Sunday, June 5, 2011


Committed but yet Single...
Committed to the love of my life,
Committed to see her happy,
Committed to talk of her ,
Committed to hear her ,
Committed to feel her dreams come true,
Single as I could love only her memories,
Single as I could see her only in my dreams,
Single as I could talk to her only in my imaginations,
Single as I could hear her only in solitude,
Single as I could feel her only when I am alone,
The truth is I am Single but yet Committed ...!!!

Did you get anything stated above? If you did, you would think the person is leading a virtual life that does not have any existence with the real world. Today I am here with one peach of a story…a story after which you would fail to differentiate between Love and craziness. You would surely have a dilemma whether it’s a commitment or madness.
What would you call to a person who leaves the entire world for a girl? Love isn’t it? Then what would you call to a person who leaves everything for a girl knowing the fact his sacrifice would only fetch him hatred in return? CRAZY?
A person who goes after a girl for months and finally wins her love…that girl would speak of him as gutsy in love. If the same person fails in his attempt, she would call him a womanizer WON’T SHE?
As always my story revolves on the other half of the love story where there is pain, suffering and rejection. A story of love beyond hatred.
If love means giving, sacrifice and seeking happiness for the person you love then surely you can’t call it madness…!!!
This story isn’t for those who fell into love in various stages of their life with numerous people but for those who loved one and only person throughout their life…it’s only then you realize the true meaning of giving, sacrifice and seeking happiness for the person you love….
If you believe you can never hate the person you love then approach ahead or else stop reading it here only…
I am assuming all the people who are reading it have a thinking whatever the situation may be, you would continue loving the person you once loved in all circumstances…no matter what…and are ready to do anything to see happiness in your beloved’s face….if committing yourself to one person in life is love then committing to the same person for her happiness is also love...and if you have to sacrifice your love for her happiness …then I can assure you one thing you are one of the greatest lover of all time ,who in spite of losing his love is still cherishing the moment to know that your beloved is happy with somebody else even though tears are rolling down your eyes…!!!
The best way to know that you are in love is when you decide to forgo your most priced possession for a person. if love means giving then you can’t give a person anything more than your own life…the first few lines that I wrote were written by a person who gave his life’s most prized possession that’s his love and sacrificed himself by giving up everything that meant world to him that’s his friends just for a girl. If you think that’s craziness I would call it love.
Few more lines from the same person…
My life’s (past) glory or achievement never meant money, name or fame it only meant the moments I spent with you. If (present) hype and appraisal meant everything to a person, for me it’s the time i spend thinking about your well being. If (future) career and success is human’s ultimate aim then your happiness is my aim.
If giving everything to someone you love is madness, than I must say it’s better to be called as frantic then by being a cold blooded heartless fellow. If your life meant happiness for the person you loved than why is there an issue when you are biding your life for that girl? If you commit yourself to one person then people call you loyal but why is that you are looked down upon when you commit yourself to the person’s happiness who left you? People often come up with questions like why are you not living your life, why are you spoiling your life for someone who left you…I have a question to all those people who think like this…do you stop believing in god if one of your wish didn’t come true? If your love only meant about your life and your happiness by having the person whom you love then please stop saying that you love him/her…it’s your selfishness, your own personal need and nothing else. If you cannot love a person for that person’s own happiness than I am sorry to say that you never loved him/her. If you think that you do love then there shouldn’t be any issue of seeking happiness of your beloved even if she is with somebody else.
Love is true when you accept and love the person as he/she is. And if you truly love a person the way he or she is then how can you hate a person when she is not with you? If I am correct love never meant fulfillment of personal desires or achieving something for oneself…but it’s always the other way around. In a similar way if you can continue to love the person who left you and not worrying about anything else a day will come when you will be proud of your love. You will be proud that love only meant giving, sacrificing and seeking happiness for your beloved even if it meant pain, suffering and rejection for you.
Friends never look down upon someone who is still living for his love which I suppose is dead from the other end. You really have to have a big heart and a broad thinking to feel the person’s feeling who still loves even after going to such inhuman rewards for his unconditional love. When you start feeling for a person’s love you won’t see madness when he is still waiting for his dead love. You won’t consider his commitments as crazy ones but start respecting him for all the love he showered against all the hatred he got…
If you have read up till this, then I think it’s my duty to share these golden words with you all.
If you can love a person not for yourself but for the happiness of the other person concerned. Your love will surely feel for you and your misery one day…and when that feeling will articulate you would realize the depth of my words…i.e., love means giving, sacrificing and seeking happiness of the person you love…!!!


  1. FACT - I always say when you love a person- his or her happiness matters the most. With or without you is not important at all :)

    And yes those lines made a lot of sense to me as being single and yet committed is some thing I can completely understand!

    1. exactly...the person you love his/her happiness of supreme importance...

      i must say i am not glad that you understand...because you could almost gauze everything which i write and even those which i don't write...!!!


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