Saturday, April 23, 2011

Can a change in name change a person?

Anjan, that’s me but most of my friends know me with a different name…in fact except K.V Barrackpore (army) and my college mates everybody know me by the name Mithun. Most of my old friends still get confused when I say my name is Anjan. I was known to be Anjan only since class nine and everybody who knew me before hand still call me by the name I myself is well versed with that is ‘Mithun’. So friends don’t get confused by seeing me called as Anjan, I am Mithun whom almost each and every friend of mine is well acquainted with.
Some of the memories of my previous school…when I was known as Mithun
Known as the naughtiest student of my primary school DAV Kedla, used to command and control everybody in the class when I was still a child (nursery and kinder garden) just like the class teacher does.I used to throw books out of the class room who would open books without my permission. Class monitor also had to obey my instructions otherwise he was thrown out of the class room. One of the famous incident occured when I threw Jatin Sharma’s (one of my earliest childhood friend also known as Monu) book out of the window of the class room and a cow ate his book. Later my parents decided to give my book to him as my punishment. I always created nuisance in class, but was the most punctual student not because I was fond of studies but I won’t be able to enjoy myself in home as I enjoyed in school. I often won prizes for my punctuality but I would hardly study. In fact I was never known for my studies, everybody knew me for my pranks. I used to sit in 2nd bench of the centre column (from class 1 to 5) with two of my friend’s one on my right and the other on the left (Ashwini & Bhanu) …and teachers used to call them as my left and right hand, the reason being they used to create problems to everybody on my orders. I started the ‘world war 3’ in the school where everybody who was not in my group was beaten black and blue. Everyday complain went to my mother stating your child doesn’t fear even the teachers. Everyday my mother would scold me for my activities but the next day I would come home breaking some body’s head, teeth or hand. I was uncontrollable by the teachers and often was a headache for them. I was punished with the most ferocious punishment both in school and home but I would continue with my habit of troubling others…when I passed class 5, principal of the school N.K Prasad called my father and requested him to take me to a different school otherwise I would make the entire school a fighting club…when I left the school, I could see a sense of relief to all the students, teachers and the staff whom I troubled…especially Asha madam who was my class teacher when I was in nursery…in fact she knew me in and out right from my first day at school when I hold her stick and told her you don't know my father,if he comes to know that you beat me,you won't be spared...(when she came to beat me for my nuisance in the classroom)
The other thing except my school prank that I was known is for my love for cricket. After the school hours I was only seen at the club (cricket ground near my home). I would rarely play with my age group friends but most often I was seen where the elders’ play, I would wait to play just a ball or two where the bat seemed taller than me…and the youngest person except me would be studying in class 10 when I am still in nursery(1991-92). Most of the times I would only be allowed to see the match sitting outside but yet I would stay there hoping somebody would pick me in his side and I would be able to play…starting from playing a ball or two, I started as a wicket keeper, then a batsman….and finally I gave bowling a go. By the time I learnt proper bowling most of the elders either retired or left playing cricket…slowly as we graduated in our classes interest from cricket was fading…the last time (December 2009) when I went to the club to play cricket I was amazed to see none of my age group people were seen at the ground and the only people who were seen were 4-5 years junior to me… my interest towards cricket remained the same as when I was a 5 year old. I would go and play with the juniors, were most of my age group people kept themselves away from it…
During my childhood days I was known to everybody mostly for my mischief but still I was famous and everyone was my friend. My first friends were Abhinav, Ritesh, Manish, Pranay, Himanshu, Shahood, Bhanu, Ashwini, Jatin, Manglesh, Ram Ayodhya, Muklesh …please forgive me if I am forgetting anybody’s name but these are the names of those with whom I spent the best days of my life…the early childhood days…the days when I would fight with them but the next moment we would be together fighting with others…I am glad that I still have contact with those primary friends of mine…but my old friends are still confused not because I am known with a different name but because I am totally a different person today most of them still ask me a question are you the same Mithun who was angry heartless boy who would love to create problems to others but now a calm emotional guy willing to help others?…most of my college friends, KV friends and even holy cross friends would think I am cracking a joke when I am speaking about my past…they would say how could he beat anybody. During the last few days of my engineering, my hostel warden Pandey Sir stated-‘I don’t think Anjan has even hit a mosquito in his entire life.’ I don’t blame Pandey sir as he knew me for only 4 years of my college life when I had become altogether a different person. But the most interesting incident happened when I came up to Asha madam, she could recognize me with my face but said you are not Mithun; you are somebody else with his face. Mithun is not at all like you. If I have to compare Mithun and you it would be something like devil and a saint…
When I look at my childhood days…more than anybody else I myself is amazed…was that really me? How did I certainly change? Who changed me up? I was never a person I am now & I had never thought I would be like this in my childhood days. These are the questions that I couldn’t answer myself…in the end I have only one thing to say…gosh!!! Can a change in name change the entire person?


  1. I forgot to include one important aspect of mithun who wore specs (-4) power both eyes...and was blind without he has an eye sight of 6/6 and he doesnt need any contact lens or specs.

  2. :)

    I have also read about this and known someone change like this. The stars do change is what I understand after name change!

    But I have a counter question for you - you changed after changing your name, what about people who change just like that? What do you think makes them change?

    1. i don't agree fully that i changed after my name change...and that's why i ended up with a question far as i understand...though i am not a believer of astrology and all...the stars and the planet which govern a person changes after a stipulated period...probably it's the reason for this change :)


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