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Book Review : A Wild Rose

Book:  A Wild Rose

Author:  Uzma Jafri

 ISBN:  9789350880630

Genre:  Fiction/Romance

Price:  150 (I received it from Author)

Pages:  263


 If you are one amongst those who is always curious about- ‘why all bad things happen to good people’ then I must say this story would leave no stones unturned. A passionate story about love that reflects the true picture of teenagers/youth specially females who up till the age of late twenties grow up with the dreams of prince charming coming and sweeping them off their feet. A riveting must read for the fairer sex and an eye opener for all.

Cover page & Title:

If anybody wants me to generalize the story in one line I would say ‘A Wild Rose   love blossoms… until the thorn pricks’. Title is as aptly named as the cover page and therefore there should be a special mention of inkstudious and Sunil Kaushik for their outstanding work as any person who has read the story can acutely flash back through the entire story just by a glance.

About the Author:

Though she belongs to an affluent Muslim family, Uzma Jafri has been brought up in the most cosmopolitan way. A commerce graduate from Delhi University with a keen interest and active participation in public speaking, helped her to chisel a career in the media world. A television anchor by profession, she glows as a human being due to the unconditional support and love of her husband and child.

A Wild Rose’ is her debut humble attempt. Being a feminist at heart and in her actions, Uzma wrote this woman- centered fiction so that she could share her views with her readers. She is also a patron of the Non Profit Serve humanity foundation NGO which solely aims at serving humanity irrespective of colour, religion and culture.

She hands over the book to you and says “I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!”

Website :
Facebook Page :

Compositional Report:

The first and the foremost thing that comes to my mind while writing about it’s compositional report is the panache at which the Urdu shayaris have been used and therefore I would suitably state a shayari which clearly defines the state of  the main character Ritu Anand –‘Doodh ka jala, chhaachh bhi phook phook kar peeta hai’ (Once Bitten Twice Shy).  

If the lessons of one’s first debacle is understood and analyzed properly the outcome of any recurring incidence would be sound. Though we often see a person who is being deceived once undergoes the pangs again and again if he/she doesn’t learn from their past experiences. Furthermore their wounds deepen when they start believing a person whom they know only for a certain time over the ones who know them from their childhood. This is the baseline over which the entire story revolves.

This story reminds me of one of the common question we often ask ‘Why do good people always suffer ?’ It’s not because they are genuinely good it’s because they are unable to differentiate between gold and the dust (good and the bad). 

Ritu Anand tries to salvage her lost possession (Name and fame) by returning to media after 2 years a consequence of the brunt of traumatic divorce which she has kept secret to the rest of the world. It’s said a person who has everything but not love is missing a huge chunk from their life…same was the case with Ritu, in the urge to find love she met a dashing, Casanova Anshuman through her new job in DAG (Dharma Agni Group).
Initially Ritu was weary of Anshuman though she was attracted to his looks but when Anshuman played his cards…it was too much to handle for Ritu and she gave in. Unable to control her crave for love she even curtailed her relations with her best friend Sumbul Siddiqui thus ignoring her warnings. This was the beginning of the path to downhill, Blinded by love she could only feel the passion of the wild rose until she was pricked by the merciless thorn. By then it was too late for either her best friend or her parents as the damage was beyond control.  


The best part of the story according to me is the way Uzma handled emotions. Though it’s a fiction but I believe there would be many who would relate their thinking with that of the main character Ritu and the dilemmas surrounding her.

I had one question right by the time I went through this Story. I am not taking anything away from her BFF (Sumbul Siddiqui ) and her efforts. She knew in and out about her friend…She knew it very well that Ritu was going down the wrong road then why didn’t she come up to rescue her friend before? Why was she not making efforts to contact Ritu for 2 months? 

This indeed is the charisma of the writer who made me feel helpless going about this riveting story. Full marks for the way she handled a rather difficult theme. Mesmerized with precise and engrossing story and now am eagerly waiting, crossing my fingers for the 2nd Part as I believe almighty can never be so harsh to people who are genuinely true with their feelings...!!!


I would rate ‘A Wild Rose’ 4 out of 5

Life Adjudication of the book: 

Though a fiction but a true eye opener which narrates the truth of about every second teenager/youth. This book shouldn’t be read for mere enjoyment but for a social upbringing.

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August 20th

23rd May 2004

“Finally I did it…my year long endurance has reaped in today... the topper of the school Class Xth 2004 ”   Kanisha confidently quoted to her friend Soni
“Congo Kanisha…I knew you would …today is your day” Soni chuffed in
“I have decided to take Bio-Math…what about you”
“Kanisha…am thinking for the same”
“When are you going for the admissions for class XI?”
“8th June”
“I would be going with you…have heard classes would commence from 21st June”
“Yes it would commence on 21st…and am looking forward to it. The past month has really been boring for me...was missing school a lot”
“I know you are missing school after all your name would be written in golden letters for being the topper…you would be the center of attraction when school reopens”
“Stop pulling my leg eagerly waiting for the school to reopen but I have a weird feeling about it”
“It seems there’s something awaiting for me…I don’t know what it is but am sure there’s something”
“you have started hallucinating again... Kanisha”
“It’s not hallucination...anyways you won’t understand now…but you would someday”

21st June 2004

“Why have they bifurcated the class?  I won’t go for Section B” Kanisha retorted irritatingly
“Don’t worry…Bio-Math (section B) has more than 65 strength so few of us would be shifted to Section A (Math-IP) where the strength is near about 30. I have also heard there are new faces in that section”  Soni buzzed.
“Soni…you started again?”
“Why…what’s wrong in that?”
“Kanisha…if i am not mistaken...going by the introduction I feel there are few studious geeks in our class and would give run for your money”
“As if I care”
“What about that guy, the one who spoke about the book ‘You can win’
“Who? I don’t recollect”
“Ah…that guy in specs, I saw him staring at you…on multiple occasions”
“Really? Let’s keep an eye on him…let’s see what he is up to?”
“Ok…Done…I am already smelling something fishy”
“Don’t irritate…me Soni…let’s first get into the groove”
“All right Kanisha”

28th June 2004

“Soni were you talking about him?”
“Yes…Kanisha my darling…I was talking about him…”
“I think he can't remain seated for more than 5 minutes…looks like a Spring to me”
“Spring…nice name…I had a preconceived notion about him being a geek but today I saw him playing cards and he is good at cricket as well...I am forced to change my perception about him”
“Soni i believe, whatever he is, he is somewhat different...”
“How do you say that Kanisha?”
“See…he talks nonchalantly with teachers as he would with his fellow mates but is hesitant specially when speaking to a girl and yeah I once saw him staring at me…it seems, he wants to speak something but he couldn't”
“Now Kanisha you are hallucinating again”
“No listen to me first”
“Yeah tell me”
“Today in Chemistry Coaching classes…we both shook hands with him...It was our first interaction outside school periphery...though he seemed connected but i felt he wasn’t comfortable…the way he spoke, the way he shook his hand…”
“You could notice all these things…wow…Kanisha”
“It’s my nature I notice each and every person and that’s nothing so special”
“All right Kanisha…I was just idling away”

5th July 2004

“Soni you know…He is really a decent guy and it’s nice to talk to him… certainly not like the other folks”
“Yeah…so you had a long chat with him today…”
“I escorted him to Sitangshu sir’s house and you would be surprised when i say he is really good at heart”
“Good at heart...hmmm...any further comments ?”
“He is jolly and always cheerful ...happy”
“Anything else?”
“Kanisha am predicting something…and according to my predictions…he is going to propose you someday”
“Not possible… whatever I have seen of him till now…I can guarantee you that he will never propose me...he is not that kind of person”
“Chill…Kanisha…let’s see what happens in future”

25th July 2004

“Today’s  Panipuri was awesome…Soni”
“I can understand about Panipuri…but what about you two…you were not  willing to stop”
“Nothing like that…we were just challenging each other”
“Next time onwards…I won’t take part in any such challenges…and yeah he looks good with you”
“Soni…Stop it, he is a good friend and you are always there with me whenever he is around…did you ever notice anything unusual?
“Exactly…He is a good friend…I see it like that”

August 13th 2005

“Kanisha….it’s wrong…you shouldn’t have reacted like that…I know you are angry on him and yes his words were harsh but you shouldn’t break your friendship just like that”
“Soni it’s over…and please stop bragging over it”
“I have heard…he has broke his foot after your quarrel…and now he won't come to class for a month”
“What? When? How? ”
“While playing football…the other day…”
“But he doesn't play football”
“I know …Apprehensive after quarreling with you ...he went to play football, a result of persuasion from boys coupled with mental distress, now he is sitting at home with a broken foot
“Oh...shit... I Hope he recovers soon”
“Kanisha…this shows what you really feel for him…so please cut the crap and be friends…he is your good friend”
“Not unless he approaches me and speaks sorry to me”

August 20th   2005

“Kanisha, he is here…he has come to school with a broken foot…actually he is being lifted all the way through”
“Where is he”
“Near the main entrance”
Kanisha was the first one who rushed to see…but her ego didn’t let her go and talk to him.

Later that day

“Kanisha… I don’t believe you…”
“What did I do Soni?”
“You are staking your friendship for a silly quarrel? Couldn’t you speak up to him and make up?”
“It wasn’t my Mistake Soni…and why should I bow down?”
Friendship never implies to bow down it's about how you prioritize your friendship before your ego as Friendship isn't about 'I' it’s about 'US' and how you traverse from 'US' to 'WE'”
“Whatever it may be I am not going to take the first step”
“You told me -He is a good person… he is not like others…but still you are hesitant to speak to him why?
“I don't know...probably because I want him to come up first…”
“What if, he doesn’t come up?”
“I will leave the matter here itself…and move forward”
“What if, he stays where he is and waits for you to come up?”
“Stop…all these…no one waits for anybody….and this is the truth of life”

20th August 2013

“Kanisha why your birthday showing 20th August on Facebook and not 24th August?”
“To know…whether people really remember my birthday or not…am glad you remembered”
“It seems you don’t want to tell me the truth, anyways....tell me how’s Life”
“Life is going on…what about you?”
“Life has become monotonous…everyday seems the same…school days were the best”
“Yeah…school days were the best…I want to go back to school”
“Talking about school…it reminds me of  an incidence that occurred this very day…”
“Which incidence Soni?”
“Remember you spoke…no one waits for anybody. You were not willing to speak to him after a quarrel...will your answer be the same today?”
“I really don’t know Soni…I was clueless then and I am clueless now with the present circumstances”
“Kanisha…I remember that day very clearly 20th August…2005…in response to your words i had replied… ‘In life you will surely meet someone who is destined for you...he will wait for you till eternity and the day you acknowledge that person your life is bound to change….and please don’t let that person go away from your life because of your silly ego.’ Today I could see the same dilemma on your face as it was present on that day…that day your friendship was in stake and today the person who loves you is in stake….and certainly not coincidentally it's about the same person...and guess what today is 20th August. Years have changed but he didn't....i think a vicious circle of August 20th  is following you Kanisha”

“I am still clueless Soni”
“You remember Kanisha I had predicted something…and eventually it turned out to be true…yes you both sorted out your quarrel and he did propose you…”
“But how is that related to my present condition?”
“Kanisha…When he proposed you…you couldn’t settle your thoughts as you were not sure about yourself…but he was dead sure…He loved you”
“Please be clear Soni”
“Today…you have your career set forth…have a clear vision about your life…but you are still clueless as you are not sure about yourself Kanisha”
“So what shall I do Soni?”
“Listen Kanisha…I am your friend and I can only suggest you…but you have to choose a path for yourself…and remember there’s only one person who is destined for you and he will be there for you no matter what”
“Do you have any information about him?”
“Not much but yes I have got something for you”
“What is It Soni”

“I don’t know any whereabouts about him but got this from his friend… I think he left it to him before he left”

Kanisha opened the letter…


I don’t know what my fault was or where did I go wrong but today when I am forced to lose it all… I believe I wasn’t wrong. Kanisha, you meant me my life but today it seems I have to give up on my hopes as well as my life …No am not giving it up not until the day I see you marrying someone else….No I won’t confront neither would I try to come before you…I want you to take up your decisions by yourself but whatever your decision may be, one thing is for sure…

The day you marry anybody else…These two things would change for me forever
1) I would stop believing god…(you know i have a firm belief in God and about his righteous justice.)
2) My belief i.e., 'True Love exists and it will find its way' would change forever and I would stop believing in love altogether.

I know the world wouldn’t change with my changing beliefs but these are the two pillars on which I exist and when it would change my mere existence in this world would be meaningless…I might be alive but it would be without a soul…a howl without a goal.

Few lines that would depict my Situation…I hope you would understand…Kanisha

I might not see you again,
But I will never forget your image that’s imprint on my heart
I might not hear your voice again,
But I will never forget those three delighting word you spoke
I might not be able to talk to you again,
But I will never forget the grandeur of yours in my speech
I might not be able to feel your presence again,
But I will never forget those memories that’s worth million lives.

You might have forgotten all these by now
But this is all what’s left within me somehow

I might not be the same person again,
But I will never forget the person i was, when I had you in my life
I might be wondering without a aim,
But I will never forget my dreams when you were there by my side.
I might lose all my zeal,
But I will never forget my  aspirations when thinking of future with you.
I might also be considered alive,
But I will never be able to live after my soul’s demise .

You might have felt for me once or twice in the decades stint,
But i have devoured my entire life to love you every instinct.
If you’ve forgotten, you may recollect me from your past,
But the day I forget you, you can consider it as my last…!!!


By the time Kanisha finished reading....she couldn't utter a single word…her eyes were heavy, she couldn't think or focus on anything…but yes she was clear on one thing I.e., something needs to change and she has to change it…she couldn't let things go as it is, She has to end the vicious circle, a vicious circle of August 20th…!!!

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Book Review: Keeping Score

Book:  Keeping Score
Author:  Marc Brackett
ISBN:  97809834888-0-4
Genre:  Non Fiction
Price:  $10.95/US (I got it from Writer)
Pages:  116
Publisher:  Treinta y Tres publishing

Speaking of a book on relationship, the first thing that comes to any reader’s mind is a rendering story supported by an alluring theme which more often than not bestows what’s right and what’s wrong for a relationship to sustain. But even after reading numerous books and reckoning our society at large have we able to find any clue on how to construct a successful relationship? No, we haven’t and this book is an efficacious attempt by Marc Brackett to find the missing link between the theories and real life by devising a model to measure human relationships.  A point to plan action for evaluating and assessing relations which in turn focuses on personal forefront of both the genders, thus formulating steps to work on respective weaknesses and then strive for happy and prosperous relation.

Cover Page & Title:

To understand any relation to its core is complex and devising a scoring framework is again a daunting task. It would really be difficult for a book to appeal to its audience if the cover page would have been equally straining. Therefore an evident title ‘Keeping Score’ along with the purpose- ‘A guide to Love and Relationship’ with a heart sketched entails an apparent but clear approach of the evaluation processes which even a lame can understand.
 About the Author:

The author, Marc Brackett, lives in Idaho with his wife, Kristin, and five daughters. When not busy with work, the family enjoys a number of outdoor activities that only Idaho can offer in such abundance.
This book was also made possible through the professional efforts of the following people:

Cover and interior design by
Fountain pen image courtesy of Waterman:

Compositional Report:

At a point in life we all feel life would have been much easier if we could get the luxury, a guide to move forward in life specially when dealing with relationships. Whoever we may be, we all fall into the cavity of echelons and fight it out to keep hold of our relations and not be considered a failure. ‘Keeping Score’ is an impelling tool to bifurcate failing relations as it focuses on strengthening one’s weaknesses by an evaluation method.
A book coined as -' A relationship book even a man can understand.'

‘Keeping Score’ is broadly categorized into two categories viz. the Eve and The Adam. It’s a deliberate demarcation to focus specially on the point of view of a specific gender to its counterpart.  Yes Love is necessary for any relation to grow and prosper it’s the heart and soul of any relation but then there are diverse factors which play an important role especially when you are thinking of life ahead.  Starting From Education, Career, Financial stability, Destructive Habits, Work Ethics, Behavior, and Equality both financially and individually everything comes into account when you plan your future. Relations with your in laws/future family members, Common interests, Shared Activities to religious inclination everything has a role to play. Marc Brackett has carefully twined all the basic necessities and has drawn an evaluation guide through a scoring chart where you can analyze your compatibility with your spouse’s score and work towards improving your score to achieve a successful relation.

Second half of the Book is devoted to all the action points and why Marc chose them to be a part of analyzing any relation, giving each and every point a reason for their presence in a relationship. Just like an exam the higher you score the better you would be in your career, similarly this is a scoring chart for the success of your relation which can be evaluated time and again to know one’s progress in a relation. A book for married couples to stand up against all the ups and downs of life and make efforts to last the distance. Not only for the married couples ‘Keeping score’ is a scout for all the singles to seek out for quantifiers to determine the qualities that would lead you to successful married life.

As far as the weak links are concerned I would say quantifying human factors to numbers is innovative but exact representation of a particular aspect to its numeric coefficient is controversial and may change from person to person as well as cultures across the world.

Overall ‘Keeping Score’ is a book to enhance your compatibility with your (to be) spouse. It’s a prospective attempt to seek for an ideal relationship.  The practicality of the theories to real life can only be gazed when people across the world implement methodologies to their life.  As far as the attempt to quantify human aspect to measure potential improvement in relationship is concerned full marks should be given to Marc for his effort. It’s an evaluation score to keep couples inching towards cent percent successful relationship.

Rating:  I would rate ‘Keeping Score’ 4 out of 5

Life Adjudication of the book:

Keeping Score is best read when you want to edge out a failing relationship.  It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not as it’s applicable for all.

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Book Review- Shades of Sin:Behind the mask

Book:  Shades of Sin: Behind the mask

Authors:  Vivek Banerjee, Upneet Grover, Saksham Agarwal, Aanandita Chawla, Vrinda Baliga & Sreelatha Chakravarty

ISBN:  978-93-81791-19-6

Genre:  Fiction/Short Stories

Price:  195 ( I received it directly from Publisher)

Pages:  188

Publisher:  APK Publishers

At times, what’s perceived by the world isn’t the truth and when intrigued with reality it reveals the hidden personality which in most scenarios expose the dark side of humans, most appropriately be called –‘Shades of Sin

As we ruminate into human behavior it would divulge us towards various negative facets which if unmasked exhibit a dingy tale of a person’s existence or absence. ‘Shades of Sin’ is a compendium of short stories which would bring forth the dark side of life. Stories which would surely necessitate, what lies beyond the shades?

Cover page & Title:

Look says it all; Glimpse of the cover page is enough for the readers to be curious. Readers would be compelled to have a peek into it, as the cover page is as mysterious as the title which reads-“Shades of Sin: Behind the Mask”
Barren dead tree and the man in shades serves a prologue for the content which is as explicable as it can be, thus enforcing the reader to move ahead with the book at the first sight.

About the Authors:

Dr. Vivek Banerjee is a pediatrician by choice and a writer by chance. He has been published by Westland in Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor’s Soul and Grapevine India in Shades of Love. His Debut novel, The long road, which was well received by the readers, was published by Cedar, an imprint of Pustak Mahal in December 2010.

Upneet Grover is your run of the mill engineer cum MBA, with a penchant for writing. Stuck in a 9 to 9 consulting Job, He somehow manages to eke out a couple of hours every day to read and write. His debut Novel, The Dream, has recently hit the market.

Saksham Agarwal is a professional consultant and an amateur writer. His writing has been shaped by his seven years of campus life, his devotion to reading and his humanistic worldview. He writes short stories and is working on a novel.
Aanandita Chawla is a journalist and aspiring filmmaker. In her spare time she reads, writes and plans to find a wonderful way to convert everything she writes directly into moving pictures.

Vrinda Baliga lives in Hyderabad and enjoys writing short fiction. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies like City of Gods, Two is company, Urban Shots, and Crossroads, as well as in various print and online literary print and online literary journals. She is a prizewinner in the Unison- Reliance Timeout short story competition 2011 and katha Fiction contests 2010 and 2012.

Sreelatha Chakravarthy is a poet-writer-doctor and has been published with Frog books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishers, Mumbai. Her debut novel is titled An eternal Romantic. Sreelatha lives in Kochi, Kerala, presently, with her husband and two kids. Creative writing is her new found passion and she has only just begun.

Compositional Report:
Shades of sin is a typical anthology of short stories bent on revealing the dark side of human which has been classified as Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black. In all there are 25 stories and all the 25 stories have been classified amongst the three heads I mentioned above.

Etymologically shades can be of any color but the implication of the stories and it’s connection with the hidden side of human has been specifically embarked with dark shades like Grey and Black and certainly not coincidentally the stories bifurcated in various heads have been degrading on moral ethics as we move ahead with stories under light grey to Black.

Almost all human immoral conducts have been covered. Each and every story stands tall amongst the others in focusing the evil which has emerged from the world around. One of the classical features of this anthology is, it maintains the decorum of interest all the way through with stories bent on peculiar vices. ‘Shades of sin’ is an interconnection of various perverse features with the theme that’s concentric to shades behind the mask.

Best part according to me is the bifurcation of the stories on various levels. It’s next to impossible to choose a best story or the worst story as each and every story is unique and focuses on  different aspect of human vices like Hatred, Anger, Jealousy, Lust, greed, Pride & Ego among the other frailties.

There wasn’t any weak links as such, though it was a collection from various writers from different background and dissimilar writing styles but each and every story seemed to cover all its bases as far as the main theme is concerned. It’s a book that’s compelling and the stories though fictional can be assumed to be true and can be connected to the real world. Stories were like stimulating vibes, that’s the charm a reader would get and would spur them to finish in one go. Over all, a good read to know and learn about the various shades a person possess along with its consequences.


I would rate ‘Shades of Sin: Behind the mask’ 4 out of 5


Life Adjudication of the book:

This book is best read to divulge deep into the character a person possess in a life that never recedes.

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Book Review: Romi & Gang

Book:  Romi & Gang

Author:  Tushar Raheja

ISBN:  978-81-926810-0-9

Genre:  Fiction

Price:  149 (I got it from Author)

Pages:  237

Publisher:  Pirates

Going by the general consensus: Let me first begin with a question- what’s the most cherished moment of your life.  I am sure without much discrepancy memories of our childhood stands out tall amongst all the reminiscence.  Its right we all wanted to grow up at a certain point in time but there are instances when we all wanted childhood to stay forever.  Romi & Gang is a fictitious tale of such an evocative narration which claws us back to our childhood days, to all those memories we wanted to stay lifelong.

Cover Page & Title:

Romi & Gang is ably depicted through the cover page and any onlooker can visualize through the cover page  i.e.,  it’s a fitting story of school going chaps from the hills who form a group and the title concedes a conform to be partners through all ups and down in line with those of a gang. What is conceals is worth pondering as it encompasses all the passion and those childhood dreams we all want to accomplish.

About the Author:

Tushar Raheja’s first book was the popular comedy, Anything for you, Ma’am. At the moment, he is a doctoral candidate at IIT Delhi in the field of Applied Probability. He can be contacted at

Compositional Report:

Romi, one of the members of York, a cricket team perceives it’s upon him and his team to restore the long lost pride of their School by conquering the Eagles (a cricket championship) after a mysterious disappearance of his proficient brother Kim. Romi is moved by his brother’s skill and more often than not comprehends he has to win the championship for his brother.  A team which could make Romi’s dream into reality includes Versatile Sunny, Dodgy Sukhi and blunt Golu.  Romi considers his team along with Kim’s inspiration is enough to revive his fortunes but is always circumspect about Sunny edging over him in terms of his abilities. 

As it’s said will and determination can follow suit only when it gets the adequate guidance required. No doubt Romi and his group had the caliber but they need to last and there Victor sir came along with timely counseling from Romi’s first coach, his Dad. Coupled with the moral and mental support provided by Romi’s dad and victor sir’s physical forbearance Romi and his gang were up for the grabs first to impress their school as they could compete with the seniors and then challenge five time winners St. Martins for the Eagles.

Characterization of the passion for cricket for me is the highlighting part of Romi and Gang and it does take the center stage as whatever is followed up in the story has a direct impact on the lives of each and every person involved. Victor sir’s note to Romi, Romi’s Father’s inspirational tips as well as sunny staging ahead of Romi even at the end needs a special recognition as far as the story is concerned.
As far as the loose end is concerned it would be Kim’s absence. There was no reference of any whereabouts of Kim which was carried in suspense all throughout and it ended in suspense. Ending also showcased unfortunate partition of Romi’s kingpin Sunny because of the mishap which was again a mystery to seek.

Over all Romi & Gang is an effluent story of Romi, a story of a teenager chasing his dream.
Tushar has efficiently delved into the characterization of Romi along with his other gang members Sukhi, Golu and Sunny. Plots and subplots were carefully fed to bring out the essence and it never did diverted from the theme and thus we get to read a vibrant story of teenagers is aptly conceived and then portrayed through a mesmerizing story line where a reader can connect vividly.  

Rating:  I would Rate Romi & Gang 4 out of 5

Life Adjudication of the book:

A Book where you can go back to your past and relive those dreams with a penchant  smile…!!!

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