Saturday, July 30, 2011


MEMORIES…are the most prized possession when you end up after going through all the ups and downs of life. These memories would keep you alive in a hope that those goods days would return. they would help you to fight against all the odds citing the past when you were down but you fought back. In all hard times you could rely on those moments were you didn’t give up similarly you would cherish all the good times, the times when you really enjoyed your life…thus memories are something even if you lose everything in life you have it safe within you… There are situations when you feel lonely, you could jump back to those memories and enlighten yourself with your loved ones. A general tendency of people to feel for those memories when they are not preoccupied by all those daily chores of life especially when they are alone…
Memories of losing a special person from your life are always heartening but what if when you are lost in those memories?
Here‘s a small story of a typical battle amongst one’s memory…
Where ever I may be …whoever I may be, there will always be one thing that will be with me that would remind me who I was and how I felt when I was alive with all my feelings within, that’s the memories…the memories of all those moments I shared with you, all those moments I yearned for you, the moments I longed for you…!!!
People say love is blind…I could realize the true meaning of it only when…love entered my blood and I was so drowsy in love that in spite of knowing she has gone far away for me, I was waiting for her. Suddenly one day when I woke up I realized I spent a decade hoping one day she would come back to me,one day she will be by my side…that wasn’t to be…
All these days’ words sprout with emotions, a voice that only wished to see her once, to speak to her least for the one final time. Bidding thanks to all the troubles you took for me…now there isn’t any voice as it’s lost in the midst of time…and now you can safely adjudge I don’t exist anymore. All these days I never thought about my feelings the only thing that I could feel is you. I never cared about my winnings as your win always made me feel a winner. I never worried when I couldn’t contact my friends as you were the only one I missed. It takes many people to complete one’s world but you were the only one who could complete mine. Today when I think about all these things I don’t regret anything except the fact that you could never understand me or my feelings.
As days turned into months and months to years my love for you grew with each passing day. It grew to an extent that I couldn’t see the reality even. The reality that I was a distinct past for you…the reality that I was no more than a paltry dream, the reality that I was only living into my nonexistent imaginations. It’s said it’s never late when you understand you’re worth….today when I could see the past reflecting in front of my eyes and the future that is destined to happen. I am taking a step that I should have taken years ago.
I don’t exist anymore, nobody knows any whereabouts about me. I am only a past that lived in the past and has no present or future. I have gone so far that no one can find any trace of me but if anybody does remember anything they would know I am taking one thing with me and that would last with me for my life…that’s the love I have in my heart . LOVE which meant nothing to her, love which she couldn’t see… this love would keep me alive even though I have no friends and no one to share my feelings. Yet somewhere in my heart I am happy because I always gave my 100% to you. I always had a feeling whatever I would have in my life would be yours and whatever you would lose is my loss…I am happy and satisfied with my commitment that I have for you and I know it would last the way it has lasted all these years…the only difference between the past and the present is, you would never ever know anything about me as I have disappeared in the ashes of phoenix…!!!
Memories are like the ashes of phoenix they get into existence time again whenever you dig into those moments. But the real existence of phoenix is only believed when you see them with your naked eyes similarly the real meaning of these memories dwell at circumstances when you face them again and again. Just like the love hidden within one’s heart no matter hard you try, you can never destroy the love that’s growing within.
When I first thought about this script I had a dilemma of making it into a apt story as many people won’t find any links with any past references but then again I had a feeling that every person at least once in his/her life goes through a phase where there’s a dilemma of their memories conflicting within about the moments they want to cling to and the things they want to have for the rest of their life…and when the debate is about love am sure everyone could easily connect with the above story.
It’s said when your memories are so strong that time again you are lost in those moments, there are some unfulfilled wishes that are bound to happen and if for some reason those things don’t turn out to be true…then MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. If you don’t believe in miracles then I believe you shouldn’t consider yourself to be alive now because there are many questions about your own existence that you cannot answer…and when you cannot answer about your own existence then how can you question about the MIRACLES of GOD.
The best way to lead life is to believe there’s a life even at 6 feet under …and when you can survive the worst you can LIVE, be it only through the memories of your beloved or with the beloved itself.



  1. Yes like Einstien said, if you believe everything is a miracle and if you dont then nothing it.

    We go to sleep each day unsure if we would wake up the next day but we still plan in advance.. our lives are miracles!

    1. i abide by your words...every day is miracle...!!!

      loved your comment "We go to sleep each day unsure if we would wake up the next day but we still plan in advance.. our lives are miracles!"


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