Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are You living in your Past ?

If you want a practical explanation of life it would be something like this…

There’s only a single words difference between LIFE and LIE…if you are living in the past you are certainly playing with your FUTURE (LIFE) and your life is nothing more than a LIE…A lie that can never be true, a lie where you live in your dream world, a lie which is exactly what you can describe your LIFE to be.

It only takes a single question to know where you are in your life…Do you worry about those who aren’t with you or are you happy with those who are with you?
It’s a very simple question but it decides a lot many things about your life…it decides how matured you are with your age, it decides your emotional level, your thinking level, your nature, your character… in short this simple question decides who you are and what you can be.
How do you know whether you are in your past or present?
You can easily decide whether you are living in your present or your pasts…do you know what’s that? Take a deep breath and decide what’s the most important thing in your life at present…if at any moment you get any thought related with your past…you know you are not living but dreaming…
If you are worried about your past, if you are concerned for the people you had with you in your past…it shows you are a caring person, those people from your past means a lot to you but you aren’t moving ahead in your life…you have stopped and your life has a zero value. You aren’t living in the present and sadly enough you don’t have any future. You have to realize there is no point in pondering about the dead. Past people or experiences don’t return…you can never touch the same waves of flowing water twice…you can sit on the bank of the river and think you have the same feeling of the flowing water but they are never ever the same. Similarly even if you do meet the same person after years…you know that person is never ever the same…you will never get back the person whom you knew once.
What will be your decision now…won’t it be feasible for you to live in the present and live with what you have so that you ensure them to be present with you in your future and not to lose your present by bothering about past?

This is what you call a practical life…!!!

There’s another life known as Experimental life…a life where you live through them through experiments…

Once I met a person who was living in his past… I tried to convey my message to him by various forms…in the end he said to me….I know whatever you are preaching it’s for my well being. But I have taken a decision for my life. It may seem to you that I will reach nowhere with the decision that I have taken for myself. It may lead nowhere but I want to know how it ends. I want to see the end of it. I want to see the final outcome of my decision. I may lose but I can’t take my steps back, even if I end on losing side my head will be held high while asking the very reason to GOD.
If I go on to achieve my past…I would be inspirational for all those people who still believes that one day their past would be their present and their future. If I lose they will know the results beforehand and will take it as a lesson for their lives…and they won’t follow my footsteps…in either way I would be guiding people to their destination. My life’s story will guide them through…
if you lead your life with examples you would never fail…my life would be an example for all those people who are still waiting for their past…
A person who is strong enough to bear all adversities can only stick to a decision for his life…those who fear, change their decisions and in turn change themselves and call it -Living a practical life

This is what you call an experimental life…A life full of obstacles, a life where you never know whether you will ever go on to achieve what you want. A life full of uncertainties…A life with struggle…a life of believing in yourself….a life of trust…a life where you come across your past every moment of your life.

Are you living a PRACTICAL or an EXPERIMENTAL life?
You can’t sail with one feet on both …you have to choose one, Choice is yours both have its own pros and cons…but before you choose any of the steps make sure you won’t regret afterwards…because life gives you only a single delivery in which you have to decide what you are going to do…either hit a six and make merry of the opportunities that you have got or make a mess of it and get out for a duck.

I have taken my decision…Now it’s upon you to decide what you prefer for your life…!!!
Everybody can give explanations for their life’s twists n turns but there are few who don’t prefer to speak not because they are afraid…it’s because they value someone’s life more than their own…!!!


  1. I am living a practical life as i believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe I might never know the reason... but I know it was/is/will be in my good will only!


    1. yes...whatever happens, happens for a reason...what you wrote is exactly what i ...believe...i will live my life for the good will...!!!


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