Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music: the soul of good living

What is music? Some say its love, some relate it as a synonym of life, others call it the essence of life, some call it a driving force, and some call it a tune that controls the universe. You would get N number of answer for a simple word ‘music’. What is so unusual about it that everybody from young to old have a liking towards it? Music is any auditory sound that’s pleasing & harmonious. Everybody likes music but their taste varies from person to person. Some like rock others prefer classical or pop…some like old flicks where as there are many who are trendy and like music like jazz and it goes on…you go on naming a person and the taste varies…right from same age group to a varied age differences…
What’s so charming about music that it binds people from different cultures, religions and lingual? Music doesn’t always mean song; songs are only a subdivision of musical form. You don’t need to understand the other’s language to know or like one’s music. Music has the supreme power of influencing people across borders and befriend with them through sweetness & fragrance. Thus music is often called the quintessential for bonding people across the globe.
With so many differences among states, national and international boundaries music seems to be the only weapon* that can unite the whole world into one. If we ever want to think about peace and brotherhood among nations then it’s only possible if people have harmony among themselves and it could be only brought about by music. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind; as such music is the only instrument that can make bitter enemies to friends…it can sort the world of disputes and divergences. No international meets, discussions, summit has the power to sort out the differences and agony as music can do. Not only the international but the regional issues like the castes, religions and lingual can be best resolved by music. It’s often said pen is mightier than sword in a similar way music is mightier than the missiles. Peace, harmony and brotherhood can never be achieved by a country’s nuclear power…it can be only thought of, if we take music as a weapon against the wars… (weapon* -I have deliberately used the word to show its significance as a tool against the wars, music is off course not a weapon in general terms)
I think I have talked a lot about music and its vantages on national and international issues. Coming down to a much smaller unit that is a person, what does music mean to him? Some call it a stress buster where as some have it for enjoying themselves in free time. Looking at a broader role of music to an individual it’s a tool that motivates a tiring person to go on with his work, a happy person’s expressions of his joy, a depressed person’s medicine to soothe him up, an angry person’s friend to calm him down, a loser’s hope, a winner’s song, a lyricist’s lyrics, a singer’s dream, a student’s pastime, a lover’s love, a friends friendship, a devotees prayer, an employer’s relaxation, a world peace activist’s speech, a true Indian’s patriotism, i would say to the extent that it relates to human’s soul. Friends don’t just go on reading the above mentioned comparisons think for a while how music can play a diversified role in one’s life, then you would also start respecting music like the freedom fighters.
I don’t think anything else in this world plays such a wider role on a person’s life as music does. Those who think music is only for movies and singers …I think you should think again. Whenever a person is representing his country he is known by the national anthem of that particular country, be it the Olympics or the United Nations meet. It shows how music and songs are not only important but essential to one’s life. In almost every primary schools music has been given equal importance just like the studies. In my opinion music should not only be limited to primary schools but to all higher education institutes where the interested personalities can get a chance to develop & enhance their skills. It not only relaxes one’s mind but also freshens up for tougher competitions of life. Music is often called the best friend of a person no matter whatever profession he is in. A person who doesn’t like music can only be present in mars because in earth if such a person has to exist he has to be a non living…who doesn’t breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide…and such a person can only be outside the planet earth. People have also spoken to the extent that a person without music is equivalent to dead.
Music is something which connects one to his inner self. Music is for every moment of life parties, pubs, discos or even when you are alone spending a quiet moment with yourself. The taste of music often determines the character of a person. Music also transpires ones thinking as such play a vital role of one’s existence and survival. Similar to people’s tastes music has different moods one for every occasion. Music is that link in the humanity which if properly understood connects the missing link between man and the ultimate superpower god. Starting from devotions, prayers or spiritual cords music plays a crucial role in person’s wellbeing as is said by the saints. Music has the power of energizing your cells and guides it to move on a path, a path of purity. Music is thus used for purifying one’s soul and is considered much more effective than dip in the Ganges.
In the end I would like to conclude by saying I am in no way connected to music or any of its form. But still I could write about it because music is for everybody…it has different meaning for different people. But one thing is for sure wherever music is used or retroacted, music has one aim that is the well being of a person, a country or the universe as the whole. Friends’ music is for good, so apply music in your life for the benefit of one and all… with that I would like to take a leave…with my final words…Music indeed a soul of good living.


  1. Music is my life. I have learnt it for like 8 years and agree to each and every word of is very soothing to my soul when I am angry and it adds to my joy when I want to celebrate. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is turn on some nice music. It sets a rhythm for me... as the song is predecided and that decides my mood for the day...!

    What a coincidence today itself I was trying to remember since when I fell in love with and now I read this post of yours to conclude - when is not important as long as that love affair continues life long!

    1. True; Indeed music is like a soul to us...a weapon for every mood...a tool for every event a synonym to life for every day lived...!!! must have seen the movie DIL CHAHTA HAI...there was a person who remembered all the dates and's not important to know that...only thing important is how you feel in your life...a feeling which can extend to your entire life...!!!


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