Friday, January 28, 2011

'SMILE' & the 'IT' effect

It's often said it's good to have a smiling & charming has many plus points over a dull face.Today i would be describing one of the side effect of having a smiling face with two different examples, the 2nd of which would aptly justify the title...
class 9
the first day of the physics class.i was siting in the 2nd bench.
physics sir: myself bhola prasad.i am your physics teacher.
(while addressing the bunch of students..he glanced at me)
physics sir: why are you smiling do i look like a joker?
me:no sir
physics sir:still smiling? get out of the class..
me:but sir...
physics sir:get out

2nd day
physics sir entered the class room..
physics sir: today i would be discussing the laws of reflection..
(suddenly looked at me)
physics: yes you guy in the 2nd bench with ever smiling face...get out.

3rd day
i made up my mind i wont be looking at physics sir this he entered the class everyone stood up to greet him as i stood my pen fell down..i bent down to pick up the pen...
physics sir:what are you doing under the table
i picked up the pen and showed it to him...
physics sir:still smiling...don't you have any shame? laughing, hiding under the table...get out.
me:but pen...
physics sir: get out. i will speak to you after the class.
(after the physics period)
physics sir:why do you always smile looking at me?
me:sir i was not's my natural facial expression...every body thinks i am smiling but actually am not. if you don't believe ask my class mates.
physics sir:what's your name?
me:anjan roy
(physics sir entered the class room)
physics sir: anjan roy told me he doesn't smile deliberately and it's his natural facial you all agree with his statement?
one boy spoke up: sir he is absolutely right...look at him when he is sleeping in the class seems as if he is smiling even in dreams.
(physics sir called me inside the class room)
physics sir: anjan you should have told me that you were not smiling...
me:sir i told you that time but you didnt believe..
physics sir:ok go and sit in your place.

did you all notice how a smiling face can sometime be fatal. Now have a look at the scenario and effects of laughing face in the IT sector.

IT Sector
first day:everybody was giving their introduction to the coordinator.when it was my turn.
coordinator: Mr smile...can you introduce yourself instead of smiling
me:am not smiling it's actually my 'DEFAULT' mode.

as the coordinator was going through the with the discussion of rules & regulation.
coordinator: mr default smile can you come out of the default mode to the execution mode.
me:sir am not smiling it's an inbuilt processor which keeps on running even when i am in execution mode.
coordinator:don't you have any alt f4 button to forcibly quit your default's distracting me.
me:sir this default execution works only in infinite loop & no esc button is applicable.
coordinator:better you escape through the exit door or my processor would burn up.

after the class
coordinator:what's your problem
me:sir it's an automated processor which doesn't have an exit button as it always runs in infinite loop which luckily or unluckily is my default mode.
me:sir this is the effect of the IT sector...actually i mean to say i was not smiling and it's my natural facial expression,which many people confuse with a deliberate smile. i was about to speak this very thing at the first instance but it's the side effect of the IT field i spoke 'DEFAULT' mode and after that i sank deep into the IT sector while describing you my natural smiling face.i also had to face the consequences of smiling face by spending the entire time outside the training room today...earlier i only had 1 problem 'smiling face' now 'IT' effect has added additional troubles for me...


  1. :D

    You know why I am smiling coz I experienced something in 7th standard when that teacher saw my smiling face and misunderstood it!

    I don't know why people think like this. Rather they should be happy na... having smiles around them. Dukhi ho to problem...khush ho to bhi problem!!!

    1. exactly...i have the same point to say as you said "Dukhi ho to problem...khush ho to bhi problem!!!"

      besides that...we mustn't forget a smiling face can also hide umpteen pains within :)


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