Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If it’s love it will last forever…!!!

It was a cold winter night…around 11:00 pm in Dehradun…suddenly cell phone buzzed in a message tone as a SMS popped in…Amrita couldn’t believe the name which appeared on the phone…how could it be…how can she get a message from him…hurriedly she opened the inbox to see the words…which was written in caps

Earlier that day Amrita in a conversation with Armaan said if it’s love then he has to wait for her for few years without meeting or contacting her… only then she will consider his love as a true love and she will be entitled to be called as all yours…

On hearing this Armaan said…
Armaan: if I don’t contact you then how will you know my love for you?
Amrita: if it’s love then distance and apartness shouldn’t have any influence.
Armaan: how can I live without you?
Amrita: if your love is true you shouldn’t worry about these things…moreover you are well aware of the saying…if you love someone let it go…if it comes back to you it’s yours or else it never was.
Armaan: but why do you want to go away from me?
Amrita: to know whether your love is true or not…in my absence whether you feel the same or your feeling withers away with time and to know if you find someone else in my absence
Armaan: that’s not fair…you can’t judge love that way
Amrita: love is something which doesn’t change with time…if it does it’s certainly not love
Armaan: I don’t get you…why are you doing this to me?
Amrita: if you think you can’t be there for me it’s useless to talk anything on this…
Armaan: is your decision final?
Amrita: yes…
Armaan: then let time prove it for me…

Armaan didn’t speak anything else and they both moved away…

(One of the greatest truths about love is that…yes there will be disagreements with words, there might be quarrels but at the end of the day you can’t live without speaking to your love…)
And then this message…
Amrita tried to call Armaan but found his cell switched off…she called her many times, sent numerous messages only to find she can’t reach him anymore…

Days turned into months and month to years…5 years passed by… (It’s proved love can stay with time but when distances are created by one’s ego more often than not this feeling of love turns into hatred)

One day Amrita met one of her childhood friend who came to invite her to her wedding which was scheduled in the coming month. Soon their conversation turned to Amrita’s life
Simran: do you remember Armaan?
Amrita: yes…but I don’t want to talk anything about him
Simran: A person whom you meet regularly, spend more than half of your day with him, talk all of your personal life with that person…a person who knows you better then you know about yourself…takes care of all your troubles…without whom you cannot even think of spending a day…you can’t sleep until and unless you speak to that person…its usual for anybody to love only that person isn’t it?
Amrita: I didn’t understand what are you speaking about?
Simran: you know this very well a person whom you love you cannot stay away from him for even a second…but still Armaan did it all for you.
Amrita: what do you mean?
Simran: a person who was willing to live his life just for you…
Amrita: are you talking about Armaan?
Simran: Amrita…I want you to answer one simple question…A person who loves you more than anything in this world…and you don’t want to talk about him…what does it mean?
Amrita: nothing
Simran: it means his love is nothing for you…today you are running away but one day…you would try your best to have him in your life but you won’t get him.
Amrita: as if I am dying for him…
Simran: Amrita…you don’t believe my words do you? If you can stay away from the person you love for 5 years…without seeing him, without contacting him, without talking to him, ignoring him…let me see if that dream boy of yours has any feelings for you, I would love to see if your man still loves you after 5 years without contacting you...moreover knowing to the fact that you have someone else in your life and you have no feelings for him.
Amrita: why would I do that?
Simran: you are afraid…and I challenge you forget about 5 years…even 1 year is more than enough for anybody to remove a person from their memory…but Armaan loved you irrespective of all the negligence…today when you are with someone else…you don’t know about his feelings…but his love will exist forever.
Amrita: I don’t believe in all this crap.
Simran: because you don’t know Armaan...
Amrita: Enough of Armaan…why do you have so much sympathy for him?
Simran: Amrita…you don’t know what love means…I pity on you Amrita…the day you will know about love you will know what you have lost.

That day Amrita felt something unusual…perhaps first time she was feeling as if she is missing a person for whom she meant the entire world.(when someone speaks about one’s commitment for you…whose existent doesn’t mean anything to you…you will surely feel his absence)

Few more days passed by…one day Amrita was traveling along with his love.

Amrita: you remember this place…we came here on our first meet?
Abhijeet: how can I forget it…you were feeling bit low that day…today also I am sensing something similar as if you are lost somewhere what is it?
Amrita: Nothing…I have something to ask…
Abhijeet: carry on…
Amrita: suppose…I stop meeting you, stop responding your calls and start ignoring you what will you do?
Abhijeet: I will kill you…what the hell happened to you…what rubbish are you speaking?
Amrita: no seriously…suppose I go off to somewhere and we don’t contact for sometime what will you do?
Abhijeet: stop all these nonsense…ok…speaking of going to somewhere I am going to Singapore for 2 years…
Amrita: what?
Abhijeet: I have a great career opportunity there…I must go.
Amrita: what will I do there?
Abhijeet: wait a minute…you aren’t going anywhere I am going alone…it’s for only 2 years…it will be over very soon.
Amrita: your career is running smooth here also…can’t you drop your Singapore idea for me?
Abhijeet: why don’t you understand …it’s about my career…
Amrita: and what about me…
Abhijeet: I love you…but career comes first young lady…I would be there for you after I come from Singapore.
Amrita: Enough Abhijeet…I have had enough…if your career comes first then you are free to go.

After few more days on Simran’s wedding

Simran: Abhijeet left for Singapore isn’t it…how is it going between you two?
Amrita: I am really upset with Abhijeet, please don’t start with any argument about him .
Simran: Ok, you know I met Armaan few days back.
Amrita: what did he say?
Simran: he said he is feeling guilty for himself for what he did to you.
Amrita: what?
Simran: he said he failed in his love…he said he loved you but his love was not enough to melt you, his love couldn’t make any space in your heart. He is the one who is responsible for you to go away from him.
Amrita: where is he now…I want to meet him
Simran: where did you leave him Amrita?
Amrita: what do you mean?

Simran: He is no more in this world Amrita…he yearned for you for years…he wanted to see you, to speak to you, to hear you…but you ignored him…I met him the day he met with an accident and was breathing his last breath in hospital.
Amrita: but you said he spoke to you?
Simran: he was not in a position to speak anything…but his mom gave me something which he kept with himself for all these years…and whatever I spoke about him today he would have spoken the same if he was alive.
Amrita: what? (Almost in tears) what did his mother gave to you?
Simran: few photographs of yours…probably from your school time…few letters…where he had written about you…a letter which you gave to him.
Amrita: you have those things with you…
Simran: the day I came to invite you for my wedding…Armaan was no more by then…I wanted to give you his belongings but the way you reacted…I burnt and threw them away because his life went in vein.
Amrita: why didn’t you tell me about this then?
Simran: you remember your words… (As if I am dying for him). You never wanted to hear anything about him.
Amrita: but…
Simran: but he loved you…even on his wallet the day he died he was carrying your photo.
Simran: you know why I had so much sympathy for him…because even after knowing that you are with somebody else…he kept loving you…he kept praying for your well being even though his life was getting bitter with every passing day…

Simran left Amrita alone and went away from her…speaking do you know what was written on the back side of your photo which he used to keep in his wallet?



  1. This was soo beautiful and touching... I am speechless as I cannot see the screen clearly anymore :')

  2. Awww.. You always leave my eyes gleaming and glistening. It seems you have some unfinished business with love, haven't you??
    I'm now brimming with feelings and emotions and will be ending up with lots of ramblings about love and relationships.
    Kudos Anjan :)
    Silly Smiles...Take you Miles :)

    1. Business with love? i haven't heard of any such business...and i am not involved with any either.

      if you are talking about my personal life...i am not commenting on that...!!!

      I was primarily a blogger who would write on love and relationships along with motivational posts...but recently i spread my wings to social issues and book reviews...And i am trying my best to cover up all departments...!!!

  3. Ahh!!! unfinished business with love ( speaking figuratively) means that there is something in which you are deeply involved that made you write such sentimental stories. I apologise for my words if I have hurted you and I dare not ask you anything personal. I am so sorry Anjan. Hope you take this at a lighter note.

    Silly Smiles...Take you miles :)

    1. Hey...there's absolutely no need to not a kid or a teenager who would get bogged down by questions for which they are not prepared's all right and am fine with it...!!!

      And about your question here's my answer i believe in--'One life, one Woman,One love' that tells everything about me ...!!!


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