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Etymologically if you go on to find the origin of the word 'Left' you will come across to 'Sinister' as its synonym. It not only represents our misconception of a word but also to the society which looked down upon a left hander and was doomed till the very distinct past.  But left hander’s persisted and now, is treated as equal to it's counterpart.  But to acquire equality it took centuries and it didn’t come easy as you might know. In one of my previous blog “Numerology: Number 5 people”,
I have discussed about  the link of number 5 people with that of a left hander. And if you follow the syllogism of the characteristics you would know when I say all number 5 males are left handed this doesn’t mean all left hander are number 5. Neither do I mean all the characteristics of number 5 people are applicable to only those who are number 5 or left handers. The most ocular feature of these left hander’s which garnered them to the status of equality, is commonly known to be “A Fighter”.

In India where cricket is termed as a religion and it seems the only bonding factor which unites one and all, I would take upon this opportunity to reach the mass by revealing the well known fighting spirit of few number 5 cricketers who with their fighting spirit not only silenced their critics but are also renowned in their workforce.

Can you recognize this Cricketer?
Not considered apt for the selection of under-19 squad (year-2000) for the world cup during his initial cricketing stint?
In spite of doing very well in domestic circuit he wasn’t considered worthy enough for national or international selection (2000-2003)
He was Dropped from the World Cup squad for the forthcoming world cup in 2007.
But today he is an indispensable part of India’s squad in all the 3 formats.
If you are still unable to recall his name here’s an easy one for all cricket lovers he wears a jersey 5… He is Gautam Gambhir.

I know I don’t need to elaborate on what he achieved in all these years but I would like to name a few, which includes Best Player in test(2009), the audacious 97 in the final of world cup 2011 and then winning a maiden crown for the Knight riders in 2012 IPL. The distinct feature of this number 5 cricketers is his fighting spirit which enabled him to achieve the glory where other’s might have floundered.

Do you remember him?
He was criticized of not being able to see the cricket ball which is above 90 miles an hour and was dropped from Indian team.
In spite of inculcating an attitude to dominate and leading team India to victories in foreign pitches which unfortunately no other could do till date he was dropped citing his personal form.
Known as the God of offside and father of comebacks, he is Sourav Ganguly

People can reach to great heights but only a true fighter can defy all and justify his position by retaining the top spot when one is scrapped from all his possessions.

Acknowledge this True fighter
In Modern Cricketing Era, he is the only Cricketer from India to Feature in 3 World Cup winning squad.
Not only did he feature in a winning squad, he was named as man of the series (Best Player of the entire tournament) in all the three instances. (Under 19 world cup 2000, T20 World Cup 2007 and Cricket World Cup 2011).

After being diagnosed with a rare cancer this true fighter defied the life threatening disease to come back to Cricket for which he is made for. It’s time we admire and acknowledge this True fighter Yuvraj Singh, for his brevity which goes beyond cricket and country.  He is a True Match Winner.

If you delve into chronology you would find plenty of such examples featuring numerous personalities in various fields which not only led to the acceptance of left handers but recognizing them as a boon to the society.
Now when I have emphasized about the acceptance of lefty's, it’s time to move into the main aspect of speaking all these things.
 I have already stated when I am talking of any characteristic of a person I don’t mean they are confined to only  the number 5 people or to lefty's whom I put forward in the lines above. But to the specific distinct characteristics of these people which differentiates them from the rest of the world. My intentions were not to let everyone know about the distinguishing quality of these people but a quality which we must adopt irrespective of their dexterity and profession.

Whoever you are or whatever situation you may be, always keep in mind it’s your spirits which will lead you through.  
You must acknowledge and implement the essence of these words to be victorious:

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny

This piece is for all those people who have a good intention and are fighting in their lives to achieve their goal…believe in these words and act accordingly your life would turn upside down.
If you are down, on the verge of losing it all, remember it’s your thought which will perspire you to ultimately reach either the extremities. If you have a fighting spirit and you are determined to face all confrontations… You will win.

Don’t fight till you win a battle but fight till the other looses…
Even if your situation is deplorable always keep in mind no story is complete until and unless you give up…!!!

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