Shahjahan can build a Taj Mahal for her beloved can’t you bring back your love to you?
THERE ARE MANY WORDS THAT HURT A LOT BUT THE MOST HURTS WHEN YOU SAY ‘I NEVER KNEW I WAS LOSING YOU.’ I certainly don’t want to hear these words from anybody…so friends never give up…!!!
I never knew I was losing you is one of the famous sound track of westlife…enjoy the lyrics till I come up with my next script…!!!
I'm feeling so alone now tonight
Even though you're here by my side
Is there something on your mind
From the world you left behind

I feel as if the love shared before
Doesn't wanna be here no more
And if there's something on your mind
There's never been a better time
To tell me
Do you love me
Still wanting me
Like I need you

There came a crossing on the road
If only there were signs that show me which direction I should go
I live my life with no regrets
It hasn't caught up on me yet
But I never knew I was losing you

I wonder as you walk through the door
Are you gonna hurt me some more?
Never took you for the kind
Who would play upon my mind

Tell me what are you looking for
I can't play your games any more
And if there's something on my mind
I will always find the time
To tell you
I still love you
Still wanting you
How I need you

There came a crossing on the road
If only there were signs that show me which direction I should go
I live my life with no regrets
It hasn't caught up on me yet
But I never knew I was losing you

It's not for the first time
Someone else has hurt me
By faking it too long
Where did we go wrong?

There came a crossing on the road
If only there were signs that show me which direction I should go
I live my life with no regrets
It hasn't caught up on me yet
But I never knew I was losing you (2)
Losing you…!!!


  1. you are a very romantic person...may u have a great life ahead :)

  2. Thanks Jagathi for acknowledging me and my blogs. hopefully your words prove it's worth.

  3. Brilliant piece. You know why I say that - coz you have told about the efforts needed for keeping up a relationship. People generally talk only about good things of being in love, the romance and the jazz. No one talks about understanding, accomodating, letting go and still holding on to that person tightly for you simply cannot imagine life without them!

    Loved it... an excellent post :)

    1. Exactly that's what i tend to display through this post...amazing the way you could interpret...!!!

      really enthralled to get a comment from someone who reads and writes tonnes of article herself :)


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