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People often ask me to write on humorous topics, after writing on many sensitive issues it’s my first attempt to write on lighter side of things. I cannot specify it as humorous but one can certainly relax themselves with the added references along with the main theme. The reason why I am not calling it humorous would be clear to you all when you reach the end of this content. So friends read and relax hereafter.
Although studies and hostel life is incomparable, comparing them is like finding resemblance in girl’s make up box and the cricket kits. A valiant effort has made it possible to compare the two incomparable.
If you ask any school going kid (of 5 years) does he like studying the obvious answer would be no. The kid will reply to you as if a mouse is forced to wrestle with creatures which are 20 times the size of that poor mouse. The same is the case with hostel no one likes the first day of the hostel with almost everybody missing their home, parents, friends & the environment they grew up so far. As the days goes by the same kid starts liking his studies as the new comer his hostel. Just like the mango which tastes tangy when tasted upfront but has a sweet taste when it’s ripe.
During the initial stages the kid is forced to study whatever is there in the syllabus with seldom any choices of preferences, the same is the case of hostel as the new comer has to settle with the others without any options. The situation of the kid and the newcomer can be thought of as the case of a budding actor who is given a side role; he has no choices but has to go with it.
As the kid grows old studying, he now has reached to a level where he can choose subjects according to his interest and likings among the various courses offered viz science, commerce or arts. Similarly a hosteller after spending sometime in the hostel chooses friends of his liking among hundreds of other hostelites. In the process the student likes one or more subjects and it becomes his favourite subject. A hosteller also makes friend & one among them becomes his best friend. Similarly the case of the new born child who comes in this world without knowing anybody but as time goes by the child is bound with relations for life time.
When a student chooses one among the different fields, it doesn’t mean that he will like all the subjects in that respective field of study, he dislikes few subjects and the same is the case of the hosteller where there are some good friends there are also a few, whom the hosteller dislikes. The student enjoys reading his favourite subject & has no interest in the subjects he dislikes. In the same way a hosteller enjoys the company of his good friends & wants to keep himself away from those, whom he dislikes. The choice of a favourite subject or the friend can be compared to the drunkards, who if left free will go to the bar instead of the temple. I know the reference seems quite strange but it goes best with above two indicated points.
In any viva/interview if a student is asked to choose the topic he will always choose the favourite subjects similarly whenever a hosteller is in any sort of trouble he will seek help of his best friends. As the student depends on the favourite subjects to score well similarly the hosteller depends on the best friends to take them through difficult circumstances. The situation can be compared to a team which is loosing, the captain turns to its best bowler to take wickets for them and win the match.
A student cannot neglect the subject he dislikes. He has to make effort to cope with it by studying similarly the hosteller cannot neglect the ones whom he dislikes. He has to live among them in the hostel and circumstances may arise where he has to take the help of someone whom he certainly doesn’t like. This situation can be referred to as the criminal who defies the cop but when other criminal threatens to kill him he has to go to the police for his safety.
As we go on studying we learn many new things similarly with the company of new friends in the hostel we learn many things sometimes they teach us the basic things such as friendship and sacrifice. The situation can be referred of that of a young swimmer, who in the battle of surviving in water learns to swim.
One of the most striking similarities of studies and hostel is that after a stipulated period student gives the exam and then never gets the opportunity to study his favourite subject again. Similarly after the 4 years of hostel one has to leave the hostel no matter how well he has gelled with people around or how much he likes the hostel environment. The hosteller who was once a fresher, a newcomer has to leave the hostel and the student his old books just as the soul has to live the body one day.
People often like to store good old memories with them, the student keeps his favourite book safe in the cupboard similarly the hosteller keeps the memories of his hostel days in the form of photographs, speech or the videos so that he can cherish them in the years to come. The same way the pope keeps his bible with him to be with him until his last breath.
Friends as I told earlier this topic is about reading and relaxing. With all my previous writing I had a certain motive i.e. I want the readers to get motivated in life. This content also has a definite motive referring to which I have written a topic which is quite far from deep thinking. I have deliberately moved from the surface of emotional level with those references without going deep into it as it would then require analyzing oneself. The motive of this writing is to make one accustomed with new things in life. Whenever you are facing a new situation, if you can relate them with something you like or something you want more often then not you will cope up with them. Many people have problems coping up with either the studies or the people around. If you can relate them with something no matter how diversified it may be you would achieve the essence of leading the life i.e. you will learn to live.

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