Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unconditional love…

Have you ever thought love is something which is the most unusual part of human life? It’s something which bound people irrespective of human race, class or creed. Love has no boundaries and it extends far beyond the boundaries created by human beings themselves. It’s the love between the people that makes enrodes to the human civilization. It’s the only reason inspite of so many differences people are attached to one another. It’s the reason why we exist. Here I am with one more of my blog with love being its theme. It’s an interview of a person named Subhrodeep and his experience about love.

Subhrodeep is like any of the common person as all of us are. But recently one of his comments took him to the newspaper headlines. Today he has been called to one of the famous reality show to share his thoughts with every one of us…

Host: welcome to you all in yet another exciting episode of “unconditional love”
Host: welcome to this show Subhrodeep
Subhrodeep: it’s my pleasure that I have been called here to share my experience
Host: Subhrodeep tell me do you really believe in love?
Subhrodeep: yes I do, my life story is a misery but still I have faith in my love and I do believe love never dies.
Host: misery? That means the person you love is no more with you?
Subhrodeep: you are right. The person I love has left me a long time back.
Host: it’s really sad to hear this. What motivates you to keep moving in life even in grief?
Subhrodeep: you know whenever I think about her the thing that comes first to my mind is her motivations to move on irrespective of the result. Whatever it may be she would stand beside and would encourage me. Now she is no more but her words are with me and I will go on in my life.
Host: encourages you?
Subhrodeep: yes it’s only because of her encouragement I have done MBA. Wherever I am at present it’s just because of her.
Host: it seems you still love her
Subhrodeep: she would always say never show your emotions to anybody and today I know the worth of her speech. The only reply I can give to your question is that it’s something to be felt and not to be spoken in public.
Host: what does love mean to you?
Subhrodeep: To make your beloved happy irrespective of all the hardship you have to face even if it’s against your own happiness.
Host: wow! It seems love is in your blood. How can you live without her?
Subhrodeep: life is strange it teaches you everything and every person in their life finds some or the other person who became inspirational for them and not strangely in my life it was she whom we are speaking about at present that I have learnt to live in adversities.
Host: The more I speak to you the more I feel for your love. It makes me think what really happened with you that you are left alone?
Subhrodeep: it’s a long story& it’s useless to speak about that but the last time when I talked with her it left me speechless.
Host: why what happened then?
Subhrodeep: It’s a long time back but it seems to me that it had all happened yesterday only. Memories of that day are still crystal clear to me. The day was 28th June. Forget about love she said she doesn’t even consider me her friend. She said she hates me the most in this world. She said why I am disturbing her time and again as she has forgotten me long time back. She said I shouldn’t interfere in her peaceful life and if I want her to be happy I should never step into her life again. I didn’t have words to speak and didn’t feel like speaking to anybody and it was the end to all.
Host: Really a sad ending. Have you ever felt you should go and convince her after that episode?
Subhrodeep: how can I approach her? She made me a stranger in a split of a second. How could I even introduce myself to her as she doesn’t consider me even her friend? How can I even show my face and come up to her as she hates me the most in this world. I don’t want to disturb her happy life. As I told you earlier this is what love means to me “To make your beloved happy irrespective of all the hardship you have to face even if it’s against your own happiness.” If she is happy I am happy.
Host: really a selfless and unconditional love. Many a time it makes me feel are you human?
Subhrodeep: everybody live for themselves the day to live for the happiness of others you would realize life is heaven.
Host: At first you speak you believe in your love and then you speak you won’t confront her. What does this mean?
Subhrodeep: yes I won’t interfere in her life anymore as she doesn’t want me to disturb her but wherever I will be in future I will always have a feeling that she would return back to me. I firmly believe in the saying “if your love wants to go away from you let it go, if it comes back then it’s your otherwise it never was”
Host: do you think your love will come back to you?
Subhrodeep: people should worry what they can control and it’s not in my hand to say anything about it. Since it’s beyond my control I leave this to god and whatever he has in store for me I will accept it.
Host: what if she really comes back to you? Will you accept her?
Subhrodeep: you know when I first loved her I never gave heed to her past. I never cared to ask her about past as I loved the way she was at that moment. If she loves me and wants to come back to my life I will accept her as gladly as I was willing to accept her upfront.
Host: suppose she comes back to your life will you make up the move and speak those 3 words to her?
Subhrodeep: it has never mattered what I think and what I feel in that case I won’t be left stranded. As far as those 3 words are concerned the person whose feelings are of most importance should speak it.
Host: I know you are in a situation where you are helpless as you can’t even go and confront her. What message would you like to give to her through this show?
Subhrodeep: True love never dies and my heart says one day she will come back to me & I am willing to wait for that day. Even if she doesn’t come her memories are enough for me to live my entire life happily.
Host: would you like to speak anything for all those who are following this show?
Subhrodeep: if you really love forget the past, have the courage to start for a new beginning. If your love is true even if you take one step closer, your beloved will take all the remaining steps to be with you.
Host: Subhrodeep that was a nice message hope to talk to you soon. Thank you for coming to this show.
Subhrodeep: it’s my pleasure that I have been called to share my experiences.
Host: it has been a privilege to talk to a person who love so much. It’s really been inspirational to hear him speak. It will help all those who are in love so as to make their life a heaven to live in. Hope his love would come back to him one day.
Host: it’s time for the end of the show, meet you people next week same time with a new episode. Till then enjoy this wonderful song……

Tum bin jiya jay kaise ,kaise jiya jay tumbin
Sadiyo se lambi hai ratein,sadiyo se lambe hue din
Aa jao laut kar tum,ye dil keh raha hai
Aa jao laut kar tum …….. ….

Slowly the picture fades away…

A great person once said ….love doesn’t want anything in return….it only gives and expects nothing for oneself. When you are in love it’s amazing to know that you forget about your own happiness and the only thing that concern you is the happiness of your beloved. The strength of their love can be determined to the extent they can sacrifice their happiness for their beloved. Love is not just a sacrifice it’s the well being of the person involved. It’s how you compromise small things and make up for it to be together. It’s about knowing each other’s feelings, respecting each other’s views, understanding their differences, sorting out each other’s weakness, encouraging their partner in critical situations to come good, focusing on one another’s strength to cope up with difficulties, affection, care, and most importantly to be together in adverse situations. This is what you call love; this is why people exist in this universe- To love and to be loved.


  1. Very true - we all are love hungry souls and we all want to be loved!

    Whatever be the reason behind the girl's behaviour but I truly admire the boy's views here!

    1. yes, these are the views a genuine person in love should possess :)


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