Sunday, September 25, 2011

It’s YOU who controls yours DESTINY.

You know you can’t lose when you have got a rare ability that enables you to produce a gem whenever you are in neck deep trouble…!!!

The real caliber of a person is determined on how he fares when he comes across steep troubles. For all those people who believe in destiny and the almighty…let me remind you of a quotation…winners are those who never quits and losers are those who never tries. There isn’t a person who is born to win or is destined to win. it’s their will that makes them take the extra step that differentiates them with the rest.

With the grand success of my blog –‘NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 5 PEOPLE’

I am here to distinguish horoscopes, myths and popular belief with the reality…the reality that it’s not the stars that control us; it’s not the sign on our hands that govern us but the willingness and determinations that leads us to our destiny…

If you dream let’s not make it vanish when you wake up,
if you desire let’s not bound your wants,
if you believe let’s not shatter your beliefs,
if you love let’s not make hatred come your way,
if you achieve let’s not make proud a reason to fall,
if you’re willing let’s not treat setbacks as failures,
if you’re betrayed let’s not give betrayal a way to break you,
if you’re sad let’s not be bothered about your sorrows,
if you’re human let’s not make destiny control you.

Great Kalidasa was diminished as a fool who didn’t have the signs of education on his hands; Einstein’s elementary school teachers thought that he was a foolish dreamer. One of his teachers told him that he would never amount to anything. Mahendra singh Dhoni, who got a job as a ticket collector in sports quota…

As history says it all an uneducated Kalidasa became one the greatest scholars of his time, Albert Einstein a drop out from his school in Munich, Germany went on to win a Nobel Prize. Mahendra singh Dhoni was ticket collector in Kharagpur now a captain of the world cup winning Squad.

You can go on and search the biographies of great achievers and in almost every occurrence you would find, the people who achieved despite their troubles had a similarity amongst them i.e., they didn’t know to lose.

Thus it’s certainly not the horoscopes or the numbers that determines the destiny of a person. Yes these things reveal the person who you are, but certainly doesn’t specifies your boundaries. You can certainly know your strengths and weakness but that doesn’t guarantee you a success. You can certainly know your limitations but that doesn’t mean defeat. You can let your restrictions to ruin you but an effort that subside your restrictions can lead you up in life. A person who is willing to make his own destiny is an achiever. A person who is not willing to stop in spite of all the hurdles coming his way is a winner. It’s only than you realize that a man is the governor of his destiny and not the other way around. You can change your destiny, you can change the signs of your hand, you can change the effect of stars upon you, only if you dare to win.

If you look around, you will find many people who are dissatisfied with their present life. You will find them ruing about their present. Frustration, discomfort, agony and pain is what every person is doomed with. You can see them cry literally but couldn’t seem to find any clue for their demise. You know what they are lacking, it’s their self confidence. They have lost the balance of life. You know you can’t survive if you pile upon your setbacks. The only ways to overcome all your troubles is by being brave and fight against all those that are hindering your progress.

A struggle today ensures a fruitful tomorrow”—

If you sow a mango tree and take good care of it, you will certainly get the fruit in the years to come. And you know the taste won’t be sour. The winners would know, success tastes sweeter when you have struggled for it.

As always there isn’t any miracle that can make you a great hit overnight similarly prolonged small steps will lead you nowhere. Horoscopes and Numerology are there to suffice your efforts but if you take that for granted and dream of the inevitable, the inevitable would never happen. They can be your helping hand only if raise yourself up to the level where you can challenge your shortcomings. And it can happen only if you don’t let the numbers rule you, but you rule the numbers by fighting it out.

Numerology or any other predictions is only a guide to help you climb up in your life just like the teachers who guide you through but then the entire dependency on teachers without any effort of your own will not yield any fruitful result similarly too much dependency on these predictions without any meaningful step will certainly not lead to your destined destiny.
As always, I am here to encourage all the people to grow and fight for the prosperity in life. A life where each and every one can be a winner, a life where we all can be a helping hand for the other person to realize their worth and make them feel that they are, one amongst the chosen one who will win.
Destiny is not what we achieve at the end,
it’s the effort that we put in that makes us to achieve our destiny.


  1. Umm.. well yes I also don't believe in horoscopes but I do believe in destiny and in God!

    I don't believe much in this forecasts, numerology and all...but yes its fun reading it sometimes as it gives me good laughs.

    Baki nothing can ever replace sheer hard work, grit and determination.

    1. if i believe anything blindly it's god and i also believe in destiny...but a destiny is always backed on hard work, grid and determination as you said...!!!


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