Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is revenge your ultimate goal?

First think about these questions
1) What will you do if the person whom you dislike comes to you for friendship?
2) If the person whom you think is your foe (but not from the other side) suggests something will you take it positively?
3) If you come to know that the person whom you hate is in some need, will you help him?
4) How do you feel on hearing the success of your biggest rival?
5) What will you do if your enemy comes in front of you?
Hostile, negativity, revenge, jealousy, rivalry, wrath, Belligerence & hatred, I have deliberately selected all these nouns (except hostile which is an adjective) because all of these goes hand in hand with each other. With reference to the above questions and few other examples I will convey the common mentality of human beings. How forgiveness has given its way to revenge. How people have forgotten the principles of brotherhood and most importantly how we all have forgotten humanity. Through this article I will throw some light and focus on these major issues of mankind.
Common mentality of people: suppose a person is striving for something and suddenly he realizes that in any case he is not going to achieve what he wants, what will he do? Many would laugh hearing this but this is time tested truth, if it’s a material he will try to destroy it & if it’s human then he will insult him/her. Mentality of common person has become ‘if I couldn’t get it nobody should either.’
Coming back to the first question disliking somebody is totally a mental thing a person who is disliked by somebody doesn’t mean he is disliked by all or has no qualities where you can like him/her. Friendship comes with your willingness to be a friend. Similarly friendship with someone whom you dislike totally depends on your desire. Let’s take one simple example when you are in school or in colleges you tend to have many friends but do all of them stay with you when you move away from school & colleges…the answer lies in the willingness of the person. Now let me clarify the word dislike. Why do you dislike a person? Because of nature, Attitude, or any past happenings? Have you ever come across to a person whom you dislike but has become a good friend of yours of late? Things like this happen with everybody so nature, attitude, past happenings, or nothing else matters the only thing that matter is your willingness. If you are willing to be a friend you can be a friend even to the person whom you dislike. But here comes the common mentality of the person he will always be tentative with the person whom he dislikes. He will call him a friend but his friendship will never be from his soul. In short he will never be able to be a good friend because he will always be doubtful.
Second question is analogous to the first one when you are tentative with your friend you tend to remain hostile with them. A sense of negativity comes within you. Even if the other person is speaking for your well being you will not take it positively. You will always have a feeling in your mind that he is my foe he cannot suggest anything good and whatever he is suggesting there must be some evilness in it. When you have these negative thinking towards anybody then you can never be anybody’s friend. Your tentativeness will not allow you to be a friend. You will never take the words of the other person positively; caution is the only way for you.
What will you do if the person who has despised you comes into some trouble? Don’t say that you are a god fearing person and you will help him out. Most common trend that’s seen is to ignore the person and his troubles. People often say he has disdained us so why should I help him out? He deserves whatever he is facing…and the contempt goes on. In this situation helping the one whom you hate is certainly out of the context of human relations. When I was talking of brotherhood and humanity I was stressing on these things only. Everyone looks after himself and his family. Even the animals take care of themselves and their family but we don’t associate animals with humanity then what’s the difference between them and the most intelligent species on earth? Have you ever thought of helping other without any motive of yours? Have you ever thought of helping just for the sake of humanity? If an accident happens within your sight you won’t go and help instead will go away saying I am getting late for my office or I don’t want to be entangled with matters related with police. A person is dying in front of you but you don’t have time this is what we have achieved in our age old civilization. When a question of helping someone you hate comes, instead of humanity a sense of revenge prevails and people are often seen adding salt to the wound. You will hardly see the other way around.
When I am talking about rivals I am not talking about the rivals in business or your competitors. I am talking about the rivals in human relations. Many people will say rival in human relation is totally a wrong concept. Rival is anybody who is against you. A person competing against you in your job is not the only rival you get. It can be anything or anybody whoever opposing you is your rival. Suppose you love somebody and a third person comes and takes away your love. What will you call him? What will you do to that person? Whatever you call him or do to him I am sure it will not be any good for your rival. I don’t think you would ever be wishing your rival best wishes for his future. You will think I am a geek but the day you will learn the art of forgoing your pain and think of the better future of your rival just because he is better then you, you will surely achieve something in your life. That something is nothing but humanity where you wish your rival all the best so that he can fulfill his dreams, the dreams you could never achieve. Don’t think I am negative and obliging you to kneel down seeing a better rival. You should give your best but what if your destiny is to lose. Or in other words you have lost a battle in your life, what should be your attitude towards life that’s what I am focusing on? Those who are better then you have respect for them. Oblige them with your brotherhood and not with jealousy or hatred. Be happy for them at least they could claim what you couldn’t. The toughest part is to be happy when your rival succeeds do you know why? Because you are jealous. If you could remove anything from you, remove jealousy then you wouldn’t see any rivals around you.
If you are given a wish to fulfill when your biggest enemy is in front of you what will you aspire? Ninety nine out hundred would wish for revenge. Is taking revenge everything? Suppose your son died because of the fault of the doctor, does that mean you will kill doctor’s son as revenge? Will your son return with your revenge? Let me take another example suppose someone betrayed you and took all your happiness away, does that mean you will take revenge from that person? Will you get back your happiness taking revenge from the person who betrayed you? If your answer is yes then I must say you are living reel life. Taking someone else’s happiness can never bring back your happiness. The only thing it can do is to satisfy your greed for revenge. Revenge can never be the solution of a problem, the only thing it can be is the path of destruction of humanity.
I don’t know how this wrath came up to humans who in turn capitulated to this Belligerence. But one thing is for sure, hatred is leading them to their unavoidable extinction. It seems Forgiveness has lost its esteem. And the only thing that can be viewed throughout is revenge. Friendships, humanity, brotherhood, mankind, helping other are all the elements of ancient civilization which hardly exists. I really don’t have any clue where will this civilization end up with. But wherever it may go the end would be very drastic. It’s high time for all of us to put down our head and start concerning about our future and if we the youth don’t think about its future then who would? There are lots of things to think about regarding our future civilization and one of the most important is humanity. I am really sorry to say, if our ultimate goal is revenge then there would not be any humans left in this mankind.


  1. True... revenge has never lead to anywhere except causing more destruction.

    I have always responded to hate with love for I believe in killing with kindness :)

    1. Being human... i don't say...i don't feel the anxiety of revenge at times...but my nature always helps me to take the right way...and more often than not i tend to forgive a's the way for's what i am...!!!


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