Monday, October 1, 2012

Perfervid Love...!!!

Have you ever delved deep into the fact that everybody whom you know today,At first you met them as strangers* ? Do you realize it's these strangers who once become acquainted form part and parcel of life?
Strangers meet to become Acquaintances... and these acquaintance is the origin of all relations that flourish and prosper. Talking about Acquaintances...
(Strangers*:-Excluding those who are related by blood)
There’s a vast variance among the acquaintances we meet, typically they can be classified into four different sects
               1)     Neutral observers: Whatever happens to you good or bad they are disinterested in your state.
\                2)    Well wishers: they are the ones who are your true friends they will always wish good for you
                3)   Antagonist/Ad hominem: They are the ones who finds pleasure in your plight…you won’t find them around you when you are having a good time but will always be there when you face criticism.

You may feel unviable but the truth is 90% of the people you are acquainted are neutral observers. They have nothing to do with your well being or distress…near-about  equal percent of people belong to both Well wishers and antagonists…which wraps off about 99.9% of the people you know.

Today my story revolves around the 4th kind of person whom I call perfervid personnel; 
You might think what's the point in discussing such rare fraction of people in our lives...believe me by the time i end up with my discussion about Perfervid would surely change the perception of how you look about in your life regarding these rare people in your life.

Perfervid person are the ones who have intense feelings for your being…in simple words they are the ones similar to whom you call soul mates but there’s a acute distinction between the two…A soul mate is someone whom one acknowledge to be one’s other half but a perfervid is someone who may or may not be recognized by the person concerned nevertheless day in and day out they will seek for your well being. you may come up well wishers and perfervid are the same...but There’s still disparity between the two; well wisher are someone who is recognized as a true friends but a perfervid person need not be considered a friend also…!!!

In order to get a crystal clear picture of  Perfervid personnel i would like to adduce with the story of
Perfervid Love...!!!
Anthony and Adrienne

12th August,2006

Anthony’s friend (Anna) to Anthony:-How’s life
Anthony:- I don’t know how she is, but I wish she is fine and doing well.
Anna:- I am talking about you and not the person you dream.
Anthony:- Its one and the same thing…if she’s fine I am good and if she isn’t I m not…!!!
Anna:- Move on Anthony…you are spoiling your life, we all know she is gone away your life and she isn’t coming back either.
Anthony:- why? What difference does it make? I had the same feeling when she was with me and today also I have the same feeling…I cannot change the way I feel just because she has changed.
Anna: change is the law of nature…everything changes and those who don’t wither with time.
Anthony:- I would rather accept it as my fate then trying to change what I am.

Few months passed by…
24th march 2007 :

One day Adrienne accidentally met Anthony
Anthony:- is it a dream? You don’t know how I longed to see a glimpse of you.
Adrienne:- why don’t you forget me?  And let me live?
Anthony:-  I never interfere in your personal life…neither do I make any attempt to trace your sustenance… how could I make any difference to your living?
Adrienne:- my problem is you…why don’t you get any other girl in your life? I would be the happiest person in this world if you could have someone in your life other than thinking about me.
Anthony:- I never stopped you from doing anything you want or like…but as far as my feelings are concerned it’s unchangeable…No one can replace you from my heart.
Adrienne:- please stop your blabber…I have heard this umpteen times, I love Victor… and I want to marry him…but I can’t do so as invariably your thoughts makes me feel awkward…I don’t know how but it seems you are somehow controlling my mind…I want to forget you forever.
Anthony:- That’s it Adrienne? I will go so far from you that neither my presence nor my memories will ever haunt you …He murmured last words to complete his sentence…(but wherever I will be I can never stop loving you) but not loud enough as such Adrienne couldn’t hear it.
Adrienne:- what were the last words you spoke?
Anthony:- Be happy Adrienne…!!!

After that day…No one knew any whereabouts of Anthony…Anthony left the city and went miles away from Adrienne where no one knew him…
When you love someone so dearly, you cannot even think of any other person in your life and when the same person wants to forget you forever you have a feeling similar to consuming Monosodium Glutamate (Slow poison). You know you won’t die but every other day you live becomes more dismal then the previous one.

After Anthony left…Adrienne tried to forget Anthony…but she couldn’t forget her.
(A person who has left imprints on your heart can never be wiped off…only way to wipe it off is to wipe off yourself)

17th May 2010

After much speculation for the last 3 years Adrienne finally decided to marry Victor....she was going to marry in a week's time…but there was something unusual about her…As the D day was fast approaching Adrienne was growing more and more restless as if something was not right. Few of her friends even inquired her- was she really ready for the marriage…she ignored their acquisitions…
(The reason of Adrienne’s discomfort: she was missing Anthony and in spite of all her efforts to contact Anthony…only thing she could know about him is- ‘No person in this world knows anything about Anthony...since the day he last met Adrienne’...)

26th May 2010 : The day after Adrienne's wedding day

The day of the marriage went in on with full of effects and after effects… it was the next day’s newspaper headline quoted “Was it really a Natural Death?”  Spread viral amongst the mass…
to give a brief of what happened the previous day… i.e. the day of Adrienne’s marriage.
Adrienne who was much obsessed of loosing Anthony blamed herself for everything…finally she succumbed and committed suicide…leaving a letter after her.

Please forgive me…I know you can’t and I am responsible for everything…
I cannot handle this guilt anymore… I really love you…but you are no more in my life…
so I am left with only one option in my life…that is to quit life.

(now you know the impacts of a perfervid love …A person who has left imprints on your heart can never be wiped off…if you stress much to wipe it off you would end up Wiping yourself)
Had it been any of the love stories we witness in romantic movies…Adrienne would have fled from the wedding ceremony and would have gone back to Anthony and both would have lived happily there after…but there’s the catch between real and reel movies no situations are out of hand…and everything that happens is scripted…but in real life when things go out of hand…peculiarly in relations related to love they do seldom recover specially when you deliberately flush someone out of your life…disregarding all the efforts of a perfervid lover.

I would like to add a small inference over here…People having such intense feelings should never be left apart. This story revolves around two person who were both perfervid but there are people whose intense feelings are only one sided…and we ought to ignore them from our life…because we have no feelings for them…We might have a thinking we are leaving them for good but you know in reality we are slow poisoning them to death…!!!

Going back to the story at hand…
You might be wondering what about the newspaper headline? was they referring Adrienne's suicide to a natural death?
let me clear the confusion...At the same time when Adrienne committed suicide…Anthony who was thousands of miles away and was ignorant about this incident was sitting in his chair…suddenly his eyes gushed with water, he closed his eyes…but did never open his eyes again…
 if you believe by what doctors say you would say he died from an heart attack…but people at large…who came to know about the coincidence of both the incidents where forced to question  “Was it really a Natural Death?”
If you are one amongst the Antagonists you would say…such coincidence can happen…but as we know there are few questions which are beyond the scope of science…and as theists would say where science ends spirituality begins…and therefore I proclaim…
“There was certainly a connection of Adrienne’s life with that of Anthony”… (Rephrasing the lines which Anthony had spoken to Anna)
Anna: How’s life?
Anthony: I don’t know how she is, but I wish she is fine and doing well.
Anna: I am talking about you and not the person you dream.
Anthony: Its one and the same thing…if she’s fine I am good and if she isn’t I m not…!!!

I know many people would rate this story as hypothetical…but if they really understand about the extreme feelings of a perfervid love or Perfervid personnel in short…they wouldn't  call it a fiction as they would realize these things do happen in real life…!!!


  1. I don't know if it has some connection with your real life that made you write this...but I can simply said YES I agree to each and every word you wrote. I never knew such a word existed till now but the feelings you mentioned I was aware of.

    Love is the thing which makes the world go round and sadly most of the times it is the most misused and mis-interepreted of all feelings...

    1. Whatever i write it has connection with my imaginations ...!!!

      Yup love is the best feeling a person can have on the contrary it can be the worst in case of Perfervid Love...!!!
      thanks again for appreciating my post...


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