Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What are the things that influence you in your life…you would have many dreams and many wishes to be fulfilled. How do you feel when any of your dreams comes true? What if you land up in wrong quarters, shattering all your Dreams? Words can’t explain them…these things are related with all the extreme emotions…Emotions that can be understood when you go through them personally instead of living in a luxury of your friends abiding by it.
We can easily forget the path to success when you end up on a winning note but when you lose; you keep on ruing the path you chose that led to your demise. It’s common to forget all those Countless blessings that led you to your dream but you don’t forget a foot when you go wrong. One thing that aggravates the most is, ruing what you could have done but you didn’t. you have to keep in mind whatever you do, whatever is their beneath your control always give your cent percent to it…so that you may never ever, feel guilty for yourself that you could have done something but alas you didn’t.

Whatever you do, whoever you are…there is always an influence of something that led you to do so, whether it accomplishes all your intended purpose or end up in a futile effort. Influences are varied and it depends on person how and what they are influenced for. A war front soldier is influenced by patriotism, a politician by support, a businessman by profits, and a child from parents. Similarly you can be influenced by your mentor, friend, colleagues, beloved, articles and it can be anything. Whatever your influences may be, think before you do so that you don’t have to think about the corrective actions in future.

Two simple steps that won’t let you down in your life
1) Proactive thinking before an action led by the most subtle influence.
2) Secondly standing by your decisions on an elevated note as such giving your life on it.

Influences in your life also decide the path you choose after you achieved your dreams. Be it generous enough to let others to succeed by guiding them through or make yourself aloof from the world thinking you are the only one who can achieve such feat. Succeeding in life has never been that critical but being on the right path after success is something that should be focused on. People often forget what they were, before they achieved great heights. The person who remembers and acknowledges such plights would never rule over the downtrodden instead would encourage them to fight and grow in life.

Similar to success, failures also decide the influences that imprints on you. Whether you give up after 2-3 attempts or make yourself strong with every failures as such the only thing that breaks is the pillar that stands between you and success that made you lose all these years.

Whatever it's success or failures the most important thing that counts is having the right influence in your life.
You may think How and what are these influences? Where they come from?

Influences are nothing but the daily practices you do in your life, people who surrounds you, activities that you indulge yourself with. In short it’s an entire world surrounding you…from daily chores of life to a lifetime feat that you achieved.
these influences are generally a conscious belief that arouse you to do something.more often than not they are self originated beliefs that get multiplied by any of the external sources like friends or media.

What do you do when you are happy…celebrate with friends or spend a quiet moment with yourself. In times of grief do you share your troubles or take the entire blame on yourself or blame the world. This small-small thing makes your character. It distinguishes you with the rest of the world. There are billions of people in this world but it’s said everybody is different. What makes them different? It’s the attitude, character, thinking, behavior, nature and the influences that make them different. It’s these traits that make you different. Now you know that you are different and unique, you can achieve what others can’t but that doesn’t makes any sense if you think that only you can achieve something or you are the only one who is destined to fail. Yes influences do matter but the person who makes these influences into existence is you yourself. So never ever blame on anything or anybody if you don’t get what you expected. It’s you who is responsible for everything that you have to face in your life.

There’s a gut feeling that resides with everybody that urges one to be influenced by an appropriate influence, but then…it’s you who decide the right or the wrong.

Today when I am writing about influences it would be injustice if I don’t write about the person who has influenced me the most in my life. I work in a company where there are so many people that it’s difficult to know even the names of every person. Neither I am the most intelligent employee nor the most hard working but yes I have an influence in the company and I can proudly say the head of the Kolkata branch (under whom there would be nearly 3000 employee, including several project managers and other high officials) comes up to me and says hats off to you Anjan for the dedication you have shown. The effort you have put in for the project is priceless. Gave me thumbs up and asks me, if you want anything come to me directly. In reply I gave a smile and asked I only want a day off on 24th of this month as I need to go to temple to pray for the person who has influenced me in my life because of whom I am what I am now.
On her birthday this very day i.e,24th of august… i wish her all the best wishes, all the success and everything she dreams may come true…she is the one who invoked in me an attitude where I don’t lose whatever the situation may be. She’s the one who made me believe in me…she is the one because of whom I exist…the way I am.

I would like to end it with one of my typical quotation—‘I may be 6 feet under but I am still not out


  1. WOW! Lucky you to have such an influence :)

    Touch wood and yes a big AMEN to your prayers for her!

    1. Only God knows how lucky or unlucky i am...well for sure i would pray to god so that no one in this world should have my luck if anybody has...i would ask god to give him/her an inexplicable strong heart to bear everything :)


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