Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friendship a dupe, as God doesn’t play dice but human’s do

Do you remember your childhood days? How easily you shared everything with your friends’ right from gossips, lunch, notes…and all those day to day happenings…those days are so rare now isn’t it? You have cell phones, mail id’s, social networking sites…but you have become so busy with yourself that you don’t get time to share your thoughts with your friends…well, with time as you lose contacts with your friends…you tend to have a thinking…he/she might be busy I shouldn’t disturb him/her. After sometime: let the other contact me first…this feelings percolates from both sides…and finally it turns into a rage…and you don’t contact your friends who were once your best friends…well friendship is the costliest treasure that you have, it’s priceless…preserve it…or else you would have only one thing to do at the end i.e. to rue over it…friendship is always a 2 way road, which bridges by sharing. One of the major obstacles that come to your way is you yourself…misunderstanding is an issue but the major fact is you have become so complicated that you don’t have the innocence to share your thoughts with cent percent clarity with your friends when compared to your childhood days…
When you are happy and in celebrative mood your friends get to know about you and when you are in a state of mourn with grief you know about your friends…in other words real friends are those who stand tall when you are in trouble and the fake ones…leave you at bay citing your misery. The question then arises how to differentiate among true and the fake ones…I would answer this question through a famous saying which I have quoted in my own way: “Time alone proves the worth of friendship as time goes by, we lose the false ones and the best ones last the distance of time.” Today I am here with a story which will surely dent those who blindly believe in those friends who are better referred as foes…the story of Arindam and Souvik.
(Character’s of the story
Arindam: main character of the story
Souvik: Arindam’s friend
Subendu: Souvik’s college friend
Somita (Somi): common friend of Souvik and Arindam
Virendra: common friend of Souvik and Arindam
Prithvi: common friend of Souvik and Arindam
Anusha: Arindam’s love
Abhideep: Arindam’s best friend)

One day Subendu had a chat with Arindam
Subendu: do you know anything about Souvik’s girlfriend?
Arindam: Souvik and girlfriend are you kidding?
Subendu: yes she is one of your school mates...
Arindam: School mate!!! Now I am cent percent sure…whatever information you have it’s all a baseless.
Subendu: then you don’t know anything…he talks with her all the time through messages
Arindam: who?
Subendu: Somita
Arindam: Somi…impossible
Subendu: why are you saying that?
Arindam: I know Souvik and Somi better then they know each other…so whatever you are saying it’s totally wrong…
Arindam later met his school friends…and told them about it, they said…Arindam even if god comes and tells me about it….we won’t believe…we think Subendu has gone mad…
Arindam: me too…!!! I can’t stop laughing.

After few days
Souvik: I didn’t expect this from you Arindam
Arindam: what happened?
Souvik: you spread the rumors…about me and Somi
Arindam: have you gone crazy? Why will I speak that rubbish to anybody?
Souvik: I know it very well you are the one who spread all these rumors…
Arindam: you should consult your friend then…and ask him what did I say to him…
Souvik: don’t make stories…
Arindam: ok if I am making stories…then let it be…I don’t have to speak anything to you.

Souvik did realize the truth after few days…and he apologized to Arindam…
Arindam: this is what you call friendship…you don’t believe my words?
Souvik: I said sorry to you…what more do you want…forget about all those.
Arindam: ok…

After few days…there were few disputes between Arindam and his good friend Virendra. Virendra accused Arindam of faking their friendship…when Arindam questioned him; Virendra replied…why you don’t ask Souvik…he knows everything…
Arindam sent a message to Souvik and asked him about the matter but Souvik didn’t respond. Arindam was impatient as he always considered Virendra as one of his best friend…
After a month
Souvik: you forgot me?
Arindam: I asked you a question and I think you forgot to reply me
Souvik: which question?
Arindam: I asked you about Virendra. What did he tell you about me?
Souvik: oh! Actually I didn’t have the balance in my cell, so I couldn’t reply you.
Arindam: you have the balance to reply others but not me? What did Virendra tell you?
Souvik: actually I was busy with my seminars…
Arindam: I don’t think you didn’t respond anybody during your seminar days…anyways what did he tell you?
Souvik: I was busy… I wanted some free time to discuss the matter with you.
Arindam: you could have told me that you were busy…and you would talk to me afterwards but you didn’t respond. What did Virendra tell you about me?
Souvik: recently you had a tiff with Prithvi; I wanted to talk to you regarding that matter also
Arindam: I have settled the issue with him. Tell me what did Virendra tell you about me?
Souvik: I have to talk with you regarding Virendra.
Arindam: first tell me what he spoke about me…we will discuss everything later.
Souvik: ok…he told me hell lot of things…
Arindam: what did he actually say?
(Souvik didn’t respond for an hour…so Arindam decided to speak something that will induce him to reply…)
Arindam: I have decided that I will never ever talk to Somi again.
(Souvik was not replying Arindam…but the moment Arindam spoke him about Somi he replied)
Souvik: why? What happened between you two?
Arindam: you didn’t reply my question but you were quick to reply when I spoke about Somi? Tell me what did Virendra tell you?
Souvik: you should forget Anusha… it will help you.
(Right from the beginning Souvik was avoiding his question, this time Arindam got angry as Anusha was Arindam’s love…)
Arindam: how did Anusha come in between? Don’t play dice with me tell me what did he tell you?
Souvik: I think you need a break…forget Anusha it will help you.
Arindam: (couldn’t control his anger) I think you need a break from me that too forever…I don’t need any dice playing politician to be my friend.

Arindam was angry as well as depressed as Souvik was a good friend of him. And he never thought he would ever hide anything with him. He thought of forgetting everything…and carry on with his life.
But after few days
Souvik to Abhideep: wish you a happy birthday…you DOG.
When Arindam came to know about it…he gave a message to Souvik
Arindam: don’t you dare to speak any abusive word to Abhideep again. If you want to speak those words better speak them at your home.
Souvik: believe me…whenever you meet me the next time…I am going break your face.
Arindam: I also have a similar thinking…but I don’t break faces like you…what more can I expect from a dice playing politician…
This was the end of their friendship…Souvik blamed Arindam for spreading the rumors that shows he never had any trust in him. Even after asking several times he didn’t utter a word about Virendra …this shows he never wanted Arindam to know the reality…and thus it may hamper his friendship with Virendra. He even advised Arindam to forget the person he loves…another example of his dirty politics. He abused Arindam’s friend as if Abhideep is his’ slave…and then finally threatened Arindam to break his face.
Do you call this a friendship? Certainly not…people like Souvik can never be anybody’s friend…they can blame their friends, they can create problems between friends, they can leave you when you are in trouble, they can break your friendship…but can never be anybody’s friend…A friend is often referred to, as a person who is close to god for their friends. But as we all know god doesn’t play dice…but people like Souvik play with friends as if, friends are his dice in his dirty politics of faking a person to be a friend.
So friends be very careful in choosing a friend…because a wrong person will not only elevate problems with you…but can also come in between your true friends and break your friendship…I will conclude with my final words… “Time alone proves the worth of friendship as time goes by, we lose the false ones and the best ones last the distance of time.”
Read this quotation:
Time alone can prove the worth of relations as time goes by,
We lose the false ones and the best ones stay.

You will say yes we all have heard it somewhere, now read the one below

Time alone proves the worth of friendship as time goes by,
We lose the false ones and the best ones last the distance of time.
The second one is my view...

1st quote is optimistic as it says it can prove i.e., it may or may not prove.
It has used the word relation...in our age group it's somewhat difficult to understand what a relation actually means,
On the contrary word friendship is understood by all and moreover it's the base of all relations.
And the best part of the second quotation is that it has the magical touch of the word time as it ends with the same word it started.
It shows how the most important factor of a person’s life is controlled by time and it identifies between real and fake ones.


  1. I would say I have been very unlucky in having "good friends" till now and hence have stopped even looking for them now :)

    I am happy like this, accepting people as they are when they come in my life and wishing them good luck when they choose to leave!

    1. That should be the approach...one should never expect...but it really hurts when a person back stabs you just because you trust him as your friend.

    2. Oh yes... it hurts very badly. So much that you stop trusting people and doubt friendship. I always wonder what makes people think and do such things. How can they sleep at night after doing all this...does not their conscious bite them??

    3. God knows...how do they sleep...probably the reason may be their conscious doesn't even speak to them anymore because of the atrocities they have committed to human...!!!


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