Sunday, May 15, 2011

Awareness of HEART and the BRAIN…!!!

Whenever you take up a decision…what is it that influences you to choose an option out of the given most appropriate options? Does your decision has a stronghold of your heart or you give it a thought and decide with your brains? People may ponder on what exactly am I speaking…well it’s something that deals with your intuitions of doing something after giving a proactive thinking as well as taking decisions in unconsciousness. The decisions you take in your life be it any daily routine or something which turns your life upside down primarily depends on the awareness of your mind over the decisions imposed by your heart and vice versa.

You may come up with questions like what do you mean by decision of heart and brain?

I will answer this question…but before that let me ask you all a question. Whenever a new gadget is launched and it seems to you, this is something you want but you don’t have the appropriate funds for it…how do you go about it? Here comes the awareness i.e., your heart dearly wants to have the new gadget but your brains directs your heart about the complexity of your wishes. The ideal situation comes out to be either you wait for the prices to go down or you wait to have enough funds to buy the gadget. This is just an example but believe me in real life all your decisions and success are based on the co-ordination of these two aspect i.e., the brain and the heart.

Decision of heart…

To explain heart and its decision I will take a philosophical route…all your wishes and desires that emerges and grows within you has a close relation with your thinking, mentality and emotions. Its known heart is the centre of all your emotions and feelings as such decisions imposed on you as a result of your emotions are basically heart centric and thus called decisions of heart. Whenever you take decisions from your heart with almost no interaction with your brain more often than not you land up in troubles as there is no thought process involved, as such those desires end up as a vague dream.

Decision of brain…

Suppose you are running a business and the sole aim of yours is to earn profit and money. In lieu of achieving success you have become so mechanical that you don’t have time for your family and friends. Suppose a close friend of yours is coming to meet you after many years and you still have some pending works…what will you do? Here comes the decision of brain, if you go on to complete your work to stay ahead in business…well you certainly did a splendid work…you have given time for your work instead of the leisure time you could have spent with your friend. But then you have lost a human aspect…the happiness of success and achieving a rare feat is sweet only when you have someone to share it with. I am not arguing that you shouldn’t give your work an importance but then you shouldn’t neglect the human within you…and become mechanical. Decisions of brain may take your career to new heights but with absence of coordination with your heart it would certainly be of no use.

Now you know whatever decisions you take and whatsoever be the force that led you to take any particular decision the absence of either heart or the brain is certainly not acceptable. Now you may come up with what should we do then?

Most of the people make the same mistake while making any decision, where they should consult themselves they are found clueless as they are only focused on any one of the above mentioned factors. I can assure you one thing a decision can be best when you take your decision consulting both your brain and heart.

A famous saying says listen to all but take decisions of your own…have you ever thought what does it mean? It simply means we should be broad enough to look into the views of what others are suggesting but while taking any decisions we should concentrate on our self as you are the one who knows yourself the best…and when I am speaking of self it simply means your heart and the brain taken together and acting as if it’s a single unit.

You know great things are not achieved because of great thinking but they are, as a result of many small appropriate steps...and all the small steps are a result of numerous small decisions taken into consideration consulting both aspect of your personality (i.e., the heart and the brain) and when you start making these small steps into a habit these small things become your character and then…everything that you do whether it’s an unconscious one your heart and brain would take equal participation in your decisions and then you achieve what others could only dream of…

Awareness of heart and the mind is a must if you people believe in achieving success by believing in yourself…here I end up with a slogan of success…you know you are on the right track…when you start feeling from your brain and thinking from your heart.
So guys don’t just read it as yet another topic but implement it into your lives: FEEL from your BRAIN and THINK from your HEART


  1. I always think from my heart and as per people around me it is wrong..... for that makes me an emotional fool :)

    But I am happy as it also means I listen to my heart...!

    Nice post, as always!

    1. I am also an alive example of Emotional i understand it how erratic at time you would have felt...being such a person...

      well i always say be what you are...!!!

      Thanks again and again for liking my posts


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