Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dreams: do they really convey a meaning?

Dreams are something which everyone sees while they are asleep. Many a time’s people forget what they saw but on few occasion it strikes deep into one’s heart. Dreams are of various types few absurd and few that do have something hidden in them. Let me take to a dream of one of my hostel friend.
Few days before my exam one of my hostel friend came to me & said MR PHILOSOPHER you have the solution of every question isn’t it. Then why did I saw this dream & what does this mean.
Me: which dream?
Friend: in my dream I saw a beautiful girl in one of the practical class speaking to the lecturer something. I liked her in my first glimpse. I approached her and talked to her. I got both her name and the phone no. later when I told my friends about this incident they told me that the girl with the name doesn’t exist as she has died 3 years ago. And no one with that name studies in college at present. My friends also told me that the soul of this girl comes to this college every year but only a few people could see her.
Me: amazing dream
Friend: my life is hell in real life I never had any girlfriend, even in my dreams I see a girl who doesn’t exist. Can you tell me why did I see this dream?
Me: I don’t know you will believe or not but generally whatever we see in our dreams is what we really want. You told me you never had any girl friend but you always wanted one, that’s why you saw girl in your dream. You approached her and asked her phone no and name. You are also a pessimist who thinks a person like you can never have a girlfriend. Am I right?
Friend: pessimist… yes to some extent.
Me: because of your pessimist thinking you saw that the girl who doesn’t exist. Just because of your thinking you saw two contrasting things 1) you want a girl friend that’s why you saw a girl when others couldn’t .2)you think a person like you can never have a girlfriend. It’s the result of these thinking you saw that dream. Many dreams that we see are what we really want and think but are not feasible in our real life.
Friend: quite right. Now I know why you always say you dream of your school days and see all those people with whom you don’t have any contact.
Me: many dreams are like dejavu’s.
Friend: what’s that?
Me: sometime when we completely forget about the dream. But when these things happen in real life it seems as if we already knew these things would happen. You don’t know what’s actually going to happen but when it happens it seems to you that you already knew it was going to happen.
Friend: yes a lot of time these things do happen. We feel that we have experienced what happened.
Me: apart from these there are dreams that have some message from deep within the soul. We shouldn’t neglect those because sometimes our inner self realizes something that is bound to happen which we cannot realize with our naked eyes but our soul senses it and conveys it’s message through dreams. I know many would disagree with me that how is this possible. How can a soul convey a message? But the answer to this question is quite simple as well as complex in its extreme. There are many questions that science has no answer in the same way if you believe in soul concept then its belief but if you don’t then nothing can be explained to make a person believe in inner soul.
Friend: quite interesting, a person’s soul conveying a message through dreams.
Me: you know movies are work of fiction & it seldom does relate to any person’s life but there are few incidents which are taken from personal experience. You might have heard about the movie ‘IF ONLY’. The dream that the actor saw could have easily turned into reality and he would have lost his soul mate but the decision he made while trusting his soul made him achieve the unachievable.
Friend: trusting you instincts does help but I have never heard of trusting dreams. Do you really believe the concept of ‘IF ONLY’ was based on a real store as it was said?
Me: trust is something that has to be built within & not forced upon. As far as that movie is concerned a similar thing had happened with me too & I firmly believe in the reality of the script. One must watch this movie it may seem to be fiction but things do happen what had been displayed there. This movie would give you a new dimension to your thinking as well as change your ideas about dream.
Friend: that means whatever we see in our dreams has some significance and has some hidden messages within?
Me: no, not every dream. There are many dreams which are absurd and usually convey nothing. They appear because of undue excitement or freakishness of our thinking. Many times we see dreams which are related with our daily lives & we are so much involved in it that we see them in our dreams.
Friend: wow! It seams you have done philosophy on dreams too
Me: nothing like that I speak what I feel. I give words to my thinking and it turns out what you call philosophy. As far as dreams are concerned they are very special to me. Whatever I want in real life, I fulfill them in my dreams. Dreams may mean different things to different people but my dreams are what I really want in my life. It’s only because of my dream I know the aim of my life. Thus to me dreams are the ‘inner voice of the soul’.


  1. :)

    I dream a lot - I like calling myself the eternal dreamer, forever lost!

    I dream about my posts, stories alongwith somethings which I miss in my life and yes like you I have also done a Ph D on dreams as I believe that is God's way of telling us what our soul is feeling!

    1. Exactly...i read your posts and i can gauze about the similarity of thinking and personality...
      i myself is lost forever in those dreams he he :)


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