Saturday, April 28, 2012

Story of LOVE LIFE

Love and life are distinctly two different things…and the resemblance between them tells about you…those who are deeply in love would realize it’s essence each and every second of their life…those who are single and define themselves happy to be single would surely treat it as two opposite poles of the earth…believe it or not every person who claims being single is the way for them…and being single makes them happy those people are the ones who get hurt the most when they fall in love and then lose their love…
When I think of a person who considered being engaged means chained…or burdened for life…this quote of Adam reminds me how love meant to him after he lost the person he loved…
If I were given a second chance to live my life…the way it has spanned up till now… only thing that I would do differently is …I wouldn’t have wasted 2 years of my life in speaking my love for you…!!!

Today…I am here with Adam’s story…

Priest: Adam…was your best friend…I would like you to speak something for him…
Adam’s Friend: I remember that day distinctly…when I met Adam for the first time…and not surprisingly Adam was the best person who could be my friend for life…as he was very vocal…loved to speak ,often called himself an open book…but the best thing I liked in him is that in spite of knowing each other’s weakness…and all the hidden negatives he would seldom bring that into, when you are in disagreement with him…and no matter how your relation may be…good or bad…he would always speak…good for you…and really a very good person from his heart…he might hurt someone by his speech…as he doesn’t know what he is speaking…but never had any clumsiness within his heart…it’s really difficult to find a person…nowadays…who doesn’t have anything against anybody…

Priest: you knew about Adam and Angelica right?
Adam’s friend: yup totally opposites. Angelica was certainly not the right person for Adam…but I was wrong…
Priest: wrong?
Adam’s friend: As a friend of Adam’s I knew…Adam and Angelica would never make it…
Priest: didn’t you speak about it to Adam?
Adam’s friend: I knew it at the first time that Adam is in trouble when he told me about Angelica…I warned him that he was going to a wrong road which is not meant for him…and someday he would bump into a dead end.
Priest: tell me something more of it…what would he often speak of Angelica
Adam’s Friend: first day when he saw her…he was nervous…wasn’t able to speak properly…he told me angelica is the one for him.
Priest: I want to know the entire story…why did he do so?
Adam’s friend: you know he would do anything to spend his time with her…his life was incomplete if he couldn’t see her …would do all kinds of tricks and drama to see a glimpse of her…loved to see smile on her face…hated and cursed himself when she would ignore him or would not talk to him…blabber to me…when they had quarrels ...would become restless if there’s anything wrong with her…he would spend lavishly. when he was with her…he would speak only of her…and when he wasn’t….then also he would speak only of her…in short he made a small world for himself where there was angelica and Adam…yes we were there as friends…but angelica meant life for him…Adam was not the person what he was…after he met angelica…but the sad part of it was….angelica wasn’t aware of Adam’s feelings…or what he was going through without her.
Priest: you knew something was wrong with him…when he last met Angelica?
Adam’s friend: yeah they both met via coincidence in a marriage of one of their common friend.
Priest: what happened there?
Adam’s friend: Adam saw her standing beside the bridegroom…he went to the bride groom(common friend) and said…I know it’s one of most happening day of your life probably the most important one…but you know it’s a day I feared the most…to come in front of the person who doesn’t want to see even my Shadow…sorry but I will have to go…and best wishes to you for your new life…he turned away to go suddenly Angelica called his name from behind.

Adam’s friend started narrating the whole incident:
Angelica: Adam…
Adam: Adam stood right there…I could see tears in his eyes…he stood there facing back to angelica…
Angelica: are you going away because of me?
Adam didn’t utter a single word…
Angelica: I know you are…you never understood me…and you will never understand me ever.
Adam wiped of his tears…and turned around but didn’t speak anything…
Angelica: I never loved you…I considered you to be my friend and being a good friend I tried to make you realize that you were not the right person for me…but you never understood that.
Adam: still unable to speak anything…
Angelica: you made your life a hell because you never saw things as it was… I was your friend but you made a dent to our friendship by thinking that its love…you made our friendship complicated.
Adam: (finally spoke)… when are you getting married?
Angelica: why?
Adam: you know my presence still offends you…you still want to be away from me…I just want to know when you’re getting married…I would be free then…and then you will never have to worry about me.
Angelica: what?
Adam: you know what I feel for you…and you also know my feelings would never change for you…so it’s best for you to have a life for yourself...
Angelica: you don’t need to worry about me…or when I am marrying.
Adam: I was your well wisher and I will always be one…bye.
Adam didn’t stay a minute longer…

Adam’s friend: Angelica got married the next month…The day angelica got married…that same day…Adam died in a road accident…an accident where he saved Angelica’s husband…
Priest: Today we are all here to pray for him so that his soul may rest in peace.
Finally Angelica uttered:
Angelica: Adam spent his life for his love…so that i could be happy…friends let’s have a moment of silence to pray for crazy lover Adam was…then she started crying herself.

There are moments of our life when we underestimate the presence of someone in our life.
Angelica though can claim…she never loved Adam as Adam never required any proof to show his love to her and he never cared when he only got hatred in return to his love…but Angelica’s tears speaks a lot for him…it speaks for Adam.

Friends…we have got only one life…so it’s very important for us to realize that there are people who may change with time…their feelings may change…they might not feel the way they used to but there are people who won’t change…even if they have to give their life for it…

This story of Adam is dedicated to all those people who believe in:
One life committed to one love for the one and only One Person in their Life…!!!


  1. nice touched my heart

  2. I am wondering how you manage to write so beautifully about love!!

    Loved this one :)

    Following you.............

    1. There are 45+ other posts on Love in my blog site(which i have written in a span of 3 years)...i would suggest you to go through them n then you can wonder about my writing on love...!!!

      Thanks for really grateful to you :)

    2. Oh yes...that I have already bookmarked in my To-do list for this weekend :)

      For "LOVE" as a topic is something on which there cannot be enough written... all that is written can fall short of still describing that beautiful emotion.

      Its a pleasure reading you !

    3. I totally agree with matter how much you write words can never be an appropriate quantifier to explain a feeling of writer has ever did so and i am cent percent one will...

      For A start you can read my latest blog "A Promise" and post in your valuable Reviews


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