Friday, February 5, 2010

Trust: building block of relation

Often we hear that belief and trust are the two sides of a coin they go hand in hand with each other. What’s the major inspiration that keeps people to have a strong bonding with each other? What makes them go along each other even with millions of differences in their thinking? What’s the force behind that keeps them believing the other when the odds are against them? What makes people stick together even in adverse situation?
The answer to all these question lies in one word “TRUST”. Be it any relation the only binding force that keeps them go along is trust. If you don’t have trust on anybody be it parents, friends, colleagues, life partner or be it anybody no relation will sustain.
Here I present a small story of Ajay where you would know how relations can turn up to bitter end if you don’t have trust on your partner. Ajay and Akansha were happy couple and it seemed that they are made for each other and their match is made up in heaven. Everything changed for them after this incident. Ajay’s friend Jitendra some how got the phone no of Akansha and Ajay didn’t get any clue of it. One night Jitendra sent a message to Akansha
Jitendra: I am glad that you have contact with Ajay.
Akansha was baffled by the message and she was mesmerized to know who the person was and how did the person came to know her phone number. After much interrogation she came to know that it was Jitendra one of Ajay’s close friends. Without consulting the matter with Ajay she presumed that Ajay might have given the number to him. She was angry with Ajay.
On the following night Ajay who was ignorant about all this sent Akansha a message that she shouldn’t wake late at night it affects health. We know when people are angry on somebody even small things make them furious and this was the case with Akansha. She thought Ajay was insulting her and replied in rage. Call it destiny or fate Ajay received the message and as he set to reply her, god knows what went wrong every time he sends a message a message appears on his cell sending failed. He didn’t receive any message from Akansha that night. But in the morning as he woke up he saw a message flashing in his mobile screen why aren’t you replying to my messages? Ajay didn’t know what to do as he searched the inbox and didn’t find any more messages. He was very disturbed by what happened and he didn’t know why she was furious on him.
At around 11 am Akansha called Ajay and before Ajay could speak anything Akansha blurted …
Akansha: why did you give my phone no to Jitendra?
Ajay was shocked he could only utter I…
Akansha: why did you give my no to him?
Ajay: I haven’t given your number to anybody.
Akansha didn’t believe him and said
Akansha: you are a liar. Why did you abuse me yesterday? Why weren’t you replying to my messages?
Ajay: I never meant to abuse you. Whatever I said it’s for your well being and I didn’t receive any of your messages.
Akansha: you are a liar. I have checked outbox of my cell and it was displaying that all messages were sent.
Ajay: I didn’t get your messages and I couldn’t reply because I was getting the message time and again sending failed. I am not lying anything I am speaking this by taking the name god.
Akansha: you are a liar and you can lie by taking the name of god. I don’t believe even a single word of yours. I hate you.
Before Ajay could utter a word she kept the phone. She was calling from STD booth but Ajay called back and found the booth operator saying it’s a booth. Ajay called in her cell but she wasn’t responding. He sent 2-3 messages but he never got any reply.
A sad end to what could have been a dream for them. It was worse for Ajay because he not only lost his love but a friend too in the form of Akansha and Jitendra. That day was the last time when Ajay talked with Jitendra.
What was wrong between them? What was the boy’s mistake? Was it the entire girl’s fault? All the circumstances that she was facing be it Jitendra sending her a message, Ajay not responding to her she is right to think that it’s all Ajay’s fault. Instead of blaming anybody we have to think in a way that a person can hurt others only when he/she is hurt themselves. A happy soul can never betray others. No soul is bad from heart and it’s the circumstances that force people to do whatever they had done. The essential thing that was missing was “TRUST”.

Friends here I am with one more of my blog that has to do with the self assessment. The above stated story could be best understood by those who had faced a similar situation in life. I only have one thing to say nothing can be done to what had happened with them; only thing that people can look forward is to have faith in the person they are around with at present. If they don’t have belief they may face a similar situation time and again. People should be patient enough to listen to the view of person concerned instead of listening and believing others.
This is life as you sow so shall you reap. So if you want to be trusted you have to trust others first.


  1. Your approach towards putting forward a point through stories is very effective.A very good lesson can be learnt by reading it.

  2. I trust you is as important a statement as I love you and we should strive to live upto that trust always. In the above case I strongly feel it was a pure case of misunderstanding and nothing else. Had any of them taken the efforts it could have been sorted out but nevertheless... maybe it was destined to be like this. I always believe in when things like this happen I close it from my end either with a mail / message / a letter clarifying my stance. After this it is close permanently for me.

    1. i agree to your statement...saying someone "I love you" is equally important to saying "I trust you".

      but my views differ from yours slightly...i would never end up with any relation like this...yes i would be sending one clarification in any of the written format...but would be eagerly waiting the other for reply...!!!

      i believe creating and making a relation to grow & prosper take years and at times you may face up with situations mentioned in the post...n it only takes a sec to break your i will strive till the vague end to keep up with my relation then giving it up.


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